Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Misunderstood One

Since young, I have always find stray cats very pitiful, especially the cats who have been injured or abused in a way. And cats have really been a misunderstood animals by people. People always say cats are dirty or it's a Malay's animals (because Muslims can't touch dogs) but they are also a life just like a handsome Siberian Husky or a cute chihuahua. Seeing how thin they are, looking abit dirty and tired really makes me want to do more for them. However, I am unsure if I am able to commit the time and effort to be a volunteer with SPCA or Cat Welfare Society thus..... I can only see and pity them from a distance.

Just last week on a rainy day, me and BC saw a beautiful multi-coat female cat at our block and we have never seen her before (I more or less know knows the strays around my estate) and she was meowing at us so loudly as if saying "Help me! I am really hungry!". We brought her to the staircase at our unit and gave her some dry food and water. Ever since that day, we have been looking out for her everyday and now, we even make a special trip down after dinner to look for her and feed her. I named her Betty, after Ugly Betty from the USA TV series because her coat may make her look messy but she really is quite a beautiful cat.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As quoted from Robert De Niro in the show: "Are you ready to be the God-Focker?"

Haha, what the hell is he talking about????? But this show is funny, comparable to the last 2 prequels. Good for people who just wanna sit in a theatre and laugh themselves silly.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posting has I have been really busy and down at work....... I was busy as I am doing more and more of what I am supposed to do and down because the ah neh is not exactly an easy person to work with. Boss had a talk with me before the holiday and she motivated me and told me to be strong and not let the ah neh knows my vulnerability. From the conversation, I can tell that she is not exactly a supporter of the ah neh and hopes that I can pick things up soon without her help. I really hope I can do this......

Xmas has been tiring because as usual, BC invited his family and relatives only. I also invited my immediate family over and even though it was fun, it was TIRING. Tiring because I had to clean the house before the guests come and even more tiring that MORE cleaning needs to be done after they left. It doesn't make things easier when there are kids on our guest list and they are not the 1st group of people who will eat properly or exercise proper hygience. This is ON TOP OF terrorising my 3 cats, who are scare shitless hiding in my bedroom. It's really not easy to play host to a party. We have to make sure our house is comfortable and clean and we have to make sure we have enough food and refreshment. Gosh..... just thinking of this and I have this urge to tell BC to stop organising another Xmas party next year (I know even if I told him so, he will STILL wanna organise it...... -_-).

And the highlight of this Xmas....... our DVD player died on us........ Time to spend money again, thanks to Eden..... Damn.........

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I recalled last year when BC told me that after working for about 10 years or so, it's common to feel sian or jaded about work. It's like we don't feel motivated about what we are doing and Monday is always blue. I think I have reached that stage because I am not looking forward to going to work at all and it's just frustrating to deal with people and work.

I always have no issue with work because if it's just work, I will just bite the bullet and do it (coupled with some complaining). But I hate dealing with people, especially when they are people we need to work closely with and they are not cooperative. How come they just cannot be team players????? Hiaz......

Saturday, November 27, 2010

As Catholics, we are supposed to have an altar at home. Unlike altars in a Taoist or Buddhist family whereby offerings are made, a Catholic altar is more for us to pray. Not so much of offering our offerings but more like a sanctuary for us to have a peaceful mind to pray.

We have shifted in for about 4 years and we have not set up the altar because we just keep pushing it back. 2 weeks ago, my auntie who is also my godma told me that it's about time to get this done so that we can start 2011 afresh as well. So today she brought us to this shop along Queens St to get the altar, holy family statue, picture of sacred heart of Jesus and we also got a crucifix to hang outside our door. It felt good to get this matter done finally!!!! Once the stuffs are delivered and set up, we can finally invite our parish priest over to bless our house! Yeah!

After which was shopping with my parents n sis!!! Words can't describe how happy I am to spend time with them. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It has been a while since we last spent some time in town on a weekend as it is constantly crowded in town. But this time round, we went in a goal in mind.... get ourselves a new wokpan and pillows (our CMI pillows which is only about 6 months old) is giving us too much sleeping problems.

Headed to Robinsons to search for suitable pillows and managed to find a decent Tefal wokpan. There are some discounts going on which suits our pocket (20% off for the pan and about 30% off for the pillows). We are officially about $230 poorer but came home with 2 firmer King Koil pillows and 1 Tefal wokpan (which once again I must emphasize it is not my choice!!!!).

So back to the main point of this posting, I am officially disappointed with Everything with Fries. I heard so much ravings about their food and was dying to try it out so we headed to their outlet at Orchard Central. BC ordered their char siew burger with sour cream fried and I had a bacon and omelette burger with garlic fries. Boy!!!!! Their food is damn salty!!!! BC managed to finish his burger only but I couldn't bring myself to finish my salty burger at all. Totally spoil our appetite in a way and we decided to just tabao the fries back. We highlighted the taste of the burgers to the person in charge while they were packing our fries and he was open to our feedback and told us he will look into it *pat on the back*. I hope for their own good sake that they can reduce the salt in their food but I don't think I will be back in the near future though.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler

Credit: USA Today

Why do 33% of the households in the USA have cats? And how do you explain why there are 16 million more pet cats than dogs?

Recently, we published a story on this page about how many ways dogs are good for our health and well-being. Cat lovers responded, demanding equal time. And so ... to cats:

Yes, kittens are adorable. Yes, they can grow up to be good mousers and are very entertaining to watch. And yes, cats are independent and don't require as much care as dogs. But research shows cats can also be caretakers for us and our families, improve our health and teach us and our children to be kinder, gentler souls.

Theodora Wesselman is 94 and has lived the past two years with her elderly cat, Cleo, at TigerPlace, a retirement community in Columbia, Mo. Their enduring friendship is a classic example of how humans and animals can become family and look out for each other.

Wesselman visits other residents, and her children stop by, but Cleo is her best friend, she says. They've been together nearly 21 years.

They start and end the day together.

"She sleeps on her own pillow right beside mine," Wesselman says. "In the morning, she pecks on my cheek to wake me up. It's really sweet. I pet her, tell her I love her and take her to the kitchen to prepare her food."

Cleo and Wesselman "live for each other. I really think they keep each other going," says Mary Kay Swanson, a TigerPlace employee.

Research shows that being able to care for a pet improves our morale, helps validate us and encourages us to take care of ourselves, says Rebecca Johnson, director of the University of Missouri's Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction. The body of research is leading more retirement communities and universities to roll out the welcome mat for pets.

Is one pet better for you than another? A cat can't make you healthier by begging with leash in mouth to go out for a jog, but a purr can lower blood pressure and quiet a stressed-out brain, research shows.

And they insist on compassion. They're enforcers, Johnson says. "A dog will let you bang it on the head and still love you. A cat won't do that. Children have to learn to be gentle to cats or the cat will go away."

Some parents welcome feline help reinforcing values during child-rearing, and the cats become an integral part of the family.

When one of their Bengal cats dashed out a window this summer, Jud and Katherine Smith of Cumberland, Maine, and their two daughters were so upset that they took out a full-page ad for three days in The Portland Press Herald with their telephone number, a photo of Kaden and an offer of a $500 reward.

Three weeks went by before someone found Kaden 7 miles away from home. He was lighter and tired, but he's "back with his family," Jud says.

Cleo's health recently concerned Swanson. Before veterinarians detected she had diabetes they could treat with insulin, Swanson talked with Wesselman about putting Cleo down.

Cleo was standing nearby during the conversation. Wesselman was distraught.

"I think Cleo overheard us talking," Swanson says. "She rebounded the next day. I've never seen Theodora so grateful or happy. Cleo is doing well. She's off insulin, and we're monitoring her blood on a weekly basis."

That morning peck on the cheek and nightly tuck-in endure.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lately, my furkids have been super manja with me. Eden would want to nap on my lap, Titus and Simba wants to lie next to me. Somehow, I guess they know that perhaps I need their affection...... So sweet hor?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I seriously think that I am getting old...... I am always feeling tired and having neckache and now, the muscle that makes my right thumb moves is actually aching as well!!! (from prolong usage of mouse).

Seriously, this is really WTF. I think people will be laughing their heads off if they know that I am having this 'thumb ache'. I know I have been complaining for the past month that I am BORED at work because I have nothing to do. But now, I am super busy!!!! Just burnt my public holiday and weekend last week on work and I am already zombie-fied. I go to work feeling tired like shit like I can just drop and fall asleep. Gosh, and our government actually think the retirement should be 62 or 65? I am only half the age now and i already feel like I am 70. Damn!

Ok, to give myself a pat on the back, I have started hitting the gym during lunch time, so perhaps my energy level will go up? I hope so......

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Legend of the Guardians

There has been some publicity about the new animated movie, Legend of the Guardians which talks about some owls trying to fight off another group of evil owls. Whenever, I see the publicity posters at GV, I will always tell BC, 'This one looks like Eden. This one looks like Titus and that one looks like Simba'. Hahaha. Being a bo liao me, I decided to put their pictures side by side.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As we age and seen more shitting happening around, do we tend to 看开? Like we try to not be bothered by things or people even thought it is frustrating? In my short 1 month employment in the current company, my policy has always been to stay out of trouble and just lie low. But somehow, no matter what I do, 小人 who are everywhere will tend to come to you and irritate the shit out of you. Specifically 2 person in the company has fallen into this category, always bootlicking and trying to protray their capabilities in front of the bosses. My conclusion about this 2 person is they are YOUNG, both in age and mentally. Young that they want to climb the corporate ladder because they are driven but also scheming that they will do what they can to be seen as the most capable of the lot and perhaps backstabbing people in the process.

Well, I just want to do my job, get my pay and go home and rest and spend time with my family and cats, so I do not want to think too much about them. Yes, during the course of work, I still get frustrated and angry and that's because I am human. But at the end of the day, I will just let it go.......... I think I have reached enlightenment. Haha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So many many many..........

There are a few beauty blogs that I frequently view to see the latest range of products of major cosmetics brands and also to pick up some makeup skills here and there (this area is something which I have failed miserably as I do not think my makeup skills has improved). What really amazes me about these bloggers is that they always have the latest launched products! How the hell did they get them? Which brings me to the next question, how much money do they have exactly???? Most of these products are seriously not cheap and 3 items easily cost up to S$150 and they do not just have 3 items, it's like the full range!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Thursday, October 14, 2010

God has eyes!

After the horrible incident with the crazy taxi driver on Sunday, Comfort called me yesterday evening and inform me that they have terminated this driver, yeah! Being the curious me, I asked the officer who called me why is it that they were able to take action against this driver so quickly since my previous complaints usually take longer. Truth and behold, this guy has records and thus the company do not see the need to issue him warnings and proceed to just immediately terminate him.

So uncle, you said we treat you as a beggar right? Now we will MAKE you a beggar!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dogs, Cats and Humans: Working Together Against Pet Abandonment

This is a very meaningful show and event but unfortunately I do not think I can attend given that I might be crying buckets in a public place.......... However, anyone who can attend, please do!!!

Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion
Co-Presented By : Cat Welfare Society and The Arts House
Saturday 30 October 2010 3pm and 8pm

Tickets at $20 each

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The reason why Eden, Titus and Simba are kept out of my room when I am sleeping.......

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yesterday, together with 700+ pairs of couple, my 2nd sister also had her ROM with her beau at The Legends. It was a small affair with only 30 immediate family members and good friends and happiness is beaming from the pores of my sister's face, hahaha. So happy for her but I was super paiseh because we were like 10 mins late because we met a crazy taxi driver who gave us so much problem just to drive us up to The Legend and EVERYONE was waiting for us to arrive so they can start the ceremony!!!! WTF!

You can see below for the formal email complaint that I lodged to ComfortDelgro this morning (we have actually called LTA and Comfort yesterday to complain over the phone and we also lodged a police report on this)

To whom it may concern,

Further to my complaint lodged over the telephone with an officer, Richard yesterday at around 1.45pm and telephone feedback to LTA, this is a formal written complaint that I am lodging against driver of CityCab Sonata SHC7496X.

My husband and myself flagged the above-mentioned taxi along Clementi Ave 5 (in front of a Shop n Save) yesterday at around 11.25am and informed the Chinese driver that our destination is The Legends at Fort Canning.

When the taxi reaches Fort Canning at around 1150am, the driver who is unfamiliar with the roads there was unable to find The Legends. As we were in a rush to attend a wedding ceremony starting at 12 noon, I asked him why is he not using the GPS map system that I know all Comfort and CityCab taxis have. He got frustrated with my question but did not reply.

Eventually, we found the entrance to The Legends and directed him in. However, he was hesitant to go in as we see some renovation going on. I requested for him to drive in and drop us at the entrance as it was already 12noon and the wedding ceremony is starting, he raised his voice at us claiming that he is trying to help us and I do not have to feel frustrated towards him. We asked him to stop the cab immediately near the entrance of The Legends and the taxi fare came to a total of $12. As I am already in a hurry, I placed 2 $10 notes on his armrest expecting $8 change. He turned to us and claimed that we threw money at him and he is not a beggar. He continued to raise his voice and shouted at us when we told him that we only wanted our change back. As he kept shouting at us, we had to raise our voice as well to get his attention. He turned aggressive by removing his seat belt and reached for things near his seat and we feared that he is looking for weapon to harm us, and we quickly got off the cab 1st ( taxi fare has not been made at this point in time because he was still shouting at us and not accepting our payment). He got off the cab as well and continued shouting at us and took pictures of me and my husband with his mobile phone. His behavior was very aggressive with the intention of getting into a fight with my husband. We decided that it would be safer for us to leave 1st even if we had not paid our fare as he was not willing to accept our payment. After walking away for 10 steps away from the driver, my husband turned and walked towards him with the 2 $10 notes and he eventually accepted the payment and gave us our $8 change. Before he left, he challenged us to lodge a complaint against him.Given his aggressive behaviour and him taking pictures of us using his mobile phone (which we do not know what he will do with the pictures) we have lodged a police report immediately after he left and followed up with a formal report and statement taking at Orchard police centre along Killiney Road after the wedding ceremony ended at around 2.15pm for our own safety.

Given the aggressive nature and unprofessional behaviour of the driver (shouting at customers even while we were paying our payment to him for his service and taking our pictures without our permission), we trust that your company will make immediate investigations on this driver and take necessary disciplinary actions against him to maintain the service quality of the drivers under ComfortDelgro.

I look forward to hearing from your company on the outcome of the investigation at 9xxx xxxx (my mobile number).

Best regards,
Ruby Chua

This driver is crazy, I tell you!!!!! BC was saying he must be having some ego problem thinking that he is 低声下气 being a taxi driver that's why he kept saying that we treat him as a beggar. Uncle, you not happy, don't drive ok????? Don't go along fucking people up when they are in a hurry and take people's picture ok???? *他妈的*

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why why why

I have always wondered why we are asked to put up the window shades when a plane takes off or landing and courtesy of WikiAnswers, I finally know why.........

Quoted from WikiAnswers:-

The reason why they want all shades up is because, airlines rely on passenger's vision of the whole outer aircraft. The only people who can see the engines and what happens in the surroundings, are their passengers. Crew who are seated at their crew seats, will not be able to see a whole lot of the plane's exterior. And obviously, planes do not have rear view or side view mirrors.

Thinking from a passenger's point of view, if you see something wrong going on outside, you would panic and call for the flight attendant immediately. Right? So that is how, flight crew would be alerted if anything goes wrong: by the passengers.

As for closing them at night, it differs with airlines. Most major airlines (SIA, MAS, Cathay pacific, Qantas) would still ask you to have it remain open, but they will turn off the cabin lights. (I actually don't know which airlines would ask you to close the shade as it is a safety procedure) Same thing, when you turn off the lights, you would be able to see the outside of the plane and report for anything that goes wrong.

Also, in any case of emergency, you will know not to go to the side with fire, or submerged into water by looking out the nearest window.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The latest korean show that I am chasing now is 个人取向 but I have missed like quite a few episodes on Channel U still it started airing so I have no choice but to watch it from youtube. BUT BUT BUT I have found a way to download the videos from Youtube so that I can store them in my iPhone and watch them as and when I am on the go, thanks to BC!!!! Yeah!!!!

Lee Min Ho, wait for me!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Courtesy of a friend of my mum, we got to catch Donnie Yen's 'Legend of The Fist: Return of Chen Zhen' for free at Shaw at Choa Chu Kang. It is a good show with loads of actions packed within the 2 hours however what we felt was lacking was the depth which should be built on Chen Zhen's character. All we know is that he is a fighter who want to oppose Japanese and that's about it. I was telling BC that perhaps the durector of the movie is working on the assumption that the viewers have watched Bruce Lee's 'Jing Wu Men' years ago thus no elaboration needed.

Now...... back to my mum's friend. What I understand from my mum is that her friend runs a security firm with a few partners and thus she always get free tickets to concerts whereby her firm's services were engaged. Because of this, my parents have had FREE concert tickets to 蔡琴,刘三姐 etc, and the latest free concert that they went was of Elvis Hsiao. When I heard that my parents went to this concert, I just find it so funny because this is so not their era. Best part, my mum was saying that my dad only listened to one song '爱的主打歌' and the rest of the concert, HE FELL ASLEEP.............. -_- I think that is like the best joke of the day as we were just laughing at my dad for a few minutes. Haha.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


When I was younger, I could not comprehend why shows always depict Mid-Autumn Festival as a day that family comes together to have mooncakes and children have fun playing with lanterns. It's just another day on the calendar right? This year, somehow I was hoping that I can spend this festival with my parents and sisters and given that I have never gone back to my parents' place on a weekday (given the distance), I'm glad I did.

The joy of sitting around the dining table eating mooncakes and pomelos, while at the same time catching up with each others' lives is truly heart warming. I realized how much I have distanced myself from them after shifting out and staying on my own and I also realized I have not really been visiting my parents much. Today, I could see the happiness on my parents' faces, especially my dad because he kept smiling (you know how old fashioned men always keep their feelings to themselves? My dad is a typical example) and I felt guilty as I feel that I have neglected them so much.

I always prayed to God that my parents will be able to stay healthy so that they can enjoy what they like to do and also have a more relaxed lifestyle after slogging so much for us but I have overlooked that what they also need is also our presence. Our presence to tell them that we have grown up and they need not worry about us and that we are grateful for all they had sacrificed and done for us. Although I have not visited them often, my parents have never blamed me because they said they understand we stay far away and we don't drive. But when I do come back, they never fail to cook my favorite dishes.....

I thank you, God for the wonderful family that You have given me.....

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am suffering from pre-monday blues again and I hate this feeling. I am not sure if I am feeling this way because my running nose of close to 1 month is super bothering me, or the weather is too hot and stuffy, or because tomorrow at work is going to be another boring day with nothing to do.

I feel that I have lost directions in my life........ I think I am just emo but somehow, I feel directionless....... Dammit, I really hate this feeling.

On a separate note, we brought Simba to the vet this morning for his annual vaccination jab and we had a very brief conversation with this couple sitting next to us while we were waiting to make our payment. They asked why is Simba here and we said he is just here for his vaccinnation and we asked the same question back. They said they are here to see their 10 year old dog who is suffering from organ failure. Their dog has been placed on drip for the past 1 week and there seems to be no improvement and might have to be put to sleep later. When I heard that, something just strike me at my chest. I do not want to think of that time when I will be in the same position as them, I might just be crying my eyes out because they are just like my babies now and I seriously do not want to lose anyone of them.........

Dammit, why am I feeling super emo???? I hope this is just the drowsiness effect of the fly medicine that I took.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

While checking my email this morning, I saw from Yahoo! that Jimmy Lin is now officially a married man with a 1 year old son. I was surprised as I forgot how much I used to like him and he was like my childhood fantasy when I was in my secondary school days. I used to save my pocket money so that I can buy 偶像卡, and I always hope that my money will be fully utilised by hoping that I will get the cards with his face rather than other singers. I even dreamt of going Taiwan hoping I can see him, extreme right? Haha.

Time has flies and now he is already 36, but he still look good! WTH, how the hell these people maintain their look and youth. Is this the saying that money works wonders? I think so.

Gosh, look at the boyish look that attracted me to buy his cards, posters and cassette tapes.......

From this picture below, can see that he has age but I still think he looks damn good!
By the way, what happen to Nicky Wu Qi Long huh?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today is the 3rd day with the new company......... basically nothing much to do in office, haha. This is what we call as the honeymoon period, which usually doesn't last long. My boss is on leave and will not be back until end of next week so briefing is basically done by a fellow colleague who has been covering the work.

People-wise, I think they seems ok. But this has to be subjected to further observations, I guess as a newbie, we just have to open our eyes a bit bigger and be more careful.

Administrative-wise........ I would say I had an amazing 3 days. 1st, I do not have my login ID and password as these were sent to my boss who is on leave, thus unable to give me the information. I had to call the IT helpdesk (based in India) and after holding on to the line for more than 1 hour, I eventually received the login ID and password. This is not the end......... laptop has to be reformatted because I keep getting some irritating error messages. Yes, it has to be reformatted by yours truly. As a staff in an IT company, it seems that we are expected to built up our IT technical know how because I had to reformat the laptop!!!! WTH........ this took me another 2.5 days......

Gosh, I have to say all these IT issues are really frustrating but boy I'm glad that all these are resolved! Now I shall just wait for my colleague to be more free to brief me on what I need to do......... hopefully soon so that I can have time to read up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy clearing my work with my now ex company and boy, I'm glad I am officially out of that company!!

Best part is..... my EX boss was not around for my last 4 days because her mum passed away. I honestly sympathize with her as someone who lost her mum but I do not pity her as a person. A part of me really thinks even her mum is trying to help me so that I can have my last days in peace to clear what I need to clear.

The GM had an exit interview with me and I honestly told him that I do not like my job scope and I am taking a few steps back in terms of career advancement. I also hinted that leadership in the finance dept is very weak and we are more of a back office processing claims then a dept which works closely with other teams in the company and be more involved in the business. It doesn't matter whether the GM takes in what I said because I am leaving and luckily J is also leaving thus she will not need to tolerate more of such shit for long.

I am not taking a long break before I start with the new company (starting work next Mon) but I kept reminding myself to go in without any expectations so that I will not be grossly disappointed like how I felt in this company, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lately, BC and I have been back to our weekly movie treats. To him, it is a form of relaxation because your mind is focused on the show for the full duration and you are in complete darkness in the big, cool theatre.

So last week, we caught 'Grown Ups' by Adam Sandler and some of the funny characters that we will always see in his shows like the Deuce Bigalow guy. It was hilarious........ and we really had a good laugh at MOST of the scenes in the show. What I like about the show is the plot behind all the funny scenes. The plot that depicts how the main characters tried to 'relive' their childhood games and activities together and also 'educate' their children on what is a normal childhood. Children nowadays (as shown in the movie as well) are always on PSP, Wii or PC games and unlike my time (hmmm, I sound pretty old here huh?), we are playing zero point and five stones, it was really enjoyable.

Anyway, after watching the movie, it really brought back nice, memorable memory of my younger (MUCH YOUNGER) days whereby I will meet my friends in school earlier to play zero point and five stones.........

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paul & Joe

I have been following Rouge Deluxe (a makeup blog) for a while and what attracted me about this blog is the extensive coverage on upcoming collections of major cosmetics brands and give us an idea what is coming up and perhaps to save or not to save money for the collections? This blog covers alot on asian cosmetics brand which I really like because the saying is always japanese / korean cosmetics are more suitable for us because we are asians. Hmmm..... I don't exactly has any brand loyalty because I am always itching to try new things but I do get attracted to cute stuffs!

Look at the 2010 Fall Collection of Paul & Joe and you will love why I fell in love with it!
Credit: FAnet

Cute right!!!!! I showed this pic to BC and he only smile and say cute. Bloody bugger did not get the hint at all!!!! Anyway, I might just go and check it out at Takashimaya later (on the way back home anyway, hahahaha).Saw it???? Not yet????? See below........



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think right description for the owner of this crappy note is:-

Looks like an auntie
Act like a bitch
and work like a headless chicken!

For obvious reason, you guys should know who is the owner of this crappy note, lol.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Completed: Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion

I am quite a skincare junkie because when I see good reviews on a good product, I will ITCH to get my hands on the product and try it out on my skin to see if it works. Unfortunately, due to this bad habit, I always have unfinished products sitting on my dressing table till it expire / I remembered that I still have this item and then use them again.

For once, I am so proud of myself for finishing this moisturiser!!! And it is quite a good moisturiser which supposedly has anti-ageing properties and feels light and not oily. It's Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion. Heard that Clarin's multi active range has just been improved but I have yet to try it since I should be more disciplined and move on to the next moisturiser that I have and proceed to finish it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

After months of agony, my misery should be over soon. Actually I did tell myself to hang in there and don't care what the stupid boss does everyday and just look forward to pay day every month. But somehow, my misery seems to get extended as each day passes by, not to mention that I have to serve 3 months' notice once I get confirmed (provided she confirmed me) so on hindsight, it is better to just move on.

Some of my friends might think that I am trying to escape from the current shitty place but I have really done my analysis this time and if I stayed on bcause of this rumour (which might be true), I might regret as well. So, please give me your support.

On a separate note, BC cooked something interesting today for dinner. It was supposed to be some pork ball stew which ended up looking like chinese '古鲁肉', taste tummy nevertheless :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC's mum and sis just came back from Indonesia last week after attending 1 of their relative's wedding in Bandung and they came back with some brownies. It's not bad but not as chocolately and dense as good brownies and so.......... we decided to spread some peanut butter and nutella on top of the warm brownie before eating it, taste good!!!!

PS: Charmaine, you can consider incorporating peanut butter in your brownies! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past 2 weeks, it has been CRAZY since I came back from Koh Samui. It's the budget exercise for the company and I have been working late and even to the extent of burning my weekend just to do up some analysis that NO ONE even looks at. Anyway, during the budget review meeting that the company organise last week at Gallery Hotel, it just confirms the fact that I seriously has to look for some other places as this place really has NO room for any career development.

Anyway, after the crazy 2 weeks of work (weekends inclusive), I told BC that I need to get some good ramen!!!! I suggested Tampopo at Liang Court since it is not so crowded at Liang Court and the shabu ramen at Tampopo is really good. I feel so satisfied after eating the shabu ramen and the japanese style of hard boiled egg with the soft centre...... yummy!!!!

Shabu ramen (slight spicy but bearable for me even though I do not take VERY spicy stuff)

LOVE the egg, look at the soft centre!

The quest for food doesn't end there because I want to eat Tampopo cream puff after reading Charmaine's blog!!!! And it is good!!! The cream is milky and light and I can also see black vanilla beans in the cream, super yummy! We also ordered the choc chiffon cake and the light texture of the sponge cake is good. I love sponge cake!

I know this pic looks messy but the cream really is heavenly. I am not someone who loves cream (I will scrap away the cream from cakes and just eat the cake but this is really good!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Koh Samui

Here's some pics of the Koh Samui trip that I had last week with my company. We were staying at Anantara Resort. Quite a cozy and comfortable resort and the staffs were extremely polite.

A pic of the room that I am sharing with my fellow colleague..........

Damn........ the bathroom actually have 'windows' that can slide open!!! Quite weird to shower with a colleague in the room because from outside the bathroom, you can see a silhouette of a person showering! This resort is definitely more appropriate for couples or family.

The balcony is wide and cozy with bench and table. Definitely a nice place to sit down and have a drink and chat. You will b doing a HUGE favour to the mosquitoes there as well, they have definitely been well-fed by some of my colleagues! Hahaha.

The swimming pool looks almost like an infinity pool that overlook the beach. Not a very big pool so don't bother about swiming laps. It's more of a fun pool for people to soak themselves in.

I thought the beach looks normal, water is not very clear but definitely better than East Coast Park! Sand is not very fine also.

A nice view of the beach in the evening as me and my 2 fellow colleagues grabbed a mug of beer at one of the bars there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It has been a while since I has blogged and that's because I'm really tired. Not tired of blogging, of course but tired because of the recent overseas trip and the ever-piling work for the upcoming budget.

The Koh Samui trip was actually not too bad. The workshop was very interesting and the facilitator was really good. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was also able to continuously capture the attention of the audience. Throughout this trip, I also got to see the character of the people in the office. Needless to say, there are always people (and in our office's case, ladies) who are out to put themselves as the centre of attraction. Honestly, I can quite put off by them because the competitiveness that they portray is really strong. Good thing is that I am not in the same team as them, haha.

Bonded with some closer colleague as well by gossiping over beers, mojitos and manicure and pedicure and we talked about work and also all the 'peacocks' in the office.

Unfortunately, during the trip I started having sore throat and it developed into flu after my return which is super sian. There are already so much work to be done which we were unable to do it during our trip and I have to fall sick now..... Damn..... Really hate the budget!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I will be flying to Koh Samui tonight FOR WORK........ How exciting can that be??? Anyway, I am so not looking forward to this trip because I am rushing so much work and the days spent there can really be put to better use if I am in office and clearing my work for budget!!!

I will not be extending my trip as well as I have to come back to office on SATURDAY morning to work on the budget!!!!!

Nice view but I am not there for holiday :(

Nice resort, but I am there for WORK!

Nice garden but I don't think there will be anytime to enjoy it!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

BC FINALLY bought me a new vacuum cleaner!!!! He has been complaining about the sound coming from the cheapo Philip vacuum cleaner that we have been using for the past 3 years and claimed that the sound caused him to have headaches. Because of this, I am BANNED from using vacuum cleaner when he is at home and I will have to resort to using Magiclean floor wiper to pick up the dust, dirt and FURS on the week that my part time cleaner doesn't come over. I just don't find it clean enough because there will always be particles that Magiclean cannot pick up and only a vacuum cleaner can suck the stuffs away.

Anyway, I have been bugging him to buy the Rowenta vacuum cleaner that Charmaine recommeded and when we checked out Best Denki on Saturday, there was apparently an offer. Pay $339 for the vacuum cleaner and we get Rowenta's handheld vacuum cleaner that cost around $80 for free! I seriously thought it was a good deal but he still want to think about it as he claims that Rowenta doesn't seem established as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer and what happens if we cannot find the dustbag blah blah blah.

The next day, he suggested for us to go to Courts after church and breakfast to check out the vacuum cleaner again. This time round, the model of Rowenta vacuum cleaner that we were aiming DOES NOT have the free handheld vacuum cleaner promotion. But the sales assistant recommended this model from Electrolux that claims to be as quiet and given the established brand, there will be no way that we cannot find or buy their dustbags and hepa filter (although he mentioned that the hepa filter now is out of stock blah blah blah.........). Anyway, I vaguely remembered that this vacuum cleaner is slightly less than $400, I think it's $399 which is more expensive than the Rowenta one and no freebies, but since he prefers this for the established brand name and he is paying for it, WHO CARES! Hahaha.

This vacuum cleaner claims to be eco green as it is made up of 55% of recycled material (interesting but I hope that does not means the quality is compromised) and more energy efficient, and it is really quite quiet. It is also less tedious for me to vacuum the floor as the floor nozzle has wheels so it is much smoother to move it on the floor. Suction power seems decent considering that I am only using minimum power instead of adjusting it to moderate or maximum. Overall, it is definitely a good buy especially when I do not have to pay for it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I realised I have a thing for dogs with stubby legs. Their short, fat legs just make them look so damn cute lor!!!

I super love Corgi that when I play Pet Pupz on Facebook, I also adopted a Corgi, haha. Why I like Corgi? Firstly, they are so cute lor!!!! I like the super, satellite-like ears and STUBBY legs. They are also loyal, family oriented and intelligent!. I can already imagine toilet training a Corgi for just ONE time and they can pee and poo at the right place, just like my 3 kitties, haha.

Dachshund breed also caught my eyes with their stubby legs, haha. And their flappy ears remind me of Goofy! When I googled on the characteristics of Dachshund breed, they are fun-loving and lively but do not do well with families with smaller children due to their jealousy streak.
I always asked BC can he imagine our house having a dog since we already have 3 kitties. His answer is always 'I want a Golden Retriever'. What the crap!!! Another person who is not answering my question (I am already facing a person who cannot answer my questions properly in office and now I have another one at home???) Anyway, back to the topic, I think it will be interesting to know how the kitties will react to a dog and I can already imagine Eden doing a 下马威 stunt to show the newcomer who's the boss, haha. Titus most likely will hiding behind washing machine and Simba......... hmm, maybe will be like Eden? Or maybe like Titus, I am unsure because he is a 外钢内柔, aka ah kua in a gangster's clothings! Hahaha. Simba is No. 1 when it comes to bullying Eden and especially Titus. However, when strangers come to our place, he tremble like an ah kua! BC's uncle, who saw Simba shivering away when he came to our house previously was laughing at him because Simba is just super no balls and damn timid.

But no worries, my friends, I am NOT intending to get a dog now, since 3 kitties are already a handful. EVENTUALLY, it did cross my mind to have a dog though, since I am still not for the idea of having children.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The most important meal of the day

BC and myself used to patronise the coffeeshop near our place for breakfast before work quite often like almost 4 times a week but after a while, we just got a bit sick of the same old food there. Not to mentioned that my bed snuggling bad habit is slowly creeping back thus by the time I am done preparing myself, we need to catch the bus so that I can reach office on time.

As an alternative when we do not have time for breakfast together, I would grab a bun from Breadtalk while walking from the bus stop to the office and the sausage bun is really good! Perhaps it was freshly baked and just taken out from the oven, thus the bun is nice, soft and fluffy and the sausage still taste a bit juicy. It definitely taste better from the sausage bun that I would have bought from Breadtalk in the evening!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Power of Black

I am not sure if you have the same problem as me but I have always struggled with getting the right shade of foundation for myself. I always ended up with a fairer than normal skintone or a darker than normal skintone after applying my foundation. BB creams does not really work for me as well. BB cream is supposed to match your natural skin tone by some blending and all but somehow or the other, it is still not fool proof for me. Sometimes it is ok, sometimes it is not, what is the problem????

Somehow or the other, I guessed the problem lies in the fundamentals. The bb cream or liquid foundation with powder that I am using now is just not correct for me thus I am always facing with this issue so I decided to go on a foundation shopping trip. I did my research online by searching the forums for comments posted but it is still 100% useful. Skin types and tones varies from individuals to individuals, I have to try it out on own skin to know which is for me.

I started by trying out the texture of the foundation on the back of my hand because given my combi skin, I need something light in texture that is easily blended and not too thick. Laneige and Lunasol failed this test while I was testing it out with J one afternoon after our lunch. Next we headed to Covermark counter and the liquid foundation that the salesgirl recommended was light and watery and passed the texture test. However, we noted that it left streaks of colour on the back of the hand...... looks kind of ugly.

Eventually, we landed at Bobbi Brown counter and a very friendly salesgirl approached me. Nice smile........ definitely scored some point there. I told her what I wanted: liquid foundation for combi skin with medium coverage. She sat me down as she looked for my shade among the testers. She brushed 2 shades of foundation on my cheeks (after removing my BB cream and loose powder) and taught me how to differentiate and identify which shade is for me. After brushing the shades on my cheek and letting them settle down, immediately 1 of the foundation became much yellower than when it first got brushed on and the other stayed on natural against my skin tone. The one that stayed natural against my skintone is THE ONE!

I requested for her to remove my WHOLE FACE makeup and apply on my whole face so that I can see better. She suggested to apply only half face so that I can see the difference between their foundation and loose powder versus what I am applying now and boy, the difference is quite obvious that even J said so! The side with Bobbi Brown is much smoother and natural while the side with my usual BB cream and loose powder looks flakey and fairer. Needless to say, I am totally sold and the salesgirl gladly helped me remove my BB cream on the other side and applied Bobbi Brown on my whole face.

Bought their liquid foundation (Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15) and loose powder (Sheer Finish Loose Powder) in the shade that she applied for me and I am so glad with my purchases. This has to be my answer to my foundation woes! THANK YOU BOBBI!!!

With the purchases topped up to $150, I received membership to the club and is entitled to 6 makeup lessons ranging from foundation to eyes makeup, brow management etc etc. At the end of the 6 makeup lessons, the member will be entitled to a free makeover or eyebrow trimming session. Of course I will go for the makeover!!! Lugi to go for eye brow trimming when it cost $15 whereas the makeover cost $80!!! Do your maths! And I can utilised the makover for Pearlyn's ROM in Oct, why not? :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remembered my posting last month on 'inspired' bags? I order the red Ashley from thepurseheaven and it has finally arrived!!! Gosh, I am a happy gal now!!!!!

I'm sorry that I am unable to show you how nicely wrapped this baby was when it arrived as I was like an excited kid who cannot wait to see my present and was furiously tearing the wrappings apart. Notice that the mirror tag was wrapped up to prevent scratches as well? The service of thepurseheaven is top-notched! I still remembered when I placed my order with them, I was asking like 1001 questions on this bag versus another bag and my emails were all promptly replied within 2 - 3 hours. When the bag arrived and was mailed out, I was also informed that the bag was mailed out and when I can expect to receive it! Good right?

I cannot describe how happy I am with this purchase. For $52, this is really a good buy. Not only the leather is nice and soft, it is definitely not those lower graded leather or whatever material that were used on bags sold in push carts or etc places.

The interior of the bag is lined with a suede material and it shows yet again the quality of the bag. It is roomy with multiple compartments

When I examined the zips, studs and stitches, they were all nicely done! I'm truly impressed!!

This is definitely not the last purchase I am getting from them and in fact a few designs on their website has already caught my eye!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A simple gift from BC when we went out on Sat, a cute $19 casual watch, nice right?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Enjoyable Sat

Last weekend was an enjoyable one and we had a HUGE lunch at Empire State at Iluma. Since the opening of Iluma, we have yet to step into it and this is the day to step in!!!

We were real hungry when we reached and Empire State caught out eye with their extensive menu from salads to burgers to pizzas and pastas and not forgetting desserts. We did not know the serving size of the food served and end up over -ordering.... *burp*

The mascot of Empire State, a GORILLA

We started the meal with a buttersquash and pumpkin soup that is absolutely yummy. It's sweet and savoury with the right balance.

Next is seafood ring. It is basically seafood paste moulded into rings and deep-fried. The sweet and spicy sauce and ranch sauce that came with it really bring out the taste of the seafood rings. We completely love it!

1 of the main course that we shared is pepperoni pizza. This is only so-so as I find it a bit oily and there isn't enough pizza sauce on it. We only ate half of it.

The next main course that we shared is the beef burger. Topped with tomatoes, lettuces, pickles, mustard sauce and caramelised onions, this burger is huge and juicy. However, by now, we were both too full so we ended up having 1/2 burger uneaten *burp*

Look at the size of the burger........ it's only half a burger but placed on my plate, it's huge!
I have to say the service of the staffs there were great. They served us water shortly after we were seated and the food were served within 10mins one after another. This is definitely a place that we will go back again.

One of the slogan of Empire State that we saw on the back of the t-shirt of a waiter serving us was:-
I have not climbed to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you Mr Koh

Mr Nice Guy of our office, CL is giving us a treat at Haagen Daz, courtesy of the redemption of credit card points. Typical of Mr Nice Guy, he is just so generous and nice to share the $60 Haagen Daz voucher with us (since he claims that he cannot eat SOOOO much ice cream all by himself also). Given it is a 'no government' day since bitch is on leave, our department self declared a tea break and head off to Wisma Haagen Daz for our ice cream, yeah!!!!

When we reached, we were also served with free sample of their new flavour, Caramel Biscuit & Cream ice cream. It's actually quite creamy with a slight tingy sweetness. However, 2 of my colleagues who are not used to having sweet stuffs find this flavour a bit sweet though.

Oh, it's just NICE & WONDERFUL to have no bitch in office to nag and nag and leave us in peace. AND, it's even BETTER that we are having ice cream for tea break!!!!

I had a double scoop ice cream in rum & raisin and choc & cookies! It's just yummy and for me who doesn't eat rum & raisin, I do not find the alcohol taste overpowering in anyway. In fact, I do not even taste any of the alcohol taste!

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