Monday, November 19, 2012

OPI The World Is Not Enough

It has been a long while since I revert back to painitng my own nails and for a while I have also stop buying new polishes. However, OPI Skyfall Collection was just lovely and the names of the polishes are in line with all the James Bond movie titles. I picked up 4 shades from this collection and my favourite of them all is 'The World Is Not Enough'.

The World Is Not Enough is a lovely taupe shade with rosy shimmers. The pic I took above does not do the polish justice at all and please also pardon the lousy painting skills whereby polish ended up on my cuticles as well, lol. This shade seems pretty light and I took 3 coats to achieve the opaqueness as shown above.

Do you have the OPI Skyfall collection? Which shade is your favourite?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sephora 20% off haul

When I heard that Sephora is having 20% storewide discount for their members, I was disappointed because I wasn't a member. Then I told myself that I need nothing so it's ok. But guess what, I went back to Sephora for 3 consecutive days to get the following!!!

Top row: MUFE HD liquid foundation, Clarins UV Plus HP, Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, Sephora lip brush
Bottom row: Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, Dior Rouge Nude lipstick

On the 1st day of visiting Sephora, I was all prepared to purchase the lip brush at full price in order to get the membership so that I can immediately use the membership to get 20% off the MUFE foundation. However, when I was paying at the cashier and the cashier asked if I am a member and I said no, this nice lady behind me offered me her card so that I can immediately get 20% off. It's truly comforting to meet a kind soul.

Anyway, eventually I did get my membership by purchasing MUFE Aqua Shadow waterproof pencil (which is not shown in the pic above) and I became a happy (cum obsessive!!!) shopper hauling skincare and more makeup, lol.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tom Ford Cheek Colour in Wicked

Tom Ford makeup line has been highly raved on the beauty blogsphere and for the longest time, it was unavailable in Singapore. I used 'WAS' because Tom Ford is finally reaching our shore at the new revamped CK Tangs! However, being super impatient, I couldn't wait for Tom Ford to arrive at CK Tangs and just went ahead and order from Saks Fifth Avenue and I blame it on my work stress because I took a break away from my excel spreadsheet and went online shopping!!! BAD BAD BAD

Other than Tom Ford Cheek Colour in Wicked, I also took this chance to purchase Tom Ford Lip Colour in True Coral. Man...... the colour of True Coral is truly gorgeous, I can't wait to show you guys in the upcoming post.

So back to Wicked...... In the pan, it looks like a softer hot pink blush with light pink shimmers. If you are put off by the shade, fear not because when swatched, the effect came out much softer. The shimmers does not make it look like a disco ball at all because it is very subtle and enough to give that glow. Ladies with oily skin or open pores need not be afraid of the shimmers enhancing the shine and pores because it is that subtle!

In terms of texture, I have only a word for it...... 'BUTTERY', lol. It's very smooth and pigmented so you will love the texture but remember to go light handed when applying. It's not difficult to blend the blush onto your cheeks, it is that smooth. :)

Lasting power......... I applied it around 730am this morning and now that it's 9 hours and I still see the shade on my cheeks, do I need to elaborate further?

You guys should really check out Tom Ford Cheek Colour when it reaches Singapore!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Burberry Lip Cover 09 Blush

I have been wanting to venture into lipstick shades that are out of my comfort zone but unfortunately, I just got no balls for it. Thanks to Burberry Beauty for giving me samples shades of their ever popular lip covers, I managed to try a shade which I absolutely love, out of my comfort zone and still not too bright till I am scare to carry it. This lovely shade is 09 Blush which looks like a muted red with tinge of brown in it.

* Please pardon the disgusting pimple at the side of my face :(

I like that this shade is redder and brighter than my naturally dark lips and doesn't look too over the top. It also certainly help to brighten up my look considering I have stopped using eye makeup to work since I am too lazy to wake up earlier to do eye makeup, haha.

I would definitely be purchasing the full sized lip cover in 09 Blush soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Burberry Velvet Foundation Trench 205

Time flies and it's the month of November already....... gosh, how did time flies so fast? Further to the Burberry Autumn Luxe workshop which I attended last month with Jacq, today I am finally posting my review of Burberry Velvet Foundation.

Just as the word 'velvet' that is part of the name of this foundation, Burberry Velvet Foundation is an oil-free foundation that provides long-lasting coverage. Unlike Burberry Sheer Foundation which is housed in a clear glass bottle, Velvet Foundation is housed in a frosted glass bottle with the iconic checks.

I am matched to Trench No. 205, which is a pink-based shade and it looks pretty natural on my face.

The texture is easily blendable by finger or brush but somehow it seems easier to blend using a paddle brush than a dense brush like Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush. In the workshop, we were told that we can massage the foundation with their best seller, Sheer Glow before applying it on our face. With this method, not only is it fuss-free but it gives me a 'my skin but better' look. I think this is perfect when you want to look totally natural and glowy.

Burberry Velvet foundation has very light rose scent which comes from the wild rose extract that is present in the foundation to provide hydration to your skin and at the same time long lasting coverage. I have no issue with this scent as it is lighter than Sheer Foundation whereby the scent is sooo much stronger and totally puts me off.

When applied on my face, Burberry Velvet foundation feels light and non sticky which is absolutely wonderful. Certain foundations which claim to last long on our skin tend to make my skin surface feels tight and uncomfortable due to the oil controlling properties. But I do not have this problem with this foundation. Even then, the foundation still last me pretty well whereby I only need to blot with a tissue paper after 6 hours.

With all the above plus points of this foundation, there only seems to have 1 problem. It does breaks me out a bit. I have combination skin which is prone to break outs, especially when I am using a product that is not suitable for me. In my first week of daily usage, I experience quite a fair bit of breakouts. I thought it could be attributed by my long hours at work or insufficient rest but interestingly the breakout subsided in the second week when I stopped using it coupled with intensive acne treatment. After which, I started using this foundation again after 2 weeks later SPARINGLY (once every 2-3 days) and I don't experience that same level of breakout anymore, just a bit of whiteheads here and there.

For ladies with sensitive skin, you might want to consider getting a sample first before committing to a bottle, just to play safe. Nonetheless, I still think Burberry Velvet foundation is a good foundation with decent lasting power, just that I don't think it will fall into my category of HG.
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