Monday, September 8, 2014

My juice cleanse experience with Beauty Cleanse

Ever since I came back from my one month long business trip, I have colleagues commenting that I lost weight. I am honestly not sure if this is indeed true since I never had the habit of weighing myself, but I certainly hope so. One day, I was hoping to arrange for a much-delayed meet up with a friend and she told me she is on a juice cleanse plan so we have to postpone again. I got curious about this juice cleanse and asked for more details and that's how she recommended Beauty Cleanse to me.

I went onto Beauty Cleanse website to find out more about this company and thought they look pretty decent. Cold pressed organic juices and they interestingly comes with supplements. Since my friend do get some perks from referring cleansing plans to friends and I also get to use her customer no. for discount, I decided to give it a try. I chose 'Skinny Genes' from their 4 juice cleanse plans (Skinny Genes, Skinny Genes Set B, Beauty Boost and Bride-Me-Up).

Upon placing order on their online store for a 5 days cleanse plan (it is just 4 days cleanse for me as my hubby cleanse with me on 1 of the days), I received emails from the Beauty Cleanse team on pre-cleanse guidelines, daily routine summary and colostrum (1 of the supplement included) guidelines. The pre-cleanse guidelines are extremely helpful for newbies like me in preparing for the upcoming juice cleanse as it helps in preventing detox symptoms such as headaches and all and also tips on what you can do during the juice cleanse.

My juices finally arrived on Day 1 morning! I got a cute cooler bag big enough to store 6 bottles of juice (1 day worth of juices) so you can do your cleanse wherever you go. The Beauty Cleanse team are super thoughtful to also include cheat sheets, in the event that you seriously seriously cannot survive on juices alone.

You will notice that the type of juices provided in the cleanse plan are not exactly stated on the website so I was very curious on what I have. The juices look colourful and you can see from the label on each bottle to know what are the ingredients per juice. In a day, you get a nice mix of fruity, greens and nut milk juices, which makes it less scary to people who have phobia especially to green juices.

Since no preservatives are added to the juices, you will have to consume the juices by the date stated on the bottle as well. Just so you know, these juices are to be consumed within 3 days, as such for customers who purchased the 5 days cleanse plan, you will first get the first 3 days juices on the first delivery and the remaining 2 days juices on the 3rd day of your juice plan.

Upon receiving them, me and hubby got excited and immediately started on our 1st juice of the day. We followed the guidelines closely by starting the day on an empty stomach with warm lemon water followed by juice mixed with colostrum powder and other supplements that are part of the cleanse plan. You might be wondering what is this colostrum powder for? This white powder is basically the agent that helps you expel out the toxins in your body. Upon adding it to the juice, it does not alter the taste of the juices at all so you do not need to worry about it.

Here are my progress during the juice cleanse................

Day 1
Me and hubby basically did nothing at home but watch TV while doing our juice cleanse. Honestly, the cravings can be pretty hard to bear. We do not feel hungry with the juices at all as we are constantly drinking juices every 2 hours, with water or herbal teas in between the juices. I would say the correct term to describe how we feel is 'unfull' as you will not experience the satisfying feel after a good meal but at the same time, you do not feel hungry too. We did cheat by munching on some raw nuts in between the juices, which helps to fill the stomach slightly.

Hubby was experiencing detox symptoms with slight headaches and also going to the toilet more often to clear his bowels. We are reminded to drink more water so that we stay hydrated. For myself, I do not have to go the toilet as often as hubby (as I always knew my body is less reactive towards detox as compared to my hubby) and was feeling very sleepy with a neck ache. The napping on and off helps me in a way to not think about food too. Haha.

Day 2
It was a rest day for me because my next round of juices will only come on end of day 3. However, I tried to keep my diet as clean as possible with light soupy stuffs. Hubby got a horrifying day on Day 2 as he was experiencing post detox symptoms after Day 1. He started his morning with an intensive weights workout in the morning and upon reaching office, started to experience nauseous-ness and extreme headache. After vomiting for 3 times, he had to see a doctor. I contacted the friendly Beauty Cleanse team about this with the thinking that the calories from the juice might be too low for a man thus resulting in this. The consultant, Boon called me back quickly to find out more details on what my hubby did before, during and after the 1 day cleanse. He explained to me that my hubby's body actually went into a shock as it was detoxing just a day before so it need a day or 2 to slowly tune back to norm. However, he did assured me that he is definitely detoxing better than me as he experience stronger detoxing symptoms such as headaches and going to the toilet more often. He advised for me to double the dosage of colostrum powder in my morning juice to get more detoxification effect.

Day 3
I doubled my dosage of colostrum powder from 1 tablespoon to 2 and I certainly went to the toilet more often. By the end of the day, I was literally peeing from my ass (sorry to sound gross but I just want to share how effectively this detoxification effect was). I was working in an air-conditioned office the whole day, I also felt colder than usual after drinking the juices too. So I drank mainly warm water in between the juices and also took out the juices from the refrigerator 30 mins before drinking so that the juice will not be so cold. I actually don't crave for food as much as compared to Day 1 and with work, it also helps to take my mind of food too.

My favourite would be the nut milk to be drank before sleep. Boon mentioned that I could warm it up before drinking as a change from the cold juices throughout the day. The warm nut milk certainly warm my stomach and gave me a very comforting feeling.

Day 4
The first thing I did before doing anything else after I woke up was to weigh myself. I noticed that I lost a kg!!! Even though, it was a kg only, it was certainly a motivation for me to continue with this juice cleanse. I also noticed that my neck ache is gone and I sleep better during the night (I have not been able to sleep well throughout the night for a few weeks).

Day 5
I cannot believe how fast this cleanse juice was and I am already at the last day mark. I was starting to enjoy the convenience and taste of the juices. I am still detoxing by going to the toilet as often but not as much as compared to Day 3.

By the end of the juice cleanse, I lost 2 kg in total. Even though, it was only 2 kg, I felt my appetite shrinking and I tend to eat lesser and definitely more carefully as compared to before. I also felt more energetic and less lethargic at work as I was able to sleep better at night. If you ask me what do I think of Beauty Cleanse's Juice Cleanse, I would certainly say it is effective for me and I would definitely do a cleanse a month later.

One thing to note after completing the cleanse is to not go into a celebratory mode and start eating like no tomorrow. We should try to avoid red meats or dairy products for the next 3 days. White meats, sashimi (Yums!), fruits and vegetables are strongly encouraged. This will allow your body to slowly revert back to a non juice mode.

I have to add that the customer service of Beauty Cleanse is superb. I received emails before and during the juice cleanse which helps me to manage this program better. Boon also watsapp / call to check on my progress on the cleanse and makes me feel comfortable knowing that if I need help or advice, Beauty Cleanse is just a phone call away.

Although starting a juice cleanse like what I went through is not exactly cheap, but I say it is worth every single penny. I was lucky to have a friend who shared her customer number with me to get a 10% discount. In return, I would also like to share my discount with friends and readers out there who is keen to start on a Juice Cleanse with Beauty Cleanse. Just drop me an email at expressing your interest and asking for the discount code and I will revert to you ASAP for you to experience the benefit of this juice cleanse.

This has definitely been a long and lengthy post and thank you for staying on till the end!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in 343 and 367

After more than a month break away from blogging, I am back once again! As I have been away for 2 back-to-back business trip in Australia and Shanghai, I have not been able to golf as I should. But I promise I will blog about my extension trip in Melbourne because I absolutely love that place!

Today I am sharing my views on Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks in 343 and 367 which I managed to haul from Shanghai duty-free on my way back home.

I have to admit that the classy glossy black and gold case really attracts me so! I had a hard time deciding the shades I wanted because the formula is just sooooo smooth. Thank goodness I checked in earlier so time is indeed on my side. Eventually, I decided on a sweet bright shade of 343 and a super safe and neutral shade of 367.

Guerlain KissKiss in 343

 Guerlain KissKiss in 367

343 is my favourite between the 2 shades I purchased and it even receive compliments from my man (he hardly comment much about my makeup, haha). Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks is so creamy and it doesn't cause dryness to my lips, which is a super plus for me. Soooo glad I managed to haul it!

Guerlain KissKiss in 343 and 367

From top to bottom: Bare lips (ugly ugly), Guerlain KissKiss 343, 367

Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks are retailing at SGD49 locally and I paid RMB200 each at Shanghai duty-free. Do check them out! There are 25 shades in this range so there is definitely one shade for u.

Monday, September 1, 2014

ALDO at ZALORA Singapore

Not sure how many ladies out there are crazy over shoes and my hubby has been complaining about the numbers of pairs of shoes I have at home. Men will never understand why we need THOSE shoes isn't it? We need them for different occasions and different purposes! Anyway for ALDO fans, listen up here! Do you know ALDO is available on ZALORA Singapore???? Check out ZALORA Aldo shoes online!!

I am seriously tempted by this patent peep toes pumps. Gosh...... Should I even get it?? Click the button on the screen seems so easy!

For sporty ones who wants a pair of sneakers with hidden wedges, this pair looks perfect!

In case, none of the shoes caught your attention, do you know ALDO has watches and bags too???? I actually didn't know?? Online shopping is certainly so so simple, isn't it? 

Mountain-tortoised me wasn't even aware that ALDO carries a range for our men, wow!

What are you guys waiting for? Check out ZALORA now for more ALDO!
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