Monday, April 30, 2007


Today I received a surprise email from HR. I have been confirmed after 3 months of probation even though the probation period is 6 months! Yeah! My hard work for the past 3 months did not go wasted. Hehe.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home........ Touched down on Sat morning at about 1230am as the flight was delayed by about 45mins. By the time I reached Singapore, I was feeling tired than ever. But it feels great to be back home and in the comfort of my own house and room. This weekend is a strictly ONLY REST days for me since I did not managed to get any rest last weekend due to the Engaged Encounter programme and then I was straight off to HK. Damn..... I still feeling tired and the stupid hot and humid weather of Singapore is killing me!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Coming home!!!!

After 4 nights in HK and I barely enjoyed myself, it's finally the day to come home. I think I must be the only freak who did not enjoy myself much in HK. I dislike the cramp-ness of the streets and the expensive cost of living here. Did not manage to shop much as the stuffs here are either available in Sin or expensive.

After a few days of cloudy and rainy weather, it is finally sunny again........... I still prefer Taiwan's weather since HK's weather is no difference from Sin......

Food wise is quite good though, IF you find a good 茶餐厅. I still remembered eating a horrible plate of curry fried hor fun. When I placed my order for this item, my impression was a plate of fried hor fun that is fried with curry. It turns out it was a plate of plain white fried hor fun served with a separate bowl of curry!!!! That was the worst food I even eaten during my stay here. I decided to go back to another 茶餐厅 that I tried when I arrived the 1st day and thank goodness for me, I found 'heaven' again, haha.
Yummy fried 一丁noodles in XO sauce with pork chop!

Cheap heels which I do not know if the quality is good............

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Old friends

KW and his wife has been working in HK for close to 2 years and it has been a long time since I last met him (since I was unable to attend his wedding in Jan this year due to my house renovation). Decided to contact him beforehand that I am coming down to HK for 5 days and see if he is free to meet up. Coincidentally, A is also here for work!!! Haha, GREAT!!!

Met up with A, KW and his wife yesterday for a sumptous dinner that KW brought us. We had fried hor fun, roasted pigeon, portugese chicken curry, braised chicken wings and finally a gigantic souffle!!!!! This souffle is huge and it looks like a loaf of bread! Don't believe??? Look at the picture below!
Notice that the souffle is as big as our face (COMBINED)????

The dinner did not just ended with the giant souffle. Next stop is the famous 许留山!!!! I was just complaining to KW that when they previously had the store at International Building, the desserts is just horribly expensive. I still rememebered a mango sago thingy with pomelo and a fruit platter thingy cost us a ridculous price of S$21!!!! And here, we get a reasonable price for HKD20 - HKD35!!!! I opted for the mini platter consisting of mango muah chee, mango puree thingy with mini rice balls and mango ice-cream with shredded jelly. Yummy!

Cheap and nice!

We chatted until almost 11pm before we realised that we have to make our way back to the hotel....... It's just great to meet up with friends when you are overseas. KW said that in future if me and BC has plans to come to HK, let him know and he and his wife can be our tour guides!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Arrived in HK yesterday at about 1pm....... And I after taking the airport express train and shuttle bus to Kowloon Shang-Ri La hotel, it's almost 3pm!!!! Ok, I'm not going into office liao! Haha.

Walked around my hotel area at Tsim Sha Tsui and there are nothing much to see actually but they have alot of night clubs and eateries...... Tried the lunchean meat & fried egg 工仔面 for dinner and it taste ok...... But their 奶茶 is fantastic!!!! Milky with enough tea intensity! Good! *thumbs up*

Bought my breakfast for today and had a walk along Avenue of Stars (looking across at HK Island) and the scenery is really good..........

Looking across at HK Island......

The vibrancy of HK during the night

Bruce Lee's statue at Avenue of Stars in his signature posture!

Pictures of 张国荣 and the background playing his songs........

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Catholic Engaged Encounter

BC and I went for the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) last weekend and it was really great. Not only does it identify practical issues that we need to take note of now, but they also make the couple iron these issues during the weekend. There were alot of in-depth discussions between couples and I find it extremely useful since I hardly voice out what I really feel to BC and vice versa.

But it was a tough weekend to go through. It's physically tiring (because we have to wake up like 7am everyday and sleep at close to 12 mignight) and mentally tiring (because we are also discussing and talking about some practical issues).

But the fantastic part about this programme is that most couple seems more loving after the end of this programme. Have you been in a room whereby 32 couples are so much in love and you can feel the love in this room???? I have experienced this during this weekend..........

Thursday, April 12, 2007


At 5am this morning, we woke up to a loud crashing sound of breaking glass. Me and BC quickly woke up and went out of our room to see what is going on. End up, the clock that we bought from Ikea previously dropped to the floor! The stupid 3M hook that claim to be how strong has gave way....... Not only I have to buy a new clock, I have to repaint the edges of my wall due to the scratches made by the clock when it dropped down to the floor...... There goes my 1 night of good sleep.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Thank goodness!

After a few months of weekend cleaning, enough is enough for me and I have decided to engage a part time cleaner's help. Not only do I enjoy cleanliness in the comfort of my home, I do not need to lift a finger to get this cleanliness. She is very thorough in her cleaning and it certainly makes the $10 per hour worth to the maximum. I cannot say how happy I am now that I have some help, hehe.

It was our monthly gathering for the forum ladies and this time it's at my place. Felt quite bad that I was not able to prepare much food and I do feel that I have been a terrible host..... paiseh. But we still enjoyed the usual gossiping and chit chatting and it was just great. Next round should be at Snowflo's place and we will be trying her smoothies!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Holy Thursday

Just as everyone is busy with the preparation of the financial year end and audit, the company has to plan for the annual business planning seminar at Suntec. Registration starts at 1230pm and yet no lunch is provided! Ok, and the service of Suntec Catering just sucks BIG TIME! I asked for a cup of hot tea at 230pm and a MANAGER can tell me that I have to come back at 3pm during the tea break for the tea! What is going on???? U mean I can't even have a cup of hot tea now???? Shit man!

After which, BC and I attended the Holy Thursday mass at Holy Cross Church. This is the 1st year that I am celebrating Holy Week as a Catholic and with the company of BC, the whole mass just becomes more meaningful for me especially when we pray together as a family..........

Opening ceremony of my Prada bag! (Yeah!)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Busy busy busy

It has been a busy week so far for me. Non-stop emails from TW and HK offices, from TW auditors, from boss and other teams and departments. Work has definitely been picking up for me. But somehow I seem to be enjoying it still and that is good for me. I find that I have come to a stage in my life that I am motivated with challenges and I do not mind the stress and slightly longer than usual office hours in my life. Perhaps I do not have anything else outside work that I look forward to, that's why I find it a good thing that I am buried in my work.

Met up with Angie at my place yesterday and we were talking about work. Both of us agreed that there is no perfect company, culture and of course salary. We just have to be contented at 1 point in time and make sure we do what we enjoy after work. Personally, sometimes I also do not know what I enjoy because sometimes I am just so brain-dead that I do not wish to think and just stare blindly into the TV. I am not like some people that I know who want a car or condo etc etc. I am not INTO these stuffs...... (except for bags, of course, haha). I guess sometimes I am contented with the small things in my life......
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