Saturday, May 24, 2008

My creation

The last time I actually did some DIY stuff is really a long time ago. I think I should be in secondary school or something. Even since then, I practically have no time to do these stuffs. Have decided to start abit of these DIY stuffs as these hand made accessories on sale are just expensive! Ok lah, I admit, my skills not as good as these people who make and sell them, but I guess it is still acceptable to me to wear them lah.

This pair of earrings is made to match the necklace that Angela made for me last month. I hope it really matches well....

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Girl

Ok, I am slow..... After people finished watching it on SCV and even on Channel U, here I am watching this show on my pirate brand DVDs. Hahahaahaha.... But this show is really nice, very funny!

And I like Lee Joon Ki!!! Yes, he looks girly but he is charming in his girly way lor...... His latest show 'Time between Dog and Wolf', with his short hair, fit and slightly muscular physique, he really look very different!

Actually I quite like Korea..... maybe it's due to the nice cool weather that is DEFINITELY MOST IMPOSSIBLE in Singapore. They have nice sceneries with all the mountains and the cool weather is nice excellent! And they have sakuras!!! Yes, me being the mountain tortoise thought that sakuras only exist in Japan, but they have it in Korea!

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