Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

I am not a perfume person, to be honest. Furthermore, I am always using the same few perfumes, namely Kenzo Flower, Lancome Miracle, Bvlgari Pour Femme. I have been using these 3 perfumes mainly because they are not too sweet and strong. Strong perfumes tend to give me a headache. However, I do notice that perfumes do not last very well on me for 1 reason or another (perhaps some human chemistry involved) thus I tend to prefer getting EDP instead of EDT.

Jo Malone is not one of the few commercial brands which are easily available over the counters but I have read about this brand in a few of the beauty blogs which I am following. What caught my attention is that we can create our own unique scent by mixing the different Jo Malone scents. The drawback is seriously the price tag though. A cologne of 30ml cost $95 and 100ml cost $190, and to me is really pricey. But after reading these beauty blogs (which to me is PURE EVIL, lol), I cannot help but step into Jo Malone boutique at Ngee Ann City to take a look.

I really like the bright and crisp atmosphere in the boutique when I stepped in and the friendly SA also helped in scoring some points there. I told her I am keen in their fragrance and would like to know what she can recommend if I am someone who doesn't like my perfume to be too sweet and strong. She immediately recommended me English Pear & Freesia which I took a liking immediately. She also let me try Orange Blossom (which is also not bad and smell of lily) and another scent which I did not catch the name but I did not quite like it as well.

I asked the SA further regarding the combination of scent and she demonstrated to me by spritzing English Pear & Freesia on my left wrist and English Pear & Freesia layered with Orange Blossom on my right wrist. I am quite an idiot when it comes to describing the scents but both smells heavenly (in fact another lady who was in the store at the same time, turned around and ask what was the scent on me as she really liked it). With the combination of scent, it smell really different when it was just English Pear & Freesia. Honestly, I am sold and I knew I am getting something that moment and thus I decided to get English Pear & Freesia as a start. The price tag definitely helped in curbing the impulse to buy 2 fragrances on the spot. :)

Eden and my first Jo Malone!

I really like the way the SA wrapped up the fragrance with ribbons and all and I actually told her to save these efforts since it is for myself. She smiled and told me I should take this as a gift for myself! Damn, I really like her service!
The simple and crisp Jo Malone box and elegant wrapping
My English Pear & Freesia cologne!

After stepping out of the store 4 hours later and a nice warm shower, the scents were still lingering on my wrists and I could not help but kept smelling them as well. I think I definitely made a right decision getting their fragrance!

I am definitely going back for more of Jo Malone's fragrances. Have you tried any of their fragrances and what are your favourites?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ettusias AC Pore Smooth Concealer

I have had the Ettusias AC Pore Smooth Concealer for quite a while and had never really got to see the wonder of this baby but due to an incidental use of this product when I was in a hurry, I am totally amazed by what I seen.

I'm sure how many of you would agree with me that powder foundation and 2-way foundation tend to leave a cakey and powdery look on your face. What makes it worse for me is that it also made my pores loom more obvious and ugly, which is total turn off!

So to my rescue came Ettusias AC Pore Smooth Concealer. Not only does my face not look cakey and powdery after applying Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme 2-way foundation, my pores looks much smaller and well concealed.

This is a concealer that is meant to 'cover' your pores. If you are worried about pore blockages because this baby claims to cover pores, you need not worry. It actually camouflage your pores by having a powder formula which helps to prevent shadows by dispersing light thus making your pores less obvious. For ladies with oily or combination skin, this concealer also helps to control sebum which makes it a wonderful make up base.

Ettusias AC Pore Concealer comes in a small pot with a spatula to scoop out what you need. Remember, a little bit of this product is all you need to conceal your pores thus go easy on the amount. The texture is creamy and thick thus you do require a bit effort to blend and you should start blend upon application. It also comes in 1 shade only.

In the picture below, I am making a comparison with RMK Creamy Polished Base (on the right) as RMK Creamy Polished Base has a matte finish and is the thickest texture makeup base that I had. Note: I only had 3 makeup bases: Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer, BareMinerals Prime Time and RMK Creamy Polished Base

As you can see below, Ettusias AC Pore Smooth Concealer has a thicker and creamy texture than RMK Creamy Polished Base.

After blending, RMK Creamy Polished Base leaves a slight sheen (right) whereas Ettusias AC Pore Smooth Concealer (left) has a matte finish and look slightly fairer.

For ladies who need some help in concealing your pores during makeup, I strongly encourage you to try this concealer out! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitty kitty kitty

This morning, while me and BC were on the way to breakfast, I saw a lump of fur like in the middle of the carpark. Honestly, it looks weird and when I moved closer, it was actually a kitten!! A very very young kitten to be specific!

We knew if we left the kitty there, it will be dead since any cars that drive through the carpark will easily run it down so we had to bring it back first. After breakfast, I brought the little one to the vet clinic where our 3 kitties go to as I thought it would be a better idea for me to get it checked and put up for adoption. Before going to the clinic, I actually gave SPCA a call asking what should I do with this kitten since I knew it is really young and I had no experience with a young kitten. The lady from SPCA advised me to put it up on adoption. If SPCA were to come and collect the kitten, and eventually not get adopted, the poor thing would be put down!

The vet examined the kitten and found it to be really young, few weeks old. She told me that I had to keep the kitten warm (poor little one was shivering alot), feed it with milk once every 2-4 hours, massage its butt to make it pee and poo. Gosh, it is really a lot of work and I know me and BC do not have the time at all since we are at least out for 12 hours a day for work!

Look how puny the kitten is in my small tote bag!

Damn cute! So small!

The kind vet referred me to a staff there who is willing to do boarding for the little one, for a fee of course. For the amount of time that she need to feed and clean the kitten, she is charging approximately $30 per day and according to the vet, the kitten will probably need this kind of attention for about 2 - 4 weeks! *Gasp*. I told them that I will only need their help until the kitten can at least eat solids and I can start to toilet train since Eden and Simba also came to us approximately 1 month old.

BC was actually keen to keep this kitten as our 4th cat but I am really unsure and thus I had the intention to put it up for adoption. I posted the above pic on Facebook and my sister who is also an animal lover was aw-ing over it. I thought it would be a good idea to strike up an arrangement with her. I will take care of the kitten at my place but all expenses (food, medical etc etc) will be born by her. She can come over and play with the cat as and when she likes. Boarding charges will be shared among the 2 of us. She got really excited with this arrangement as she can finally have her own pet!

I'm so glad that I helped someone today although it wasn't easy........... but it felt really good to do a good deed and for a animal lover like me, it felt good to help a helpless animal.

PS: This kitten is 80% to be a boy. Have to wait for the genitals to be more obvious to be sure. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harry Potter

BC was asking me a few days ago whether I wanted to watch the finale of Harry Potter. He mentioned that he found it strange that I have yet to bug him to watch the movie after 2 weeks and he has been wondering why. Perhaps because I already knew the ending after reading the book or perhaps the wait has been too long, the excitement is just not there anymore.

Weird huh? I think humans are so strange. Strange that after waiting for too long or getting too comfortable for a while that things starts to be monotonous or cold? No more excitement........ But again, back to Harry Potter, I am definitely going to watch it. In fact, I told BC let's watch it this weekend after a nice breakfast at Hatched (Yes! AGAIN!). Lol. I think I am looking forward more to the breakfast at Hatched than the movie! I think I am getting weird!

Monday, July 25, 2011

LUSH Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

In my recent LUSH haul, I also purchased Fresh Pharmacy cleanser to give it a try on my combination, sensitive skin with the monthly breakouts. Saw pretty good reviews about how some ladies got saved by this cleanser when nothing seems to help their skins with breakouts. Although as I aged, breakouts became more of a hormonal monthly affair, it still continues to bothers me as the whole popping to diminishing process can easily be 2 weeks, so I thought why not give this a try? Not too ex anyway.......

This cleanser comes in a bar form and honestly, I am not quite a fan of bar cleanser. Travelling with a bar cleanser can be a pain and the bar cleanser tend to turn mushy and disgusting looking after much use. So what I learnt from my experience with Ettusias bar cleanser was to cut up the soap in smaller pieces and use them bit by bit. This way, I can continue to keep the unused cleanser in my fridge and just use the small bit of the cut soap.

Fresh Farmacy contains calamine and camomile to sooth sensitive skin and coupled with rose water, tea tree and lavender oil, it helps to combat spots with their natural properties. Contrasting to Angel on Bare Skin cleanser, Fresh Farmcy lather up!!! I love FOAMS. The smell might not be enticing to some as there is a strong calamine scent but it is still acceptable to me. I also notice a slight minty cooling feel on my skin after wash, and this could be due to calamine as well.

I love how my skin feels after the wash; clean and not squeaky clean to cause tightness and discomfort. Makes me feel clean in the certain horrible hot and humid weather here. As it might be a bit stronger than Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser, I am currently rotating these 2 cleansers: Clarins for day use (since my skin is not so oily and tired) and LUSH Fresh Farmacy for night use (after coming back home after a day of sweat and dirt) and so far it works pretty well. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (#4 Pulp Fiction)

For the longest time, I have read 1001 raves about Giorgio Armani (GA) Eyes to Kill eyeshadows. They are creamy, long lasting and the colour pigmentation is super impressive. Unfortunately for us in Singapore, we do not have a GA counter here. But thanks to SPREES, I managed to join in a spree to get GA from USA while they were having 20% discount promotion!!! Yuppiessss.......

There has been a lot of beauty blogs which shows swatches of these lovely eyeshadows and I am truly spoilt for choices. Much as I would love to get more of them, I had to be rational and I told myself I should only get 1. I am torn between #3 Purpura (purple with a mix of gold) and #4 Pulp Fiction (grey with mix of pink shimmers) and I actually placed order for #3 Purpura and indicated in the event it is not available to get #4 Pulp Fiction. And lucky me, I was one of the 5 or 6 ladies who placed order and got #4 Pulp Fiction (as the rest of the shades were unavailable!).

I am not sure how to describe the texture of this eyeshadow as it is just like loose pigments (in fact some of the pigments came out of the jar in the midst of delivery from USA to me) but when swatch, it felt smooth like gel / cream. I will not be posting pictures of the swatch since I do not have a decent camera to properly capture the colour but you can definitely google and get directed to many beauty bloggers who had posted wonderful review of this eyeshadow.

I am quite sure I am not stopping at 1 for this range of eyeshadows but I guess the nearest to get from will be HK or Taiwan? Hmm....... anyone going there soon? :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Changed review of LUSH sea vegetable soap

If you guys remembered, I reviewed LUSH Sea vegetable soap sometime back and was ranting on how much I disliked it. But after using it for about 3 weeks, I want to change my comments about this soap.

1 of the peeves I had about this soap was that it does not lather well. Well, I noticed it does not lather well in the first few uses, but after that it does foams up pretty normally. So I guess patience is virtue. Lol.

Although the scent does not lingers long on my skin after shower, it has a 'freshen me' effect on me especially in the recent hot and humid weather. Not beats having a nice cool shower which makes you feel that you just had a swim. I am starting to appreciate this scent....

It is definitely a nice change from some sweet, strong smelling shower gel and soap and I am definitely buying this again.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Those were the days....

Like a mother, I also like to look back at the pictures when my kitties were much smaller and younger and think about how excited I was when I first adopted them and look at how much they had grown since then. To be honest, when they were growing, they grew by the week! Each week when my part time cleaner comes over, she will comment that Eden or Titus seems to have grown bigger.

Can you imagine Eden was this (the one on the left) when we just got her?

Now look at our princess Eden now.........
She has certainly grown so much!!!

Thinking back, they have brought us much happiness and of course frustration after coming into our lives and it has really been an enriching 4 years plus having them around. I do not even wanna think what will happen if they leave us one day....... *touch wood*

Thursday, July 21, 2011

City Hunter

I have been trying to find online streaming videos of City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho for a while and all I can find are videos of the latest few episodes thus making my whole viewing experience very uncomfortable. Luckily for me, City Hunter is aired on SCV now and thus I can view it in the comfort of my home. The only issue is that subtitles are in chinese which can be a pain but bearable for me.

Have I mentioned how hot Lee Min Ho is? Lol. I think I did but then, I still wanna say HE IS HOT!

I wonder if he has went under the knife before........ maybe I should google about it one of these days and see what I can find.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LUSH Mint Julip Lip Scrub

I have always made it a point to exfoliate my face once a week to prevent breakouts but I have never scrub my lips before. Thus on and off, I do find lipsticks not able to rest well on my lips as there is a layer of dead skin on the surface. As such, when preparing my LUSH shopping list, I made it a point to include a lip scrub in it!

One thing I have to say, this scrub is YUMMY. Yes, you heard me, YUMMY................. After gently rubbing it on my lips, my lips felt minty and cooling and when my tongue touches bits of the scrub, it actually taste sweet and chocolatey.

After the scrubbing, now my lips are baby smooth again, yeah!!!! And all it takes is a small little pea size of scrub so this small little jar will go a long way. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation

I meant to blog about this some time ago but just never got down to doing it and now I am here to blog about this baby, Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation!

What attracted me about this liquid foundation is it contains LIFTOPTIC complex, which directs light exactly where it is needed so that wrinkles and pores seem to disappear. It also contains firming polyer which smooths the skin surface and provide firming effect. For me who is not exactly young with big pores that would be good to stay hidden, this liquid foundation is like a god-send! :)

Thanks to a kind SA at Tangs Vivocity Chanel counter, I managed to get my hands on a sample of Lift Lumiere liquid foundation in shade 20, which was too light for me. But I fell in love with the texture of the foundation after trying it and decided to get the full size product with the right shade for me at 30 Cendre.

Chanel Lift Lumiere is able to provide light and more to medium coverage which is buildable. The texture is not too watery and light (like Lancome Teint Miracle liquid foundation) and slightly thicker. However, it is not too thick to cause discomfort or makes my face look cakey and oily. My makeup still looks flawless and natural.
I usually apply liquid foundation using a makeup sponge and I will first pump 1 pump of the liquid foundation on the back of my hand before using the makeup sponge to apply my entire face. After application, I will set it with Paul & Joe pressed powder and I honestly like the flawless effect without looking over the top! Pores does appear smaller but I personally do not find any effect on lifting actually, guess this could just be a advertising gimmick. Coupled with a makeup primer, it last pretty well on my face for a minimum 8 hours but with blotting required once every 4 - 5 hours, which is good enough for me.

Would I re-purchase this foundation? You bet! Especially when the colour shade is a perfect match for me! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 1st LUSH Spree

Just last month, I organised my very 1st LUSH spree and with the support from my sister and some friends, we managed to order the stuffs that we wanted and split the shipping costs! Yippie!!!

Online shopping is just so convenient nowadays that it is almost impossible not to love shopping in the comfort of your home and just click click away on the mouse and making payment via your credit card. Processing and delivery is very prompt by LUSH UK and I received the parcel just under 2 weeks after my order was placed. On a separate note, I discovered my sister's order of Oatifix fresh face mask was not in the parcel and I tried my luck in contacting them to inform that this item is missing from my parcel. Honestly, I was prepared for the worst case scenario that nothing could be done about it but their customer service was excellent! Not only did they replied my email within 12 hours, the good news is they will send me a replacement mask!!! I am soooooo going to order from them again!

Now, back to my hauls....... This is my personal order:
Top row: Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Mint Julip lip scrub, Sexy Peel soap, Porridge soap, trial size Charity Pot
Bottom row: R & B hair treatment, Noubar soap, Honey I Washed the Kids soap

My sister's friend also got interested in LUSH products and ordered LUSH Lime Smoothie and Creamed Almond and Coconut Smoothie. I have personally not tried the smoothie before but I think they should be good!

V also gave LUSH a try by ordering Happy Hippy and Back For Breakfast shower gel. :)

I am so addicted to LUSH products now!!! I have already came up with my next shopping list for LUSH!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!

The birth date of my family members are all in the 2nd half of the year and it first start with July, with my youngest sis' birthday. It is a family practice that we will come together to have a simple birthday celebration by having a meal and the cutting of the birthday cake (whether bought or hand made by my mum).

This year, my mum tried her hands on making a raspberry and mango cake and we had a simple fare at the newly opened 螃蟹专家 near my parents' place which we ordered some dishes which definitely includes yummy chilli crab with fried man tou. The chilli crab is HUGE........ I took 1 'gong' of the crab and it was like a normal size chicken drumstick and obviously that was the only piece of crab I had given the sheer size of it. I would say the food there were so so only but given it was family time spent, we still enjoyed it. One of the auntie waitress was damn blur to come over and ask if we would like to order fruit juice when I was coughing my lungs out! Isn't it obvious I CANNOT drink fruit juice???? Duh.............

The weather today was also good given that it was windy and not hot, which made the dinner all the more enjoyable. Seriously, nothing beats spending time with family...........

Friday, July 15, 2011

My apologies & TGIF

Sorry for the lack of postings these days, life has not been kind on me (sob sob) with deadlines at work and me down with flu bug once again. I will definitely be back over the weekends because I have so much to share so u guys do hang in there!!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

The lost side of Singapore

While walking around Club Street, Ah Moy Street, and Telok Ayer Street  after our desserts at P.S Cafe, S brought us along the neighbourhood with the intention of helping me to look for this chocolate shop called Truffs, recommended by my baker friend, Charmaine.

Truffs is situated along Telok Ayer Road, on the 2nd floor of a shophouse. When we step to the unit (which looks more like a kitchen), we have completely no idea what to ask the lady who was in the shop (who happen to be in the midst of making a chocolate cake). We can't tell if they are selling chocolates only, or also selling cakes or what not but the lady was nice enough to attend to us and asked if we are interested in trying their hand-made chocolate truffles (with 55%, 66% and 70% cocoa). Me and BC tried the 55% chocolate truffle which is not too sweet with slight bitter taste from the cocoa, which gives a nice fusion of sweet and bitter taste in the mouth. S tried the 70% truffe which he finds too strong. We ended up buying 9 55% truffles for $25. Quite expensive in my opinion but It's hand-made truffles so that really add to the factor of novelty. The lady who attended to us, whom I assumed is 1 of the owner told us they are renovating the unit next door to be a cafe and due to open next month.

As we walk along the streets around the area, I really like the architecture of the shophouses. It seems to bring me to a time without the current scene of tall highscrapers all around. Not to mention that since it is weekend, there is no crowd and we can comfortably walk around slowly and enjoy the scenery we are seeing.

Shophouses with the nostalgic feel versus the cold tall skyscraper

Some of the shophouses chose to retain the olden feel of the architecture in this area by not renovating the whole unit, inside out. This unit is an example who chose to retain the old tiles on the exterior which brings me to the times of the show 'The Little Nonya'.

This picture is something very random but we found it so interesting to have this bench built for basic convenience. Not to mention the thoughtfulness by adding a fan above it since Singapore is getting super hot these days.

Compared to walking along Orchard Road where we were squashed by mountains and mountains of people, this area is so serene. The best part is it is very self sufficient as well. There are book stores, convenience stores, cafes, bars, restaurants. reflexology centres and many more. These is truly a lost side of Singapore that many of us forgot and still existed.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

P.S Cafe

After meeting up with 2 of my friends, S and L, together with BC for lunch at People's Park Food Centre, we were thinking of a place to have some coffee and desserts. S who stay in the area of Tanjong Pagar near Club Street, suggested for us to check out P. S Cafe, which opened it's newest branch at Ann Siang Hill.

Ann Siang Hill is truly a nice place to open a cafe with nice ambience and food. Situated at the top of Ann Siang Hill, P.S Cafe has 3 storeys open to customers. The ground level is a small bar area which is more ideal for drinks and desserts whereas the 2nd and 3rd floor has nice seatings and tables for meals. Even though we are only there for coffee and desserts, the staff is kind enough to allow us to a table on 2nd floor. According to S, the 3rd floor has a superb view in the evening with the lightings and nice scenery. I should really try it one day.

The cafe has very nice deco with some Victorian theme kind of furnitures and they even paid details to the air con unit!!!
See the nice 'cage' they design to encase the air con!

Check out the cozy leather seats

P.S Cafe also uses nice flowers to 'dress' up the place to make it look warm and comfortable. I am not sure what plant is this but my first thought was it is fake. But when I came closer and touches it, it is real man! It also emit a light floral scent. They even placed  flowers in the ladies!!

The desserts were HUGE, I have to say. Which is why it justify a hefty price tag of $14.90++ for a slice of double chocolate cake with ice cream and $12.90++ for a slice of carrot cake with ginger slice.
From left to right: Double Choc cake with ice cream and Carrot cake with ginger slices

Another reason why the hefty prices were justifiable, the tasty is HEAVENLY............. The choc cake is dense and soft with rich chocolate taste that is rich and yet doesn't make you feel sick. It goes wonderfully well with the scoop of vanilla ice cream (which is a fool-proof formula). Carrot cake is so soft that with the dense layer of cream cheese on top, it looks like it was going to topple, like The Leaning Tower of Pisa!
We noticed from the orders of the customers sitting around us that the serving portion is huge........ Wow........ The burger is like 2 Big Mac stack on top of one another and the plate is also full of fries. Me and BC has already decided that we are so coming back for a meal again!

Another reason why I love this P.S Cafe???? See below.....................

You know what this means??? PEACE...........

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inglot Freedom system

Thanks to an Onsugar spree, I managed to get my hands on Inglot Freedom system, which is unavailable in Singapore. Just as the name indicate, you get to choose how to create your palette in terms of colours and texture. :)

The eyeshadow pans can be easily placed in the palette with the magnet in the tray. No glue or tapes required. The top translucent cover can be fully lifted and it is held together by magnet as well. It is a pretty sturdy case and you need not worry that the cover will drop off or be loose since the magnet is really strong.

From left to right: DS461, Pearl 454, Pearl 419, AMC Shine 32, AMC Shine 30

You may have noticed that the colour I chose seem to be quite dark and I was actually quite surprised when I received it as the swatches I saw online seems pretty light but pigmented. But after swatching it lightly yesterday, I realised that by applying with a fluffy brush like MAC 217, you can bring out the colour subtlely creating a mild smokey look which is suitable for day use, especially work.

As I do not really have a decent camera, I will not show the lousy pics of the swatches I took but I really love the glitters in AMC Shine 32 and 30 as shown below!

For lucky readers who are staying in Malaysia, you will be happy to know that Inglot is available in Malaysia, KL in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (ground floor). I am so going KL soon!!!!!! If you like to know the prices for Inglot in KL, do check out this detailed post by Joey's Space. :)

Illamasqua blusher in Lover and Unrequited

Illamasqua is another brand of makeup that is unavailable in Singapore. Good thing INTERNET exists in our time and age that there is such a thing as ONLINE SHOPPING.

You can be sure to get pigmented and high quality products when you purchase from Illamasqua. In fact, I was afraid to try out their products as I have always like makeup that is sheer and natural. But needless to say, I caved in anyway and absolutely love their blushers.

I only owned 2 of Illamasqua blusher, Lover and Unrequited. One thing about their blushers is that it comes in matte finish which initially quite turn me off as I always prefer my blusher to have slight shimmer.

Illamasqua blusher Unrequited (left) and Lover (right)

Unrequited is a soft baby pink which not only look lovely in the pan, it also gives a glow on the face that makes you feel kawaii. Lover, on the other hand is a peach coloured blusher which gives a healthy glow when applied on your cheeks.

One thing to note about Illamasqua blushers is that they are heavily pigmented, thus you have to apply it with a light hand. With my usual MAC powder blusher, I usually had to use my Shu retractable brush to swirl 2 rounds in the pan before application to get a subtle colour on my cheeks. With Illamasqua, I can only lightly dap my brush in the pan, tap off any excess before brushing it on. Any heavier, I will end up looking like the latest clown in town.

If you are keen in trying Illamasqua products, you can easily purchase it online. Delivery is made to most countries at a flat shipping rate of GBP8.50. Happy shopping!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hatched again!

Me and BC had such an enjoyable breakfast at Hatched during his birthday a few months ago and I have always been bugging him that I want to go back for breakfast again and we finally made it there again!!! Yeah!!!

As per the previous time, we called to make a reservation since we do not like to wait long for our breakfast. I already had in mind to try something different from what we tried previously (Hitched Me Up) and was already busy browsing through the menu the moment we were brought to our table.

I settled for 'El Chorizo' which comes with scrambled eggs (my favourite) and spicy chorizo sausages, grilled tomato with pesto sauce, toast and a small scoop of home made mashed potato.

BC ordered the single portion of Hitch Me Up which is called 'Usual Suspects'. BC chose his egg to be sunny side up and opt for sausages and adding extra bacon. It also came with baked beans and toasts. This man sure knows how to make his breakfast hearty! lol.
After eating El Chorizo for about 10 minutes, I kind of regret getting this as the sausages were really spicy. And because it was cooked together with the scrambled eggs, it made my favourite and usual super duper tasty scrambled eggs spicy as well. If the sausages were the usual sausages in BC's breakfast, I am sure I would enjoy it as much as before. The mashed potato is not very smooth but soft which is fine with me and the sauce is nice with a sour, salty taste (I suspect it is made from sour cream).

But well, this is not going to deter me from coming back again because I want to try other stuffs from their menu! The couple sitting next to us were having banana pancakes and the pancakes look fluffy and yummy!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thomas Sabo black cat charm

If you remember my posting previously about Thomas Sabo, I have wanted to buy their charm bracelet for the longest time and yesterday with the company of my old friend, E, I finally bought the bracelet with the cat charm!! Yeah!!

I went into Thomas Sabo boutique at Raffles City shopping centre after lunch with E and tried on the bracelet with the black cat charm. Actually wanted to tell the sales assistant that I will think about it and got a scolding from E. She said every time when we meet up and there is a Thomas Sabo boutique around, I will always step in, looked around and leave empty handed. Since I really like it so much, I should just get it! So yes, I finally bought it!!! Love love it!

Now I am kind of regretting not getting the lucky charm at the same time as the white pearl of lucky charm went so damn well with the black cat charm. Thinking if I should get it tomorrow...... Lol

Friday, July 1, 2011

Furry Photos

I stumbled upon this site, Furry Photos that takes lovely lovely pictures of dogs and cats, in collaboration with local shelters to help these animals search for families who are willing to adopt them.

Love how the photographer is able to capture the innocence and liveliness of these individual animals and remind us that they are just another individual out there who deserve love and respect as well............

I especially love the pictures below, please support adoption!!!

Credits: Furry Photos
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