Thursday, February 28, 2013

SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu

After the disappointment of my 1st SUQQU blusher here, Jacq offered to let me play and try with her SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu. I can't hide my excitment and really thank jacq for her generousity. :)

SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu is part of the Spring 2012 Collection and this colour really depicts spring very appropriately. It consists of 2 shades: a cool pink shade on the left and a peachy coral shade with slight shimmer.

Although the colours look strong from the pan, fear not. When swatched on the skin, it comes out softer. Below is the swatch when heavily swatched.

From left to right: a cool pink shade, peachy coral shade with slight shimmer, mixed

The texture of the blush is both soft and smooth and intensity of the colour can be easily build up. The goodness of this blush doesn't stop here as we should not neglect the brush that comes along in the case. I usually do not use the brush that comes in the case as they are usually of inferior quality and not as soft. For SUQQU, this is totally not the case. The brush is soft and picks up the pigment from the pan soooo easily, I do not even have a single complaint about it.

SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu is total love and for ladies who have this baby and  has been neglecting them in the mountain of the makeup stash that you have, it's time to pull it out and give it some love!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm in 06 woppin' watermelon

Lately I have been on a high from lip products because I usually do not have much time to play with eye makeup before I head out to work so what easier way to perk up your face?? That will be playing with your lip colour. Thanks to the hot and sexy mama, Jacq from My Beauty Hoard, I got to try Clinique Chubby Stick in 06 woppin' watermelon.

I felt that I am playing with a kiddo crayon when I am holding it, don't you think? Haha.
The way to apply it is the same as taking a huge marker and drawing on your lips, it's very easy and precise. See the silver portion on the stick in the picture above? Just twist it and the stick balm will move up (just like any normal lip stick or lip balm).

Woppin' watermelon look like a hot pink shade but when swatched, it is more of a natural pink shade.
Given the moisturising effect from the chubby stick, the colour intensity is very light and you will not believe that I had to 'draw' like close to 10 times just to get it to show up in this picture. For ladies with dry, chapped lips and want that 'my lips but better look' you will love this chubby stick. It's intensely moisturising and give your lips that subtle shine. 

I would think Clinique Chubby Stick is more suitable for a weekend, light makeup wear. If you prefer a lip product with more colour intensity and yet moisturising, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine will be a better pick.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tom Ford Lip Colour in True Coral

Just before Tim Ford Beauty landed on the shore of Singapore in Tangs beauty Hall, I placed a Tom Ford order on Saks Fift Avenue. During that time, I was on a high for coral lipstick and the name 'True Coral' just capture me right there and before long, it landed in my shopping cart.

Owning any product from Tom Ford Beauty just makes you feel so luxurious. The lipstick case is a sleek brown case with golden trims and clicks shut with a 'click'. However, their casing is such a fingerprint magnet which is quite a peeve for me. Nonetheless, I still love Tom Ford!

The name of this shade of lipstick is just soooooo appropriate. As you can see from the swatch above, it is indeed a true coral shade. The colour intensity is amazing and just 1 sweep across your lips is able to deposit enough product to provide the opaque coverage you need. On days that I do not want to carry such strong colours, I apply this lipstick with a light hand and lightly dap my lips with a tissue to create the stained lip looks, work just fine.

The texture is smooth and moisturisng and you need not worry about chapped lips. The staying power is pretty impressive (especially since it is a strong colour) and stays on my lips over a cup of drink and light breakfast before fading into a stained look.

I personally all ladies should at least own 1 product from Tom Ford Beauty, so why not start with their lip colour? :) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

BioNike Defence B-Lucent Blogger Event

Hi all, sorry for the long silence. Life has seriously caught up with me. First, I fell ill and then it was Chinese New Year and now I am still ill but I sure have to pick up myself and start doing something right? :)

This is a very much delayed post on BioNike Blogger Event that was held in end of January. Really appreciate the invitation and it was a small and cozy setting at The Spa-Lon (Chijmes). I was able to extend the invitation to a blogger friend and I am glad V was able to join me.

Honestly, BioNike is a brand that I have not heard before but apparently they do sell their products in Guardian pharmacy in a lot of outlets and the company originate from Italy. BioNike products are specially targetted for sensitive, allergic and reactive skin. Thus the company make it their mission to provide consumer with product tolerability, safety and effectiveness and a fair quality / price ratio. BioNike achieves it by ensuring their products are:-

The highlight of the event was the introduction of BioNike Defence B-Lucent range, which is targetted for spot treatment. The main culprit of spots have got to be melanin and we tend to associate melanin production with sun exposure. But do we know that melanin production can also be be caused from scarring from acne (I am suffering from this), transitory factors such as pregnancy, medication (from contraceptives), application of photosensitising substances and skin ageing.

BioNike Defence B-Lucent range of products provide the solution to even and radian skin with the following ingredients:-

The range of products are pretty extensive with daily programe and localised treatments.

Daily programme

1) Day Peel - creamy, rinse-off cleanser that removes impurities from skin with gentle exfoliating effect.

2) Skin-Evening Concentrate - intensive treatment that favours the attenutaion and reduction of brown spots and prevents their formation to help even out complexion and appear radiant

3) Skin-Evening Face Cream SPF 15 - moisturiser that helps to even out skin tone and protects the skin (ideal as a base for makeup) 

Localised treatment

1) Roll-on Focus - This is a roll - on gel that favours a more rapid attenuation of dark spots. Roll-on Focus is able to provide immediate exfolitaing action (alpha and polyhydroxy acods) and at the same time, attenuate melanin production.

2) Skin-Evening Hand Cream SPF20 - Since we have protected our face, we should not neglectour hands as well. :)

The company has generously provided Day Peel and Roll-On Focus for my review. I am excited to try them as I have had acne scarring since my teenage years as well as freckles that accumulated over the years.

For readers out there who are keen to try BioNike products, you will be thrilled with the following news. They are giving our samples for you! All you need to do are the following:-

- 'Like' BioNike SG Facebook on
- Send in your particulars (name, IC, address, email) to and quote 'miaka'

The company will return an email on the location to pick up their samples. Act quick as this is on a while stock last basis. :)
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