Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Old friends

KW and his wife has been working in HK for close to 2 years and it has been a long time since I last met him (since I was unable to attend his wedding in Jan this year due to my house renovation). Decided to contact him beforehand that I am coming down to HK for 5 days and see if he is free to meet up. Coincidentally, A is also here for work!!! Haha, GREAT!!!

Met up with A, KW and his wife yesterday for a sumptous dinner that KW brought us. We had fried hor fun, roasted pigeon, portugese chicken curry, braised chicken wings and finally a gigantic souffle!!!!! This souffle is huge and it looks like a loaf of bread! Don't believe??? Look at the picture below!
Notice that the souffle is as big as our face (COMBINED)????

The dinner did not just ended with the giant souffle. Next stop is the famous 许留山!!!! I was just complaining to KW that when they previously had the store at International Building, the desserts is just horribly expensive. I still rememebered a mango sago thingy with pomelo and a fruit platter thingy cost us a ridculous price of S$21!!!! And here, we get a reasonable price for HKD20 - HKD35!!!! I opted for the mini platter consisting of mango muah chee, mango puree thingy with mini rice balls and mango ice-cream with shredded jelly. Yummy!

Cheap and nice!

We chatted until almost 11pm before we realised that we have to make our way back to the hotel....... It's just great to meet up with friends when you are overseas. KW said that in future if me and BC has plans to come to HK, let him know and he and his wife can be our tour guides!!!

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