Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #5

I have never been a die hard fan of highlighters and am still not one yet. For practical reason, I am just too lazy to contour and highlight most of the days. Bottomline, I need something fuss-free! When Giorgio Armani came up with new shades for Fluid Sheer, I decided to choose one that I can double up as a blush and highlighter, so #5 it shall be.

Application is really easy as it comes with a pump applicator for you to dispense the product on your hand before you apply.

Fluid Sheer #5 is a peachy shade with subtle gold shimmers which is hardly visible. I tried to take a macro shot of the fluid and I hope you can see the gold shimmers in it.

I personally like the versatility of Fluid Sheer #5 because it is good enough to be a blush and / or highlighter. The peachy tone just gives you that glow that you want on a tired day.

As the texture of Fluid Sheer is very light and watery, you want to go easy with the application at the beginning so that you do not spread to areas that you do not want. Colour intensity is buildable however, my preference is to layer with a powder blush should I want my blush to stand out better.

I'm not sure if DFS Scotts is carrying Fluid Sheer but I got it from and it's retailing at USD59.00

Friday, May 24, 2013

YSL Creme de Blush in 4 Bright Coral and 5 Fuchsia Temptation

This is another post on Project Swap with Jacq and I have for you YSL Creme de Blush in 4 Bright Coral and 5 Fuchsia Temptation. :)

YSL Creme de Blush comes in cute little square pot like the following with the usual gold casing of YSL. The pot is quite small so for ladies who keep long fingernails, there is a high chance your nails will 'scratch' the products.

Both 4 Bright Coral (right) and 5 Fuchsia Temptation (left) are bright neon shades that honestly look scary on the pot. That was my fear when I first saw it as well. :)
The beauty of these 2 shades come out upon swatching and blending ...........
5 Fuchsia Temptation (left) and 4 Bright Coral (right)

Upon blending, the bright shades soften and becomes a nice stain-like look. It's lovely. These cream blush are not oily and extremely easy to blend. Because the texture is so smooth and blendable, you want to go easy with the quantity that you apply and start building from there.

YSL Creme de Blush last approximately 6 hours on my combination skin before the tissue blotting habit of mine starts to fade the blush. Non-issue for me since blusher generally last only 4 hours on me.

Do you have any love for these cute YSL Creme de Blush? Do recommend as I am highly tempted to get 1 pot myself. :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Hada Labo Whitening Lotion (NEW nano formula)

Hada Labo lovers out there who love their products will be thrilled to know that Hada Labo Whitening range has a new nano formula for its Whitening Lotion. Let's just cut the chase and see what is Hada Labo Whitening Lotion with new nano formula is all about!

For busy ladies out there who wants speed in application of whitening products, you will be happy to know that Hada Labo Whitening Lotion provides moisture, brightening and natural fairness in just 1 bottle. In addition, it is also free of fragrance, oil, colour and alcohol which makes it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

The 3 main ingredients in Hada Labo Whitening Lotion are:-

1) Natural Bearberry (Arbutin) that fades brown spots and blemishes. It can help to prevent future spots with regular use, thereby giving an even toned natural fairness

2) Triple Hyaluronic acid formula which hydrates your skin from surface to deep within. Skin becomes smoother to reflect light better

3) Vitamin C which increases the glow of your skin

Hada Labo Whitening Lotion is extremely light and watery which really makes your skin feels properly moistened. It spreads very quickly over the skin surface and gets absorbed very easily as well. The skin surface does not feels sticky after application at all.

As the time frame for usage is less than a month, it's hard to assess the whitening effect so this post is really a inital-feel review.

Hada Labo Whitening Lotion is retailing at $22.90 at Watsons, Guardian Pharmacy, Sasa and major supermarkets and departmental stores. if you would like to try out a sample before committing to a full-sized bottle, you will be glad to know that you can visit for free samples. :)

Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Mentholatum Deep Moist

For one reason or another, I have always been plagued with chapped lips and I can't seem to find a lip balm that I am happy with the texture of taste. When I was sponsored with Mentholatum Deep Moist for review, I immediately say yes and hope it would be something I like. :)

Mentholatum Deep Moist is enriched with the following ingredients:-

1) Hyaluronic acid (premium ingredient that forms a smooth, moisture locking shield for softer, smoother lips.  It can hold 1000X its weight in water, or 6 litres of water with just 1g!)

2) Shea Butter (heals the skin, and gives a soft, pleasant texture to the lip balm)

3) Jojoba oil (provides pro-longed, whole day hydration to the lips)

Other than the ingredients above, another success of Deep Moist is its ergonomic packaging design (oval shaped tube) which seems to fit to the corner of the lips better than the standard roundish tube.

After using Mentholatum Deep Moist for close to 2 weeks, my lips are not as dry as before but the essence is consistency in application. There was 1 day that my lips were extremely chapped that I felt slight pain on my lower lips. I applied Mentholatum Deep Moist liberally over my chapped lips and head off to bed in my air-conditioned room. I woke up with soft, moistened lips once again the next morning!

With regards to the ergonomic oval shaped tube of lip balm, I was actually not so used to the shape as I prefer the usual roundish tube. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to apply this balm and reach all corners of my lips with the product.

Mentholatum Deep Moist is easily available in Guardian Pharmacy and Watson's so do head over if you are interested to try it out. :)

Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.

Monday, May 20, 2013

L'oreal Shine Caresse in Bella and Lolita

Many have told me that L'oreal Shine Caresse are affordable dupe of YSL Glossy Stains and that has certainly got me curious. However, retailing at $18.90 (if I remember correctly) is still not exactly a price I would like to pay considering it is a drugstore brand. Thus, when Watson's is having 20% sale on L'oreal brand of products, I took this opportunity to try L'oreal Shin Caresse.

Housed in a plastic golden tube with a portion of see through clear plastic, you will be able to tell the shade you are applying. I doubt it is able to indicate the amount left in the tube like YSL Glossy Stains but for me who hardly finishes her lip products, this is not part of the consideration, haha. So here we have Bella on the left above and Lolita on the right.

Bella (left), Lolita (right)

In terms of initial look and feel of L'oreal Shine Caresse, it is definitely a dupe to YSL Glossy Stains. The staying power is also comparable to YSL Glossy Stains and it leaves a light stain on my lips after breakfast and lunch. The only difference that I can feel is that my lips feels drier than if I apply YSL Glossy Stains.

For ladies who are keen about YSL Glossy Stains but unwilling to part $40 for 1 can seriously consider L'oreal Shine Caresse. Considering both brands are under the same company, the quality would not differ much.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dior Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Coral Glow (comparison included)

If you recall from my early post here, I have mentioned previously that I had my eyes set on Coral Glow instead of Pink Glow initially. The only reason why I decided to get Pink Glow was because Coral Glow is not coming to our shores. However, I couldnt get pass the fact that my original choice is not available here in Singapore and thus decided to order it online via Nordstrom. So here I am the proud owner of both Nude Tan Paradise Duo! I will be show-casing Coral Glow in the post and will be comparing against Pink Glow as well.

As the name states it all, Coral Glow is a beautiful orangey coral shade as compared to its peachy pinkish sister, Pink Glow.

For ladies who are concerned that the orangey coral shade might turns out too orangey or muddy, I do not feel so when I did the swatches. In fact, I kind of like how it reminds me of beach gals who had that healthy sun-kissed look while playing beach volleyball. :) Texture and pigmentation is indeed top-notch. As the pigmentation and texture of Coral Glow is intense and smooth, do take note to lightly apply the colours on and slowly build up to the intensity that you desire.

Now comes the question...... Coral Glow or Pink Glow??? Let's take a look from the pan. They both look pretty close doesn't it? But if you slowly observe, you can see that Pink Glow on the left looks pinkier and Coral Glow on the right looks more orangey and coral. I do not see any difference in the 2 bronzer shades on the left side of the pan.
Pink Glow (left), Coral Glow (right)

From the swatches below, the difference between Pink and Coral Glow starts to show up more. Other than the 2 bronzer shades which look almost identical (in fact, I think they are), the stronger orange peach tone in Coral Glow (top row) stands out against the pink tone of Pink Glow (bottom row).

More comparison below:-
Coral Glow (top row), Pink Glow (bottom row)

Coral Glow (top row), Pink Glow (bottom row)

Do you need both? I think no because once it's applied on the cheeks, the difference could almost be negligible. The choice to make is whether you like orange undertone better or pink undertone better. My choice still stands with Coral Glow but I am glad I had both to satisfy my own curiosity on which is my preference.

I hereby end this post with a simple look that I had with Coral Glow on. I had it on very lightly (which seems almost non-existent, so sorry!) but hey, I had a good hair day, haha.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild

Thanks for lovely lady, J who was doing her spring cleaning, I managed to purchase Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild from her. Chantecaille is a brand that is new to me and I have never tried any product from them so thought this might be a good idea for me to give it a try.

Housed in a dark gun-metal shade of metal case, it does look kind of classy but is a terrible finger print magnet though. It even comes in a pouch to keep it from getting scratched.

Tiger in the Wild palette comes with 3 eyes shades and 1 cheek shade. Each pan comes with a tiger embossing which is in line with the name of the palette.

Before we get to the swatches of this palette, I really got to rant a bit. For a brand like Chantecaille which sells their palette easily S$100 and above, I wish they could do better on the quality of the packaging. While trying out this palette, I noticed the pan for the light beige shade and blush shade to be loose! No, it's not dropping out yet but I am able to turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise. This is definitely a first time for me!

So anyway, over with the ranting, let's get back to the swatches.
The light beige shade is indeed very light and I really like the taupe shade on the top right hand corner of the palette (then again, I am a taupe lover, haha!). Both the light beige and taupe shade are shimmery and satiny which is lovely but I find the blush shade quite common and dupeable. The darkest shade was one that gives me a pleasant surprise. It looks like black in the pan but when swatched turned into a deep purplish-black shade.

The texture is not the best in the world since Burberry and Le Metier de Beaute win hands down, but it is not difficult to apply and blend and I also did not experience any fallouts.

One of the advantage of Tiger in the Wild Palette is that it incorporates eyeshadows and blush in a palette which is very travel-friendly. The neutral shades are suitable for daily use (for work) and for that special night out with a smokey look, depending on your application. However, the disappointment is the quality of the packaging. Having a loose pan that turns is not cool. :(

Monday, May 13, 2013

Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope

Another item on Project Swap with Jacq is Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope. If there is only 1 blush that you would like to get, this has to be it.

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope range of products are not new to beauty lovers out there because it comes in different shades that you can use it on its own or layer with and create your own shade that you love. Definitely a winner there!

Blush Kaleidoscope comes in 4 shades in this kit: 2 matte (top row) and 2 shimmery (bottom row). The 2 pics on the left are more peachy and the 2 pictures on the right are more pinkish.

The swatch below is in order of the pic above (top row left, right and bottom row left, right). As you can see below, this blush is really pigmented (especially the 2 matte shades on the left). I only have 1 word to describe: GORGEOUS!

I decided to pair the layer the 2 peachy shades and the 2 pinkish shade to see how it would turn out. the effect came out softer as the shimmery effect of the shimmery shade softens the strong matte look (the 2 shades on the right).
I layer ALL the shades in the extreme left swatch above the effect came out different once again. This blush kaleidoscope will indeed give you multiple surprises depending on how you mix and match the shades. :)

The texture of Le Metier de Beaute is extremely smooth and it's also finely-milled. I do not face any difficulties picking up the pigment on my blush brush and application and blending is also a breeze. Even though Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope usually doesn't come cheap, considering you can get X number of combinations to play around, coupled with excellent quality of the product, it is definitely an investment well spent! Now I am considering getting it for myself already!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dior Addict Extreme in 643 Diablotine

Even since my first Dior Addict lipstick some time back, I have not gone back to Dior in grabbing a second Dior Addict lipstick because I am just not sure if I like the sheer pigmentation of Dior Addict lipsticks despite them feeling moisturising and glossy. Despite the launch of Dior Addict Extreme (which is more pigmented), no shades caught my eyes long enough to make me cave in and part with my money. However, seeing Dior Addict Extreme in 643 Diablotine is like love at first sight for me, I HAVE to get it!!!

Diablotine is a gorgeous coral pink shade that is just so perfect for summer. For me who hardly wear much makeup to work (being the lazy lazy me), this shade is just perfect to perk me up.

The texture is creamy and despite me not putting any lipbalm before application, it does not emphasize on the lines on my naturally dry lips. After 2 meals and some drinks and coffee, Diablotine stayed on my lips like a light stain which is just perfect (since I am too lazy for touch up in office).

For ladies who would like to try a stronger shade away from your usual pinks and nudes, I strongly recommend Diablotine. You can sweep it gently on your lips to get a light stained look for go stronger on your application to get a more intense shade. below is how I look with just a gentle application and I love it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow Palette EX-13 Ginusudama

This post is dedicated to the other SUQQU eye palette which I picked up during my Tokyo trip and it is none other than SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow Palette in EX-13 Ginusudama.

Similar to EX-11 Sumiredama, EX-13 Ginusudama has a duochrome shade as well. It consists of a pearly pink, warm bronzy brown, duochrome purplish grey and matte ivory.

The texture needs no further raving because it is just great. The pigmentation is impressive and I really love the duochrome purplish grey shade. It looks complex because you can't really tell if it's purple or grey.

Some of you might be wondering what is the difference between EX-11 and EX-13, because honestly, they really look quite similar in the pan. So here is a comparison for you.
EX-11 Sumiredama (left), EX-13 Ginusudama (right) (Hate it that the pan look so 'dirty' after swatching it :()

In order to see the difference, you really have to swatch it to see it. :) EX-11 Sumiredama is cooler in comparison and you can see the duochrome shade is more purplish whereas EX-13 Ginusudama's duochrome shade has more grey in it.
EX-11 Sumiredama (top), EX-13 Ginusudama (bottom)

Do you need both EX-11 and EX-13? I say they are both different (that's why I got them both, haha). If I have to choose 1..... I would go with EX-11 Sumiredama because of the taupe shade. :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I miss Tokyo

Influenced by J pop and dramas when I was much younger, I have always wanted to go Japan for a holiday and experience how is the country like. Years after years, this plan has been shelved time and again due to other commitments and finally in April 2013, the trip to Japan materialised.

As we are travelling free and easy, we decided to just stick with 1 city so that we can have an easier time planning. We had to choose Tokyo, of course!

We had a lot of fun in Tokyo and with the company of V, who has been to Tokyo multiple times to bring us around in some places, it was a different experience altogether. Joining a tour does bring us to nice tourist attractions but it will be tough to feel the culture of the country.

Japanese are very clean and organised thus their streets are always clean. They take pride in doing the best in whatever they do and it is evident even in daily tasks. 
 Clean streets of Ikebukuro

Recycling is very common in Japan and it's a lifestyle that trashes are sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable ones. Wherever we go for meals, we will be expected to clear our own trays and clear the food and non recyclable stuffs separately from the paper cups and bottles.
Check out the bags of cans for recycling!

Have you been so annoyed with commuters on the bus or trains who talked non stop on their mobile phones throughout the whole journey? I know I am thus I really appreciate trains and buses in Japan announcing to passengers to refrain from using their mobile phones so that they will not disturb other passengers. That is really thoughtful!

Despite us going to Tokyo after the cherry blossom seasons, we were lucky to still be able to see some sakuras during our Mt Fuji day tour. They are really beautiful.

 I need not elaborate further that Japanese food are yummy and since I am a fan of Japanese food, anything goes for me! Starbucks is a must though. Haha.

The buildings in Tokyo are very close together and when night comes and lights light up the building, it can be quite beautiful. Somehow, I just don't find the buildings in Singapore to amaze me that much, hahaha. Bias me....

For cat lovers, you cannot miss going the cat cafes there! We went to one in Ikebukuro and the kitties there are gorgeous!

I need not say further that shopping is great there and I truly enjoyed myself. In fact, we have intention to head back to Tokyo next year around the same time as there are still a lot of places in Tokyo that we have yet to explored. :)
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