Friday, November 23, 2007

My Hero!

The 'Hero' movie is out!!! Yes!!! Takuya is still yummy as ever and the story is still meaningful as it was as a TV serial. Although it's not as attractive as any other Hollywood movie, it still attracted my attention with all the funny scenes and touching scenes.

Takuya's role is public prosecutor, Kohei Kuryu went all way out to find evidences to prosecute the guilty and gain the help of his fellow colleagues in his office. It sets me thinking........ I don't think I can work like that. Haha...... Maybe Kuryu enjoyed his work and finds meaning in it thus he has the undying euthusiasm and endless flow of energy devoted to his work. How many people now can find this kind of satisfaction in their job that make them proud of what they do and thus finds meaning in it???? I tell you what made people proud of their job, PAY! Yes, it's all about the money. No money, no talk. No talk, no food, no food, no energy. Plain and simple. Haha.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I want to be somewhere up there.......... I think I will feel better.............

Monday, November 19, 2007

After 10 months of having lessons on every Thursday evening, the journey finally ended and BC was baptised yesterday. I think the journey has just started for him as a Catholic. There are still more for us to learn and grow in.

As usual, Fr Richards always will have alot of people in his class and thus the number of people getting baptised is also close to 100. The whole ceremony took about 2.5 hrs and there are so many people. There were even people coming in with professional camera (big, long lens and big flashes) and as usual been kiasu Singaporeans, all will rush to the front to take their pics and block everyone's views!!!! Pls!!!! There is such a thing as ZOOM right????

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Attended Jay's church wedding today and it was a simple and sweet affair. I have never seen Jay smiled so much! Haha, Jay, you should smile more lah, face black black not handsome leh. Their bridal pictures are very well taken and I personally feel it's worth the money, even though in the 1st place I don't think I would even be willing to spend so much on them. But whatever it is, what matters most is the couple enjoyed the whole process and ultimately have a blissful marriage ahead.

The cost of living in Singapore is getting higher...... my 1.5 months' supply of disposable lens has price increase of about 10%, hair cut increase by almost 20%, even a bag of oats increase by 20% too! What the hell is going on???? Even TODAY mention that we might be having the highest inflation rate ever in 25 years history, but what can we expect except pay more and more. How come I don't see our pay increasing linearly?????? Bloody hell...............

Friday, November 9, 2007

Praise the Lord!

After more than a year, BC finally went for his 2nd eye operation to remove the cataract from his left eye. The blurred and uneven vision with his left and right eye has been bothering him for the past 1 year and it's finally time to settle this matter, especially before our wedding. BC has been postponing the operation due to the trauma he went through after the complication after his right eye op last year. The bad pain and headache that he went through last year has been putting the idea of the left eye op since he does not wish to go through it again. But thank God, his operation today is a success!!! Not only did he not experience pain like before, but he was able to see clearly!!! The previous time, he could not see until 1 week later!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Believe it or not

I have heard so much about couples not able to control the number of photos that they want for their wedding album and end up topping up additional pictures. And the minimum number of hours that they spend at the bridal shop comes to up usually 3 hours.

Guess how long me and BC took yesterday???? We took about 1.5 hours to choose 28 pictures as per our package stipulate and also decided on the frames of our 3 in 1 portrait and table top. We also confirmed the skin of our album....... The lady helping us with the selection must be super disappointed that she can't earn any extra commission from us since we sticked to our stipulated number of pictures per our package and also no topping up to make it a magazine style or increase our 10R album to 15R. We are so proud of ourselves! Haha.
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