Monday, January 22, 2007

V's gift for me from Japan!!!

Gridiron Gang

Caught a very meaningful show yesterday, Gridiron Gang. It depicts a true story of how a juvenile probation officer helped a group of delinquent teenagers find back their self-confidence and give themselves a second chance through football.

Through their football practices, teenagers from all walks of lives come together to train together as one team. Not only do they build a sense of belonging in one another, they also see themselves as someone who is not a loser but they can achieve what they set out to achieve. This is a very touching show whereby I see true stories of teenagers who got a second chance from the wrongs that they did when they were young. Not only do they get more friends, they have better relationships with their families and loved ones.

Sometimes I feel we are penalised for just one mistake that we do, whether in life or in work. And for just this 1 mistake, we are often penalised for the rest of our lives. Why do we not deserve a second chance to redeem ourselves? For example, why is it that if we do not have a degree we do not get to earn good money??? And even if we do get a degree but because it is not a honours degree, we get paid lesser than those who got a honours??? Why?? Is this the cruel fact of reality??? Does the society even looks at the character of a person? Why do we have to pass judgement on people based on what we can see and not look beyond it? I always remember that only God can pass judgement on others but more often than not, we have idiots thinking and behaving as if they are God and passing their own idiotic judgements on others. Perhaps God should just strike them down with lightening........

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Went up to my place this evening to tell the contractor where to drill my toilet accessories as well as to see the place before the final handover tomorrow. I must say that I am quite happy with the results so far. The workmanship is good and the contractor is reliable. Now the few tasks that need to be done tomorrow is for Citygas to come and turn on the gas pipe, the installation of my glass basin and water in the master bedroom toiletand kitchen and some cleaning up by the contractor and it's done! It's finally going to be completed soon!!!! I can't wait for our furniture to come and in and I can finally shift over to my own place! Yeah yeah!!!!
My personal room!!!! Yeah!
Our master bedroom painted in light mocha


I have been a sucker for Taiwanese idol shows recently..... First was "It Started with a Kiss" by Joe Zheng and Ariel Lin and now "Hanakimi" by Wu Zun and Ella.

Did I mention that Wu Zun is hot hot hot in this show??? Gosh, I was basically glued to the Computer screen because of him....... He's so cute!!!! If only I have a bf or husband who looks like that!!! Hahahahaha.

All these taiwanese idol shows adapted from mangas are all so sweet and funny that sometimes I wish that my life is also like this. A handsome man for me to drool over and the famous happily ever after ending.......... Reality is just so cruel!!!
TV console

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My kitchen cabinets

Match my gold basin in the common toilet right???

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Almost there!

Went up to my place this afternoon to collect my JBL home entertainment system and saw that the house is almost done. The air con units have been installed and the lights and paints also done. When I went up, 2 carpenters were already doing up the kitchen cabinets as well as the wardrobe in the master bedroom. By next week, my furnitures can all be moved in!!!! Yeah yeah!!!
My living room and balcony..........
My dining area in light apple green contrasted by mocha brown wall
Kitchen cabinets in the progress!
My glass shower screen in the master bedroom toilet

Monday, January 8, 2007


Someone told me yesterday that whatever aspirations that he has before will never be fulfilled until the day he dies because he just will not be able to do what he wants due to no financial means and commitments. I replied him by saying 'There is no such thing as aspiration in Singapore because it just doesn't fill the stomach'. He was surprised by my statement as he always felt tat I have always aspire to be an accountant!

Haha, whenever people asked me why did I choose to study accountancy, my reply was always "Because I do not want to study science subjects in JC and uni". So I chose accountancy course by form of elimination, and not that it was my 1st choice in anyway. Singapore is a very materialistic country, everything counts: Having a good qualification counts, having a good job counts, having lot of money counts, having name and power also counts! Sometimes I wonder if I will be better staying in another country. Why is it that in other countries have more singers, more artists, more designers, more sportsmen than in Singapore? Because, the materialistic nature of our country just doesn't feed these aspiring people well to pursue their dreams!

Hiaz, reality just sucks and I just have to go back and start working to earn my monthly keeps again.......

Monday, January 1, 2007

My new laptop!

My 1st laptop!!!
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