Sunday, April 8, 2007

Thank goodness!

After a few months of weekend cleaning, enough is enough for me and I have decided to engage a part time cleaner's help. Not only do I enjoy cleanliness in the comfort of my home, I do not need to lift a finger to get this cleanliness. She is very thorough in her cleaning and it certainly makes the $10 per hour worth to the maximum. I cannot say how happy I am now that I have some help, hehe.

It was our monthly gathering for the forum ladies and this time it's at my place. Felt quite bad that I was not able to prepare much food and I do feel that I have been a terrible host..... paiseh. But we still enjoyed the usual gossiping and chit chatting and it was just great. Next round should be at Snowflo's place and we will be trying her smoothies!!!!!

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