Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lately have been looking back at some of the pics that I took of Eden and we realised that she has really grown by alot! Still remember the day we brought her back, she was so small and mini and cute and shy. Now, she is like the princess already, knowing her way around the house, demanding things when we don't give her. Naughty!!! Hahaha. Even Titus seems to be opening up abit more also. Now on and off, we see him coming out of the wash area and venturing out into the area near the kitchen (we guess the kitchen is like his safe zone so he want to stay here to that area). Of course, we have to give credit to Eden because she being the 大姐头 (even though Titus is about 1 month older than her) will always be the one running in and out and showing the areas whereby they can play and have 'toys' to amuse themselves with. But this 'ah gua' Titus is still very scare of us, whenever he see us coming, he will run into his wash area again!

Look at how Eden is how vs 2 months ago..................

So small right????

Titus hiding at his usual corner when we bring him out to the balcony

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eden and Titus are now getting along fairly well. We do see them cat fighting but we also see them sharing their bed, licking each other etc. Shy Titus is still very very scare of me and BC but I would say that he is not so scared of us as when we initially brought him home. As much as we can, we will bring him out to balcony (where he can see us) when we are at home, so that he will get used to us. For Eden, she already know her territory well and she can even respond to us when we call her. :)

Sweet right????

Titus (left) and Eden (right)

Titus falling asleep while Eden is distracted with the bell ball in my hand

Good buddies share the bed :)

Still sleeping...............
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