Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things to look out for when organizing a gathering

I always have a love-hate relationship when it comes to family gathering. Of course, it feels great to see and catch up with my cousins and some of my closer aunts and uncles. But venue is always an issue. There is nothing more uncomfortable then a 'DIY sauna' place whereby there are a lot of people in 1 place and everyone feels uncomfortable and hot and stuffy.

I am not a guru in organizing home party but in the few that we had done so far, we always find it helpful to look into the following points to make sure everyone enjoys the party.

1) Right temperature
Honestly, Singapore is hot and humid enough. We do not need extra heat and humidity in a confined space and make everyone feels uncomfortable. In my experience, I will always switch on the air con in my place whenever we organize any party. Unless it is a small group of 5 - 7 pax or so and the weather is nice and windy, then we will only switch on the fan.

2) Feed them well
The first few parties we organize, it was quite embarrassing as we did not prepare enough food. Our friends ended up eating lesser than they usually would so that everyone will have enough!!! Ever since then, we always make sure we prepare extra and guests can have the option to 'tabao' later then feeling paiseh and eat lesser.

3) Enough seats
Always prepare enough seats (sofa, chairs, portable chairs etc) for your guests as guests will not feel comfortable mingling by just standing around.

4) Kids or no kids??
The menu to prepare if it's all adults vs adults and kids is also something to consider. With kids around, we might not want to prepare food that has too rich tastes. Extra food like chocolates or even simple toys or cartoon DVD might even help to occupy the kids while the adults chat.

5) Potluck?
As I only invite close friends or relatives over, sometimes it makes it easier to organize potluck. I know some people are particular of attending a party and still yet to bring food (they feel the host might not be sincere?) thus I only look at this option with people I am close with. The advantage of this option is a wide variety of food and we know for sure that the food that the person bring definitely is something this person will eat! On practical basis, it is also easier on the host! Lol.

The last party I had organized was the Xmas party last December and honestly it was tiring..... But it feels good to come together with your relatives and friends once a while just to catch up and know the happenings in their lives.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-lasting Eyeliner

I found my holy grail pencil eyeliner!!!! Many would know that it is almost impossible to find a good pencil eyeliner that is smudgeproof, especially for me with oily lids. My previous love (and now is still my love) is MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil and I thought this was the best being smudgeproof for around 6 - 7 hours without touch up. But this eye pencil exceeds all my expectation at being smudgeproof for 10 hours! Yes, 10 hours!!!

This baby is none other than Chanel (1 of my favourite brand now) Style Yeux Waterproof Long-lasting Eyeliner!

I got my sister to buy from the Bangkok Duty Free (cannot remember the price) in Espresso colour and it is a lovely dark brown shade. I like dark brown or dark grey coloured eyeliner as it is dark enough to be seen and yet not as harsh as jet black liner.

This pencil is very easy to use with its sharp tip which is retractable. With the sharp tip, it is easy to achieve the thin precise line. It even comes with a small cute sharpener attached to the back of the pencil!!! It can be use to sharpen the tip when it becomes blunt.

Check out the sharp tip

Isn't the sharpener cute?

A makeup artist friend of my sister told us, liquid eyeliner lasts the longest, followed by gel eyeliner and pencil eyeliner is the lousiest in terms of lasting power. But this Chanel baby defies the logic and last a good 10 hours from 730am to almost 6pm on my oily lids WITHOUT TOUCHING UP!!! How good is that? Pencil is the easiest to draw thus this is definitely something I would repurchase. Liquid eyeliner is also very good to achieve that precise thin line but certain brands soft sharp tip can be a bit harder to control. In terms of liquid eyeliner, me and my sister swear by K-Palette, really really lasting and waterproof.

For the past 2 days, I have been using Maybelline Gel eyeliner but it doesn't last very well. After 4 hours of application, I start to see slight smudges at the outer corner of my eyes. I have heard raves about Bobbi Brown (another favourite brand of mine) Gel eyeliner and I am so going to try it!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

倪安東 ~ Sorry That I Loved You

When I was chasing Taiwan's 超级星光大道 on Starhub cable, there will be some episodes whereby they will invite potential good singers (whether professional singers with albums or winners of some other contests) to come and 踢馆 and challenge the contestants. The purpose is to eliminate contestants who perform badly against these singers and also to push them to higher levels and not stay at their comfort zone during the contest.

One of the person who came and 踢馆 in one of the season is this guy called 倪安東 (I assume the english name is Anthony) and they named him 踢馆魔王 because although he did not receive any formal singing lessons (only sang in choir in church), he was able to sing very well and with a lot of feelings. Most contestants who PK-ed against him usually lost.

Anyway lately, I saw this MV of him singing on cable and I am not surprised that he is singing now given that he has gained so much popularity and publicity during the contest........

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scrub & Mask

In addition to my normal cleansing, toning and moisturising in my usual skincare routine, I also make it a point to exfoliate and mask at least once a week. My personal experience when I do not exfoliate and mask at least once a week, I will start to have blackheads and pimples due to the buildup of the dead skin cells.

Given my sensitive skin, I always try to avoid harsh huge grains scrubs for fear of aggravating my skin and making it turn red and I found this wonderful gel exfoliator from Adonis when I have my facial there and I have been using it for 3 years now...... best exfoliator ever!

How it works is that we apply a thin layer of gel on my dry face and leave it for about 20 minutes. After which, massage the gel in circular motion and you will be able to feel granula stuffs coming out and these are the dead skin! I will always massage for 1 - 2 minutes until I do not feel any more 'grains' forming before rinsing my face. You can feel that your skin is much smooth and brighter immediately after using this product! 1 good alternative to this would be Cure Gel (available in Watson's).

Next step will be the mask. Before the popularity of sheet masks, I have always been using clay, wash off masks as my skin was oily and prone to pimples. Clay mask is able to absorb the oil and dirt and wash them away when we rinse our face to remove the dry up mask. But I always find it sooooo troublesome having to wash my face AGAIN and sheet mask is really a godsend. It's convenient and there are different types of masks for different skin concerns. The usual skin concern will be acne prone, dullness, oily skin, open pores and sagging complexion.

I have used different brands of sheet masks and to me, they are all ok. The Face Shop's lavender & neuroli and My Beauty Diary's lavender masks is especially effective in calming down the pimples when I have my monthly breakouts. These masks are usually more expensive in Singapore so I tend to buy them online or stock up when I have friends travelling to Korea or Taiwan as it is easily 50% cheaper!!!

So what is your favourite scrub or masks? Share them with me!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


There is always something touching about attending a wedding. Maybe it is the atmosphere of love and happiness that makes you feel touched and so in love again.

I attended BC's cousin's wedding solemnization ceremony at a temple yesterday morning and honestly I was quite curious if the Justice of Peace is a monk!!! And after waited for 1 hour for the ceremony to start (typical start late Singapore style), the Justice of Peace arrived and is actually a young man. I like the style of this Justice of Peace as he saw that most of the relatives are elders who most likely can only understand Mandarin thus he gave his opening speech in Mandarin and the rest in english.

He gave a very meaningful speech reminding all who are married why is it we got married in the first place. And 1 thing I remembered very clearly was when he mentioned that couples are always lovey dovey during dating days but after marriage, we can argue over the most insignificant thing in relation to our home. I find it so true especially after living with BC because it is just not easy for 2 individuals to get used to staying together and getting used to each other habits.

When BC and myself attended Catholic Engaged Encounter, the priest kept reminding us there is NO perfect partner because whether that person is the perfect one for you is how you think of him to be. I totally agree with him because I admit that I am not a perfect wife to BC as well. Sometimes I throw tantrums and ki siao at him for no apparent reasons, expect him to know what I am thinking and even sometimes expecting him to get me stuffs and spend time with me when he is busy. But BC to date still can accept my nonsense, haha. I still believe a relationship is all about COMPROMISE. No one party can go on giving and giving or accepting and accepting because relationship doesn't work this way. On the contrary, it's GIVE & TAKE. You give some, you take some and the more you give, you will take back even more in future.

I know there will be people who think that I am dreaming because I will be a losing party in a relationship to think this way, but I pray that I will reap my rewards in this relationship in future and I know God will answer this prayer of mine.

PS: I am no love guru and everyone has their personal beliefs on how a relationship should be and I respect that. What I have posted here is just my personal opinion and belief.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


As I lie on my old bed at my parents' place now and blogging away on my iPhone, a sense of nostalgic came back to me.

I remembered when we first shifted over, I couldn't sleep well as staying in a 3 room flat means that my room that I shared with my sisters is along the corridor. The sound of traffic on the road, children crying or playing and even the tinkling sound from the neighbour's keys when they open the door becomes so distinct at night. Here I am again, listening to these once familiar sounds as I try to fall asleep, I do not find it noisy at all but on the contrary, soothing and calming...... I guess this is the feeling of a home.

It's a pity that both my 2 sisters are still out on their dates now if not I'm sure we will be chatting away until my mum comes over and nag us to sleep early (just like old times). BC mentions that he feels it is cramped for the 3 of us to share a small room previously but we are so used to it that we somehow managed to have our own individual space with the confined limited space we had and share whatever space we had to share. I kindof miss them now I am sleeping in the room alone until they come back at the wee hours.

This is the difference between a home and house. A home is anywhere that your heart is and it doesn't matter if it's small or cramped. House is just a box like structure that we shelter away from the harsh weather outside, no feelings attached.

New Direction

In the past, I have been blogging more on my personal thoughts as it was a private blog which I only invite a few of my friends to have access to. Lately, I have been thinking what is it that I want to post on my blog.

I love skincare and makeup but I do not have the cut to be a beauty blogger as I am usually not up to date with the latest collections. Not to mention that in terms of the amount of 'Vitamin M', it's not practical for me to keep up the trend on the latest makeup and skincare collections.

I love my cats to the max and that's why they will continue to be 1 of the content of my blog. After evaluating and considering, I have decided that I will keep my blog the way it has always been, with my random thoughts, my hobbies (movies, makeup, skincare, cats etc) and occasional sarcasms, ranting qnd ravings of the random events happen around me!

What say you?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jill Stuart Mook

I have been 1 lucky gal whereby I am always able to find friends with same interests as me wherever I go. T, shares the same makeup and skincare fetish as me and in the current company, I found L who has the same fetish as me for Jill Stuart! How cool is that!!! And thanks to L, she helped me to grab this limited quantity Jill Stuart mook from Kinokuniya. Thank you L!!!

This is actually my VIRGIN mook as I have not bought mook due to the price tag. They are easily 20 - 30 bucks and the 'gift' that came with it might not look fantastic also (although there are those that comes with good quality bags / charms etc etc). So anyway, I totally love Jill Stuart's pretty and princessy packaging and the typical sweet Japanese colours to create the kawaii look (A pity it is not in Singapore and I hope they do come over soon), and L has been asking me a few times if I want it if she goes Kinokuniya. After asking me a few times, I caved in, especially when I saw how sweet the pouch is.

The cosmetic pouch that comes with it is excellent for traveling and it has slots for brushes and pockets to keep the skincare and makeup. Love Jill Stuart signature charm!!

The mook shows the products that they had and also showing the looks that can be achieved using the different Jill Stuart products.

How to resist not buying their stuffs when all look so sweet and pretty!!!!!

Their packaging is more than enough to make one cave in to them and not to mention their quality is pretty good.
 PS: Pardon the lousy pics as it was taken with iPhone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Giving up your pet due to allergy

For friends who know me, they will know that I love cats and my 3 cats at home are my babies. But they might or might not know that I do have allergy towards cats as well. I wasn't aware that I was suffering from allergy to their fur (specifically their saliva on their fur due to their grooming) until I started to suffer from sniffing nose every morning. I was popping Clarinase for about 2 weeks and was wondering why my running nose did not go away. Interestingly, it only happened in the morning and after 2-3 hours after I am awake, the sniffing went off. Only after consulting a doctor did I realise that I have sensitive nose and that's how I knew I had allergy to cats.

Even then, it has never crossed my mind to give my kitties up. In fact, I rather change my lifestyle so that they can still stay with me and I will not suffer from the discomfort of the allergy. Thank God that my allergy was not serious (I have heard of cases whereby the owner suffer from asthma etc......) thus I could make certain adjustments so that I can still keep them with me.

For starters, I have to vacuum the floor at least every alternate days, so that their loose furs will not be flying around to irritate my nose. I also started grooming them more often with Furminator as I notice as long as I groom them more often, lesser loose furs will be flying around. I also tried to keep them out of my bedroom but it's not very unsuccessful. I will always give in to Eden's constant meowing outside my room especially when she knows that I am in the bedroom. But thankfully, the vacuuming and grooming helps.....

I hope for all these animals who only yearn for our love and shelter that owners will seek alternate ways to improve their condition of their allergy first before giving up their pets as the only solutions. The pets did nothing wrong to deserve this so do give them a chance.......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have finally completed the 2 articles for a website (which I will disclose in due course) and finally understand what it means to have a 'Writer Block'. When I received the topic of the month, I got really worried as it is something that I am not sure if I know what to write about. In fact, I was thinking about it for a few days and 1 day, the inspirations just suddenly came when I was on the way back on a bus. Gosh.......... I felt so excited that I was hoping to type on my laptop there and then.

After dinner, it was the beginning of serious work and within 30 minutes, the article was finally completed. Honestly, I am not sure if I did a good job but it is definitely an article that I am happy about. There are definitely room for improvements as I had always been blogging on an informal and personal basis and now it is an article that need to publish to public, the level of expectation is completely different.

I hope that my readers (if any) will be patient with me and my style of writing as I work forth to improve myself :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eyeshadow primers

For many years, I do not know what is the purpose of eyeshadow primer. In fact, I always find the sales assistant over the counter is only trying to sell me an extra item in order to make more money. Then I realise that whatever eyeshadows that I applied on my lids always do not last long and will fade by mid day. It doesn't help that I have combination skin that makes makeup slip off my face (eyelids included) much faster than normal so I have been troubled by HOW the eyeshadows can last longer.

My close makeup pal, T told me that a primer is indeed very important and showed me how the colours on her lids look brighter and lasted almost the whole day with a primer. That's when I started seeing the importance of this small bottle / tube of cream!

Below are the 3 primers that I have tried.
From left: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Each products does a good job in making my eyeshadow last longer but there are difference in their texture and packaging and this will be what I am reviewing it.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
This eye primer is the cheapest of the lot, and especially if you can get directly from Korea! My best pal, V got it for me from Seoul and she also cannot remember how much she paid for it then. Several blogshops I found selling this eye primer is selling around $13.50 - $15.00.

The applicator comes in a straight wand which 'scoops' out the primer from the 'vase shaped' container. Among the 3 primers here, Etude House primer is thickest in consistency which makes it harder to blend to my lids evenly. It also doesn't last as well as other primers whereby I can see the eyeshadow fading after 4 - 5 hours.

There is no absolute correct way to apply a primer. Some applies directly on the lids, while others scoop out the content and place it at the back of the palm, before dabbing it on the eyelid evenly. For me, I use both ways, depending on my mood, haha.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
I got the travel size of the highly raved Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion when I purchased Naked Palette from Sephora. There were so much raves about this primer and the only rant is regarding the shape of the container (similar to Etude House Proof 10 Primer).

Urban Decay heard the rants of her customers and changed their wand to be angled which makes it easier to scoop out the content from the side of the container. Texture of this primer is much smoother than Etude House and makes application and blending much easier. Eyeshadow also lasts longer whereby I do not experience fading and fall out until 6 hours later. My only complaint is still the shape of the container as I will not know when I am going to complete this item and I actually read from forums that they SAW this container open to make sure they do not waste anything!

Sephora in Singapore only carry the 10ml primer which comes in this weird shape and retails at $32. It does have a professional size (25ml) that comes in a squeeze tube but I have not seen in local Sephora stores (not sure if I have not been looking at it hard enough, lol).

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Finally, this is a primer that comes in a squeeze tube form which is absolutely more convenient to use and ensure no wastage.

The weird thing about this primer is that whenever I squeeze out the primer, there seems to be a layer of 'oil' as well (you can see from the shiny content in the pic above, which is separate from the beige cream). I tried shaking the tube before use and it doesn't seem to help. Not sure if this is a problem in this product or because this tube I bought is from an older batch. It is extremely smooth and easy to blend (perhaps because it has a high proportion of silicon in it) and similar to Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, it helps my shadows to last a good 6 hours. It is retailing at $28 at Sephora.

To date, I am not sure which primer I will re purchase if I complete the current stash because all of which has their pros and cons. Definitely not Etude House though.......

Saturday, February 12, 2011

People who doesn't follow directions

I am always amazed by how some people behaves at the taxi stand. You might be thinking, what is so amazing about it? Just a bunch of people queueing only. But...... you seriously will be amazed by the following people......... For a better illustration, please refer to the picture below...

1) Non movers
The beginning of the queue is always at the point where the red X is for the simple reason it is next to taxi bay 1 where drivers will drive in. However, when the 1st passenger in line got up the cab, some people who are in number 2 of the queue just do not move forward to the red X. I have noticed this a few times where a few taxis came and gone (with the passengers boarding it) and yet I am still not moving forward!!! This is because the people who were queueing and next in line to board the next coming cab is still standing at the same spot which can easier be 1 metres away from the red X.

2) People who are direction idiots
I am not sure if all taxi stands have painted arrows on the ground that shows where and how to queue, but I do see taxi stands with these arrows. Another phenomenon I noticed is if the yellow arrows were not painted on the ground, people becomes directionless and start queueing in the most absurd way. I once saw a queue that extends from the red X towards the left side! Yes, away from the taxi stand....... Doesn't it makes sense to queue along the taxi bays and under the shelter of the taxi stand? What are these people thinking??? And the best part comes when people are queueing the wrong way EVEN THOUGH there WERE ARROWS PAINTED ON THE FLOOR!!! They blind or what????

3) The 'taxi' which boarding fare is not $2.80 or $3.00
These are the cars that comes to pick up their friends or families but hoard a bay while waiting for whoever they are supposed to pick up to arrive. For God's sake, there is a PICK UP BAY! Don't hoard the place at taxi stand!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Green Hornet (2011)

If I am correct, the last 'The Green Hornet' show was starring the then alive and kicking Bruce Lee which was at least 40 years ago? Jay Chou has replaced Bruce Lee as the new-age Kato in this new movie 'The Green Hornet'!

The first comment I had about the show is that The Green Hornet should be Kato and not the spoilt brat, Britt Reid who is seriously full of crap, know nuts about strategy, martial arts and technology. Interestingly, Jay's english in the show is not so bad but I am sure he must have spent a lot of time trying to memorise his lines and pronouce them in english, given that sometimes when he speaks in mandarin (which is his first language), I feel he is mumbling, haha.

Overall, I think the pace of the story is quite well-paced and there are comical scenes in the show that lighten up the mood of the movie. However, I left the theatre with abit of confusion as I find Jay to be in the leading role and Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz to be only supporting roles. Other than that, the explosive actions and well-paced storyline managed to kept me focused at my seat.

Way to go, Jay Chou!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

beyond - 喜欢你

I don't know what they are singing because I don't understand cantonese but this is like super nice! MTV abit old school though, haha. (can't blame since it is in the 80s?)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Makeup removers

When I was younger and had serious acne problem, I always envy girls with good complexions who look good with or without makeup. Given the sensitivity of my face whereby it will turn red easily, I always will need a good foundation to even out the redness of my face. But my concern then was also if the application of makeup will aggravate the acne condition. I consulted this salesgirl from Clinique many years ago (I became her regular regular customer as I was using alot of Clinique stuffs when I was younger and she is someone who gives genuine advices and not out to make the extra bucks from me) and she said it is important to properly remove the makeup for everyone, regardless of whether they had good kin or bad.

Even since then, I always have placed an important emphasis on getting a good makeup remover which can thoroughly cleanse and remove away the makeup without the harsh effect on the skin. There are basically a few types of makeup removers: Oil, Rinse away in gel / foam version, Lotion and Water. And there is also the more convenient makeup removal wipes. I have tried the different versions and below are the brands that I have tried and tested.

1: Rinse away version
Clinique Wash Away Gel Cleanser was my 1st makeup remover that I have tried. Back then which was years ago, I have oily and acne prone skin thus I need something that is stronger and gel based so that it doesn't feel oily on my skin. Using this cleanser is similar to using any normal cleanser, squeeze the gel out from the tube, massage on the face and then rinse off, it's that easy. Then followed by the normal cleanser. IT IS IMPORTANT TO DOUBLE CLEANSE.

I stopped using this cleanser after the 1st tube as I found it too strong and drying for me.

2. Lotion
Lotion form makeup removers are usually creamy in texture and more moisturising thus this will allow your skin to feel more comfortable and not drying after wash. However, it is usually non rinseable due to the creamy texture thus after massaging the lotion on the face, we have to use cotton pads or tissue papers to wipe then off before we followed with our usual daily cleanser.

Clarins Cleansing Milk for combination skin was what I tried and although it's texture is creamy, it is not overly oily. Like all other Clarins products, it comes with a light fragrance (which I like). It does remove makeup thoroughly (except for waterproof mascara) but I dislike the hassle of using tissue papers to wipe off the lotion thus I did not continue with this anymore.

3. Water
The new technology in makeup removing is using cleansing water. I have tried a trial size of Cleansing Express Bright Up. The selling point of this makeup remover is that it is a makeup remover and cleanser in 1, thus double cleanse is not necessary. However, I still followed with my normal cleanser after using this as I feel the cleansing water alone will not remove ALL traces of makeup. The instruction usage is to pour the cleansing water on cotton pads and wipe the makeup off the face. For full makeup, we will need approximately 4  pads to remove all makeup thoroughly. Like lotions and rinse off formula, it doesn't remove waterproof mascara well as well. What I dislike about this is that I ended up using ALOT of the cleansing water to remove my makeup and I end up finishing the product very fast (my habit is to keep wiping until the cotton pad remains clear and thus i easily use 4 - 5 pads when removing full makeup).

However, when you are on a makeupless day (only will sunblock), this will be a good cleanser as 1 - 2 pads is sufficient to remove the sunblock. (PS: You do know you need to double cleanse even when you only apply sunblock right???).

4. Oil
We always think that oily skin should not use oil based makeup removers but we are WRONG! Oil based makeup removers can remove makeup better than any other form of makeup removers and cleanser for oily skin as 'oil removes oil'. So the oil cleanser not only removes the makeup but the oil on the skin. My personal favourite is oil based make up remover like Fancl's Mild Cleansing Oil which can even remove waterproof mascara all in one (ie I do not need a separate eye makeup remover for my eye makeup ).

1 tip when using oil based makeup remover is our hands and face must be dry so that when we massage the oil onto the face, it does not emulsify 1st. After massaging, wet your hands and using your damp hands, massage your face again and that's when you see the oil changing into milky coloured water. After which, you can rinse off and VIOLA!!! your makeup is remove. Your face will not feel oily in anyway and feels totally clean but not tight. Fancl is my favorite makeup remover and I have been using it bottles after bottles.

Have also tried Biore's Hydra-Clear Makeup remover and Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil but they don't remove waterproof mascara well enough like Fancl thus Fancl is still the best!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


While travelling for business in my ex company, I have this ang moh colleague who is quite picky about food. I think the correct term to use to describe her should be 'non adventurous'. She doesn't eat seafood and is extremely selective about asian food (but she love xiao long bao) and is more comfortable eating her usual ang moh food of burgers and fries. When I told her that BC also prefers western food like her, she strongly recommended that we must try out the food at Chili's. It has been almost 6 months after her recommendation and we finally went to Chili's at Tanglin Mall to give the food a try on the 2nd day of CNY.

1 thing that impressed me about Chili's was their service. We reached the restaurant at 11am, planning to have a brunch (we checked their website the night before to see if they will be open on the 2nd day of CNY) and realised that the opening hours is actually 1130am instead. Even though they were not opened, they offered to let us in and get us some water, in a way starting their business earlier than usual. I think it is a very good gesture since most restaurants would turn their customers away and tell them to come back later. However, we told them we would walk around and come back at 1130am instead so that they can go back and do the necessary before starting business for the day.

We came back at 1130am and was their 1st customers of the day. We were quite hungry already and ordered their nachos, some burger which comes in 4 bite size (I think it was called 'Big Mouth Burger') and a bite-size chicken meat which we can choose it to be with bone or boneless and a choice of 4 different type of sauces. We choose boneless (THE.........) and with this sauce that is tangy and abit sweet.

The portions were huge and we couldn't finish everything. 3 pieces of nachos were uneaten and 2 out of 4 of the burgers were not completed as well (we only ate the patties) but the food is good! Especially love the melted cheese on the nachos!!

Chili's has very nice table which I find 古色古香. Abit peranakan styled, in my opinion.
Our order (clockwise direction): Big Mouth Burger, Nachos, Bite Size chicken (which I forgot the name)

Monday, February 7, 2011

More MAC products!!

I have bought more stuffs AGAIN, hahah!!!! I feel like i am sooooo failing my 2011 resolution to not buy so many makeup stuffs..... hmmmmm.

Anyway, BC has given me a $100 budget for my CNY clothing and since I have intention to wear jeans (given that at some places, we might need to sleep on the floor), it is a very achieveable target. And true enough, after buying 2 tops from Isetan Scotts, I still have $33 left from the $100 budget. BC asked if I need to get anything else and the I immediately head down to MAC counter on level 1 of Isetan Scotts to look for stuffs, haha.

1 thing about MAC which I love is the wide variety of colour of texture of their products. It is impossible to NOT BE ABLE to find anything that you like, you just need more time to look at the colours and test the colours and texture. Price wise, I would say it is only slight more expensive than drugstore brand like Revlon or Loreal. MAC lipsticks cost $28 whereas Revlon or Loreal lipstick easily cost $19.90??? I would rather spend another $9 more if I can find a colour that I like (since colour variety of these drugstore products are very limited).

Anyway, I have been wanting to get this mineralise blusher called 'Warm Soul' for the longest time. Previously, an air stewardess friend offered to help me buy from DFS since she has some cabin discount or something but after almost 6 months, she still has not contacted me about my purchase and so I think it is just easier for me to not dwell on the few dollars of savings and just get it done myself (in any case, I don't think she is sincere in helping me getting it anyway). So while I was still hesitating and thinking whether to get Warm Soul (a more skin toned, sun kissed colour) or Gentle (more pinkish), I decided to ask the salesgirl there and she advised that if I would like something more natural, definitely Warm Soul. Ok, that's it! I have enough pink blushers at home already. Mineralise blush cost $37 and is $4 more expensive than normal blusher and even though it has exceeded my remaining budget allocated by BC by $4, I just act blur and got him to pick up the tab for me. Haha.

Couldn't resist the 20% discount at Watson and also got Kate DB eyeshadow. The texture is pretty pearly and easily blendable, quite a good buy in my opinion.

Then just 1 day before CNY eve, I bought another MAC product. I was thinking that CNY it would be better to look brighter and since I do not have any red lipstick, it might be a good idea to get one, hahahaha (EXCUSES!!!!). And so i stepped into MAC again (after dinner with Juju and BC) and started testing the colours. Had already settled on getting the shade 'House Wine' which is deep reddish brown and while waiting for payment at the cashier, I saw the Viva Glam lipsticks and lipglosses. This coral red lipstick named after the singer, Cyndi Lauper immediately caught my eye. Even without testing out the colour, I told the salesgirl that I am changing my mind about the lipstick and want this shade instead. Never regret my decision to change, even though it look bright and loud, when applied on my lips, it just bring out the natural colour of my lips and doesn't look tarty or loud at all. And it has a nice glossy finish which I love in my lipsticks.

The signature of Cyndi Lauper on the lipstick

A nice coral red coloured lipstick

The texture is smooth and the effect is glossy with enough colour on it. (since glossy lipsticks tend to be less 'pigmented')


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog's Story

With the free viewing of all channels on Starhub cable, I was able to watch 'Hachiko: A Dog's Story'. I know I have previously posted that I do not want to watch this show because I know I will be crying my eyes off this show. But since it was showing on TV, JUST WATCH LAH!

As many of you have already known the true story behind this show, it talks about the undying loyalty of a dog named 'Hachiko' to his owner. So loyal is he that even after the demise of his owner, he still waits for him at the train station where he will take the train to work and back. Hachi waited for 10 years after the death of his owner and he eventually also died at the station, while waiting for his owner.

I tell you, this show is damn touching and sad lor!!! I was crying all the way when the owner acted by Richard Gere died all the way until the show ended. The sadness and sorrow in the dog's eyes when he did not see his beloved owner day after day, how he 'escaped' from the owner's daughter's place to run back to the original house he was staying in and finding out it was sold after the death of the owner (when strangers are moving into the house), to the daughter letting Hachi making his own choice to stay with her or leave, to Hachi sleeping near the railway stations beneath stationery trains so that he can wait and see his owner again really touches our heart. This is what we meant when we say that a dog will love us unconditionally........ Their loyalty just surpasses anything and everything.....

Whether you are an animal lover or not, you will need tissue papers while watching this show, I guarantee you..... I have used up 10 pieces of tissue paper just watching the last 30mins of the show!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's the Chinese New Year again! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

I am not actually looking forward or enjoying Chinese New Year because it is just tiring travelling AROUND Singapore to go for the house visitings and more often then not, we ended up feeling tired, hot and sweaty when we arrive at the place for visiting. And married adult like yours truly has to give ang baos instead of receiving them. Haha.

Nevertheless, it was still fun meeting up with relatives who we usually only see once a year (and the irony comes when there is nothing much to talk about or they still think you are in your ex, ex company!!??) and catch up. The highlight for me when I visit my maternal grandpa at my uncle's place was they were watching the video of my auntie's (who is also my godma) which is about 20 years ago! And it was in the same church which I had my wedding 3 years also! Quite nostalgic to see my aunties and uncles in their younger looks and how small my 2 sisters were then........

Despite me complaining about the tiring and expensive experience of Chinese New Year, I still think it is a good time for families to get together and just enjoy the festive period with all the feasting and laughing.... That's what family times is all about!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's A Great Great World

I was on leave yesterday, (YUPPIE!!!!) and suggested we catch a movie since he bought some GV movie vouchers at $6 each and they are expiring in end March. We just caught 'Green Hornet' last Saturday (which I blog in another post) so he suggested 'It's A Great Great World'. One thing about BC is he likes to support local production because he always say we are Singaporeans and should support local production. So patriotic hor? Haha.

But well, this is a good choice because I totally enjoyed the movie and even has intention to sponsor my parents to this movie because I know they will truly love it!!!

The story is set in Singapore in the 1940s where Great World Amusement Park is like the 'IN' place for 'pak tok', shopping and spending family time (since they do not have TV sets during that time). There isn't a main lead in the show because they are talking about different characters who work in Great World Amusement Park but it is extremely heartwarming perhaps because Singapore has evolved to be so advanced that people becomes very cold?

I was actually tearing in 1 scene in the show and it was a wedding banquet whereby friends and relatives come together to celebrate a couple's wedding. It also happen to be the day that Japanese started their attack in Singapore during WWII. The crews in the restaurants were still giving in their 110% (in fact I think more like 200%) to provide excellent food and services so that the couple can always have sweet memories of their wedding. How sweet and heart warming is that?

I would definitely encourage my friends to watch this movie, even though it is set in my parents' era....... Because it has a Singapore identity to it. However, just to give a headsup, most audience might be 'Ah Gong' and 'Ah Ma' and they might also be singing to 'Cha Cha Bo' in the movie, but this just shows that they are truly enjoying the show!
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