Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitty kitty kitty

This morning, while me and BC were on the way to breakfast, I saw a lump of fur like in the middle of the carpark. Honestly, it looks weird and when I moved closer, it was actually a kitten!! A very very young kitten to be specific!

We knew if we left the kitty there, it will be dead since any cars that drive through the carpark will easily run it down so we had to bring it back first. After breakfast, I brought the little one to the vet clinic where our 3 kitties go to as I thought it would be a better idea for me to get it checked and put up for adoption. Before going to the clinic, I actually gave SPCA a call asking what should I do with this kitten since I knew it is really young and I had no experience with a young kitten. The lady from SPCA advised me to put it up on adoption. If SPCA were to come and collect the kitten, and eventually not get adopted, the poor thing would be put down!

The vet examined the kitten and found it to be really young, few weeks old. She told me that I had to keep the kitten warm (poor little one was shivering alot), feed it with milk once every 2-4 hours, massage its butt to make it pee and poo. Gosh, it is really a lot of work and I know me and BC do not have the time at all since we are at least out for 12 hours a day for work!

Look how puny the kitten is in my small tote bag!

Damn cute! So small!

The kind vet referred me to a staff there who is willing to do boarding for the little one, for a fee of course. For the amount of time that she need to feed and clean the kitten, she is charging approximately $30 per day and according to the vet, the kitten will probably need this kind of attention for about 2 - 4 weeks! *Gasp*. I told them that I will only need their help until the kitten can at least eat solids and I can start to toilet train since Eden and Simba also came to us approximately 1 month old.

BC was actually keen to keep this kitten as our 4th cat but I am really unsure and thus I had the intention to put it up for adoption. I posted the above pic on Facebook and my sister who is also an animal lover was aw-ing over it. I thought it would be a good idea to strike up an arrangement with her. I will take care of the kitten at my place but all expenses (food, medical etc etc) will be born by her. She can come over and play with the cat as and when she likes. Boarding charges will be shared among the 2 of us. She got really excited with this arrangement as she can finally have her own pet!

I'm so glad that I helped someone today although it wasn't easy........... but it felt really good to do a good deed and for a animal lover like me, it felt good to help a helpless animal.

PS: This kitten is 80% to be a boy. Have to wait for the genitals to be more obvious to be sure. :)

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