Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour

It could be my erratic sleeping hours, lack of water consumption or my heaty body constitution but my lips have never been in the best condition. I mean, they are ok, just dry with lines and peels that makes lipstick application a pain at times because the lipstick will feather or bleed. Yes, I could have applied lip balms but well.... I'm too lazy to be consistent with the application. Or the brand of lip balm will have some funky smell or irritating texture (I'm that weird to dislike balms that feels too oily, haha) which I hate. It certainly also doesn't help that I have this BAD BAD habit of peeling the dry skin off my lips which is VERY VERY BAD :(. After all these years of 'abuse', I ended up with lips with a lot of dry lines (as a result of dryness) and discolouration (due to the peeling that causes bleeding and scars at times).

I think my lips must be looking like disaster thus the SA at Chanel ION approach me asking if I would like to get their lip treatment even though I was just minding my own business and browsing the stuffs on my own. :( She recommended me Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour which will help to plump up the lines, allowing the lips to look supple and full. She also claim that it will help in discolouration....... That certainly caught my attention and I asked if I could give it a try on the texture.

Extracted from Chanel site:-

ULTRA CORRECTION LIFT goes beyond surface action and offers a firming approach based on a natural lifting effect at the heart of cells. CHANEL discovered the key role of a dermal protein in the skin-aging process. Its name: tensin.Tensin preserves the shape and vitality of cells, for a maximum level of skin density and suppleness. However, with age, its production diminishes.

Now CHANEL has created an exclusive active ingredient*, elemi PFA**, which is able to boost tensin production. Wrinkles and fine lines are softened, the depth of lip-contour lines is reduced. An active ingredient with intensive plumping action restores fullness to the lips, bringing back their power of seduction.
Upon application, the comforting balm texture transforms into a sheer silky film on the lips, preventing lipstick from feathering. 

* PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic active ingredients.
** elemi PFA: active ingredient developed using a patented process exclusive to CHANEL. Patent pending.

The lip treatment is housed in a pot that look pretty classy (typical of Chanel packaging) and has a plastic cap on the top that prevents the product from drying up or get in contact with air and bacteria. The texture does not feel oily and when massaged onto the lips, it got absorbed into my lips (unlike a balm which you can feel is sitting on the surface of the lips). It also gives a slight minty sensation which goes off within minutes. After which, lips just feel like nothing has been applied on it but I also do not feel the lines and dryness that I usually feel on my disastrous lips.

For the past few days, I have only been applying Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour on before bed (even though the SA told me to apply it day and night) but it certainly is good enough for me to like it. I wake up next morning with lips that are not as dry as before and when I apply makeup and lipstick in the morning, I do not see bits of dry skin and lines as much as before also.

Typically of Chanel products, Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour cost $90 for 15g of product, which is certainly very expensive in my opinion. I do not know what came into me to make this purchase as well but I guess the try at Chanel ION won me over in a way. Do you need this? I would say probably not unless you are as picky (about texture, smell and taste of lip products) and lazy as me. It is certainly a good investment for me but for you ladies out there who is fine with cheaper and just as effective lip treatment products in the market, you can save your $90. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream

I do not know about you but I am quite a lazy person who can spend alot of time snoozing in bed every morning and end up rushing for work. As such, there are times whereby the extra steps of slapping on sunblock, makeup primer and foundation for work can be quite a hassle for me. I tried to use 2-way foundation so that I can skip liquid foundation and powder but it was still not fast enough. For the longest time, I really really wanted to get a BB cream that replaces sunblock, primer and foundation but most BB creams in the market are too light / grey for me. I end up looking horrible and thus I'm really left with no choice...... But but, I finally found the BB cream of my dream!!! Sufficient sunblock and excellent excellent shade for my NC30 skin and this is none other than Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream. :)

Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream is part of the Dior Snow range of products that focus on achieve skin transparency and this BB cream is all about protection. Although it only comes in 1 shade, it is a perfect match to my NC30 skin.

Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream comes in a tube form with a pump applicator. Given the high SPF protection at SPF50 PA+++, the texture of the BB cream is not runny. However, it is not thick enough to make it hard to blend too. I used my fingers during applications at all times and it works perfectly fine to provide medium coverage. I like it how this BB cream is able to cover the redness on my face as well as my acne scars and not look cakey. I have worn this BB cream with my P&J pressed powder for more than 12 hours on most occasion and the lasting power is impressive. No oxidization as well! The only peeve I have about this BB cream is only the scent. I can't really tell what is the scent, to be honest. It smells synthetic and mildly flowery at the same time. Good thing is, the scent is really really light and goes off after I slap on some powder to set the BB cream in.

Given this is a DIOR product, it does not come cheap at $79 for 30ml of product but it is the BEST BB cream that I have tried so far. Helped me to skipped 3 steps of my skin prepping and yet matches my skin tone perfectly, what more can I ask for? This is the baby to go to in the upcoming killer weather in Singapore. Other than my sunglasses, this is definitely the other item I will grab. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SK-II TV Commercial with Sheila Sim as the newest Brand Ambassador

For ladies out there who do not believe you can achieve greater confidence with better looking skin in just 14 days, just see what Sheila Sim has to say.

Give SK-II a try and you will have friends giving you better feedbacks on your skin. Have the confidence to be yourself and let people know you for who you really are. :)

For more information on Sheila Sim as SK-II brand ambassador or SK-II products and promotions, ‘Like’ SK-II’s Facebook page:-

Monday, March 26, 2012

SK-II Newest Brand Ambassador Sheila Sim as the new icon of Crystal Clarity

Not sure how many of you readers out there are aware that the newest SK-II ambassador is none other than our home-grown top model, Sheila Sim. Sheila Sim has certainly made Singapore proud by appearing on the covers of countless magazine and runways of established international labels in all the major fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris and Tokyo.

As one of Singapore's top supermodels, Sheila is known for her pixie good looks and authentic, fresh-faced charm. She now joins the ranks of other celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Tang Wei, Haruka Ayase, Lee Sinje and Qi Qi as the iconic skincare brand's newest ambassador - redefining SK-II's image of crystal clarity with a youthful twist of sartorial sophistication.

Redefining the Standard of Crystal Clarity
The partnership between high fashion model Sheila Sim and luxury beauty brand SK-II is one that is bound by shared values of timeless elegance and authenticity. With its emphasis on transforming women’s lives through crystal clear skin, the brand has chosen a face that represents contemporary, natural grace – echoing SK-II’s image of authenticity.

“The collaboration with supermodel Sheila Sim makes perfect sense because we feel that she embodies a modern interpretation of beauty that’s very au courant yet authentic. We are confident that she will bring the message of crystal clarity to a new generation of women through her inspiring stories of transformation – both in skin and life,” said Samuel Kim, Vice-President, ASEAN & Asia Development Markets, Procter & Gamble Asia, on SK-II’s choice of its latest ambassador.

A Transformed Beauty Philosophy
While Sheila has spent the last ten years gracing international catwalks, being transformed each day into a new iconic image for fashion, she never thought a similar transformation was possible for her skin until she encountered SK-II.

“To be very honest, I was never loyal to any skincare products while I was growing up. I’ve always felt that I am born with whatever I have and there’s little you can do about it, so I shouldn’t be worried about skincare products.” Sheila said of her previous skin beliefs. 

“But when SK-II approached me, I was interested to see what was possible,” she continues.

For Sheila, perfect skin is skin that is glowing, radiant and gorgeous, even without make up – something that has always been unattainable for her, until her first experience of SK-II.

Amazed by her Day-by-day Transformation
Intrigued by the unique bio-origins of Pitera™, Sheila embarked on her journey with SK-II starting with the brand’s signature miracle water, Facial Treatment Essence – and her experience was one of amazement. After just one use, she already noticed changes in her skin’s countenance. “I did not expect to see any difference after using Facial Treatment Essence for the first time. I was amazed to find that my complexion was brighter and clearer, in just one use.” 

In just 14 days, Sheila experienced complete skin transformation. In fact, Facial Treatment Essence has changed the way she feels about her skin, and more importantly, herself.

A Shift in the Five Dimensions of Crystal Clarity
The five dimensions of crystal clarity - texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience – were critical in tracking Sheila’s skin transformation, and more importantly, changing the way the international supermodel looks at and understands her skin. “The five dimensions are a holistic approach that frames beauty in a more practical way. By giving me a tangible way to look at and track my skin improvements, I now understand the key elements that need to be taken care of, in order to achieve crystal clear skin at any age.”

What are we waiting for? We have to start now!

 Sheila’s debut appearance as SK-II ambassador with QiQi (left) and Lee Sinje (right) at a gala dinner in Shanghai

For more information on Sheila Sim as SK-II brand ambassador, ‘Like’ SK-II’s Facebook page:-

Stay tuned for my next posting showing Sheila’s commercial! 

SK-II Event at Robinsons, The Centrepoint on 29 March 2012

Would like to see Sheila Sim, Singapore's super model as well as the newest SK-II Brand Ambassador in person? You are in for a treat! Sheila Sim will be at SK-II Event at Robinsons, The Centrepoint on 29 March 2012, 2pm - 5pm. She will share her beauty tips on maintaining her beautiful and flawless complexion as well as her journey on the 14 days skin transformation.

Wait no further and come join us for this event! For more information on the event as well as upcoming workshops, please refer to Facebook Link for more information. See you there! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nails in China Glaze Thistle

Yes to nails changing colour again, lol! After the last painting in China Glaze's Sweet Hook, I am back with new nails in China Glaze's Thistle.

I cannot remember how I actually acquired this polish. Haul or swap, I truly do not know. In fact, I did not even know I had this colour until juju came over my place one day and was looking through my polishes trying to think of idea to do nails art for me.

China Glaze's Thistle is a silvery frosted light pink in a bottle. Honestly, it looks truly plain in the bottle in my opinion but when I started painting on my nails, I started to appreciate its subtle-ness and contrast to my usual matte nail polishes.

Like I mentioned before, China Glaze has thinner and runnier consistency thus we usually need more coats to achieve the opaque effect. It is especially true for this shade since it is pretty light. I painted 3 - 4 coats to arrive at the desired opaque look and it lasts pretty long for 5 days (which is quite an achievement based on my track record, haha) on my nails.

Throughout the week, I realised that Thistle is the same shade as my makeup pouch from Daiso!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: LUSH Sultana of Soap

After trying a few LUSH soaps, I am on a road of no return, I simply love their soaps! I have tried Honey I Washed The Kids, Sexy Peel, Sea vegetable and Noubar, and now I am trying out Sultana of Soap.

Yes, you can expect raisins in your soap! This bar soap is creamy and sweet smelling with the raisins in it and it totally look like a gigantic nougat I love how the creamy texture of the soap makes it so easy to lather (unlike Sea vegetable) but you can also expect the soap to turn soft easily if it's always in contact with water. As such, always make sure that your soap dish is dry and away from the shower head.

Although Sultana of Soap is creamy, it does not leave my skin feeling moisturised like the Dove shower foam advertisement. However, I like it that my skin feels clean and fresh (especially in Singapore's humid weather) without the squeaky clean and drying feeling. Scent of the raisins also lingers on my skin as well as making my bathroom smelly nice. :)

This soap is a definite re-purchase for me, together with Honey I Washed the Kids and Sexy Peel. For you readers out there who are keen to give this soap a try, do check out LUSH store at Wisma Atria. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Handle Bar

Last Fri, we ventured out with 2 friends to a place in Singapore which we had never been before. In fact, this place is totally inaccessible without your own vehicle as it is a neat, nice place tuck away from the main road in Sembawang This is the reason why Handle bar is such a nice place to be just to hang out with your friends over food and drinks.

Handle Bar as the name indicates is a bar restaurant which serves pub food and drinks. It's address is 57 Jalan Mempurong, where the nearest landmark is Sembawang Park. But you have to turn into some 'smaller' lane and when you see canoes and smell sea breeze, you know you are there. :)

We are actually just next to the bench thus it is pretty windy and breezy which makes it so nice and relaxing to just hang around there!

I understand from my friend that the name 'Handle bar' actually comes from the handle of a bike! So...... it is actually a bikers' bar! In fact, we see a lot of motorcyclists who ride in on their bikes and just sit down and enjoy drinks and food with their friends. Quite cool! The main dining area is actually outdoor which is very nice and we get to enjoy the sea breeze. No worries if it starts to rain because, they have super mega tents ready, which can be pushed over to the tables as shelter.

Handle bar has quite a few interesting deco in their indoor bar area and one of which is their billiard table in a form of a car.

Just like bikers who we see in the movies, they are mainly grease monkeys with tattoos and all, they also have pictures on the wall to depict so. :)

Their food is decent and typical of bar food like burgers, fries, pizzas and wings. Price is also reasonable at around $12 for a burger and $14 for their gigantic onion rings. Servings are huge, similar to American food serving so it makes it so much easier to share among your friends.
Onion rings (above) and cheese fries (below)

Roast chicken pizza (above) and cheese burger (below)

For you readers out there who want something different from the crowds and aircon of the crowded town area of Singapore, you can give this place a try (provided someone drives). The staffs are friendly, food is decent at reasonable price and the whole place is nice and breezy which is just soooo relaxing. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

China Glaze Sweet Hook & Prism

I love the flexibility of changing my nail colour!! Much as I love the forever glossy look and lasting power of Gelish, the trouble of having to go to a nail saloon to remove Gelish is really a pain. Since normal polishes can't last long on my nails, I should take this chance to change colour, right?This time round, I'm giving China Glaze polishes a try after Juju's recommendation and I have Sweet Hook and Prism on my nails!

China Glaze Sweet Hook is literally a sweet colour as it is a pastel lilac shade. Prism on the other hand, is a purplish glitter polish. I layered Prism on Sweet Hook on my ring finger nails but you do not need to do so. Prism is good to use on its own as it's not hard to apply and it's interestingly smooth given that it's glitters.

China Glaze has a thinner consistency as compared to OPI which will need more layers to achieve an opaque look. But removing China Glaze is much easier than OPI, which is clearly a breeze. :)

What are your favorite nail polished? Do share with me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cecelia Ahern's The Gift

I just finished reading Cecilia Ahern's The Gift and it was a truly heart warming novel.

For those who are always bogged down by work (I am one of those guilty as charged) and ended up trading in time for your family and loved ones for work should really read this book. Nothing is more important than your family and friends and honestly work is just work.

The storyline is quite intriguing and for a while I got confused as to what actually went on and it was only towards the end the story that we find out the true meaning of all the events that happen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jello and toufu parfait

Sometimes I wonder if BC is in the wrong line because he is always able to whip up food with whatever ingredients we have at home and they usually taste quite good. Cleaning up is a separate issue all together and let's not get there. Haha.

So anyway, this time round, I reached back home after my monthly tui na and he prepared this interesting-looking Jello and toufu parfait which taste pretty good. It is a bit too sour so he needs to cut back on the lemon juice.

The ingredients used:-
1) A box of sugar-free Jello
2) A box of silken toufu (mashed / blended if you have a blender till smooth)
3) A couple of fresh blueberries (you can put other fruits based on your preference)
4) Some choc biscuits (broken to smaller bits)
5) 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and mixed in with the mashed silken toufu

So the steps are pretty simple:-
1) Prepare the jello mix (based on the instructions on the box) and pour into glass. Place the jello into the refrigerator to set
2) While the jello is setting in the refrigerator, mash / blend the silken toufu till smooth and mixed in the lemon juice for flavouring
3) After the jello has setted, put a few scoops of mashed toufu in and then add the fresh blueberries. After which add in more scoops of mashed toufu and top off with crushed choc biscuits at the top. This would create the layering effect.

Simple right??? I hope you guys have fun doing preparing and enjoying this healthy dessert. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Just last week when I was walking passed Clementi BHG, I noticed posters stating 20% off regular price over at some counters. For a while, I had heard raves about Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation and was thinking if there is a 20% discount making the price to be around $20+, it's worth considering to buy and try it out.

Alas alas..... When I reached Bourjois booth, the new foundation called Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation caught my eyes instead.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation comes in a plastic bottle and is dispensed through the pump applicator which is extremely hygiene. The selling point of this foundation is that it contains 3 pigments which helps in correcting common complexion woes. It has yellow pigments which has anti dark circle properties, mauve pigments which promotes radiance and green pigments which prevent redness.

After dispensing it from the bottle, I noticed it has a thick consistency and is in fact thicker than my current Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation. As you can see below, the dollop of Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation on the left looks much 'firmer' and thicker than a dollop of Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation on the right.
From left to right: Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation and Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation

Given the thick consistency of Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation, blending with finger and even my trusted Shiseido Perfect foundation brush was messy. I ended up using Bobbi Brown travel-sized paddled foundation brush and it certainly helped to make it look more even. A pump of liquid foundation is sufficient to cover my whole face and provide medium coverage.

I do not find this foundation any different from other liquid foundations that I have tried and I certainly do not find it helpful to prevent the redness from my acne scars or existing pimples or making me look more radiant. I purchased shade 54 and it look a little darker than my usual NC30 skin, so I slapped myself for not choosing shade 53 when the SA advised me so, my bad. Even though this foundation claim to provide 16hours of perfect coverage, we all know that is impossible. However, I have to say that the staying power this foundation is impressive and lasted me a good 10 hours on days that I was out without much 'melting' and oxidation (I applied P&J moisturising primer before foundation). I typically blotted my face with tissue paper once every 4 - 5 hours, as per usual.

For a foundation at $34 (normal price) and now $27.20 (after 20% discount), I would say it is a decent product that provide good coverage at an affordable price. For ladies out there who are keen to give this a try, do grab hold of the 20% discount to purchase it. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kitties up for adoption

I know this posting is pretty random and out of the blue. But I am trying to help a friend find a permanent home for this pair of cat siblings who are absolutely sweet and affectionate.

The white cat on the left is a sweet lap cat who will love to snuggle with you. The calico cat on the right is a cheeky and playful gal. They are both female, around 1 yr plus old and have been sterilised. As they are very close to each other, we would prefer potential owners to adopt them together.

For interested parties, please drop me a comment here. Otherwise, will also seek your help to spread the word around so that these beautiful gals can have a permanent home. Thanks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Iron Lady

After watching 'The Iron Lady', there is no wonder that Meryl Streep won Best Actress award. You guys should really watch it!
What makes Meryl Streep won this award is that her hair, makeup, behaviour and all looks just like Margaret Thatcher. This is what makes a good actress versus a normal actress.  Other than the excellent casts, the storyline is just as good. I like how the movie depicts Margaret Thatcher from a different angle. Instead of looking at her just as England's first female Prime Minister, the movie shows her as a loving wife and mother too. At the end of the day, she is also human, not a super woman, right?

There are scenes in this movie which is pretty touching and might bring tears to your eyes (yes, in fact the auntie sitting next to me was tearing). But overall, I really enjoyed this movie. In fact, I was so inspired by Margaret Thatcher that I headed to buy the following book right after the movie:-

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Brush Guard vs Brush Guard

Some time last year, I did a post on The Brush Guard and how I love it that it can protect my makeup brushes. Obviously, given the hoarder streak in me (haha), I have more brushes now than before and thus I am in need of more brush guards for me to properly store my brushes. I came upon a site that also sell brush guard but at a cheaper price of S$8 for 10 pieces vs US$5.50 for a variety pack that comes with 6 pieces of guards for different brushes. The cheapo in me inevitably thought I found a good deal and went ahead and purchase $8 for 10 pieces of brush guards. But when I receive the brush guards (which I will now termed as 'BG'), they are very different from The Brush Guards (which I will now termed as 'TBG') that I purchased online from USA previously.

Let's just take a look at how BG looks in comparison to TBG.

The 2 pieces on the left are TBG for blusher and eyeshadow brush respectively and the isolated piece on the left is BG. You can already tell that TBG looks firmer and harder than BG. Below picture will show how soft BG is when I hold them upright.
My goodness, just look at BG on the left, it literally just drop down! Yes, it is that soft.

So now, let's take a look on how they look when I cover my brushes with it. I had used MAC 129 for both guards and the only difference is that I used TBG on MAC 129 on the left and BG on MAC 129 SE on the right.
Both are able to cover the brushes snuggly but TBG on the left is longer than BG and you can also see from the tip on both brushes on the firmness of TBG and extreme elasticity of BG on the right.

My opinion on BG is that it does not work the same way is TBG. Yes, it is able to cover the bristles but it is not firm enough to protect the brushes, especially so for ladies who travels with brushes. Another advantage of TBG is we can actually protect and dry our washed brushes (see Michelle Phan's demo video here). We obviously cannot invert and dry our washed brushes with BG.

I just want to give a disclaimer that this post is not intended to expose a scam on fake TBG. It's just my honest opinion that BG is not the same as TBG even though it works to cover the brushes. For ladies out there who don't travel with their brushes and keep their brushes at home at all times, BG might work. But  I would prefer TBG (even though I don't bring my brushes outdoor) because the quality of the guards are better (firmer and longer) and I can also use it to properly protect and dry my brushes after wash.

TBG is not expensive at US$5.50 per pack (there are different pack that comes in different quantity). I just purchased 2 variety pack at US$5.50 last week and inclusive of shipping and after conversion, it only came up to S$17+ which I think is a very reasonable price to pay, especially so if you use good quality brushes. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

My favourite blushers

I just did a count of my blushers and I have around 15 blushers (yucks!) but I always end up using a few of my favourite ones. This is noootttttt gooodddd............ this shows I am buying more than I am using!!!! Since we are at the topic of blushers, let me show you my favourite blushers.

Just to give you an insight on my personal preference of blushers, I prefer blushers with slight shimmer than matte one. Somehow I just find matte finish blushers too powdery for my liking. Of course, this is my personal preference. Also, I am not very adventurous with the colour of blushers and tend to choose those that are not too strong but can give a subtle glow on my NC30 skin.

So here are my favourite blushers that I reach for often:-
From left to right: Chanel Narcisse, Benefit SugarBomb, MAC Springsheen

As you can see above, only Chanel Narcisse is pink-based and the other 2 are coral-based. Here are the swatches under room light:-
Sorry for the bad swatches and I hope you can see that Chanel Narcisse is a cool-toned blusher. I still remember how I got this blusher. I actually went up to a Chanel SA at Takashimaya counter and asked what blusher is she using and that's how she got a sale from me! Haha. Benefit SugarBomb and MAC Springsheen are coral shade blushers with shimmer and thus giving that subtle glow that I like. I would say these 2 blushers are very similar and only MAC Springsheen is a stronger shade.

Do you have blushers that you will always end up using more often? Do share with me. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

OPI Mermaid Tears

Since the removal of my last gelish, I have been resting my nails since. Once again, I am enjoying the flexibility of being able to remove the nail polish and paint another colour as and when I want. Ok fine, I admit my nail painting skills sucks but still acceptable lah! Haha.

This time round, the colour on my nails is OPI Mermaid Tears from Pirates of the Caribean Collection.
Recently, I have actually taken a liking to green colour like green clothings, green eyeshadows and now green nails! Mermaid Tears is a mint dusty green which I find it adventurous and still work-safe. Love it!

After painting my nails at the stroke of midnight yesterday, I realised it is the same colour as my iPhone case! :) The case looks more minty though.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild Honey date @ Scotts Square

Met up with Juju and Hui with BC at Wild Honey last week for a meet up session since it has been a long while since we last meet up and boy, it felt good to meet up with great pals to talk and catch up.

Since the time we met is late brunch to almost lunch time for us, I really wanted something hearty and savory so I chose English Breakfast this time. There's eggs, bread, sausages, bacons, breakfast potatoes and baked beans and it was a real HUGE serving!! You get to choose the kind of eggs and I opted for scrambled (as usual...... lol) and BC, who order English Breakfast as well opted for sunny side up.

The thing about Wild Honey is that you really need to wait for your drinks and meals to be served. The speed at which they prepare even the drinks really need improvements. I am willing to wait for 10 - 15 mins for my food but even a cup of latte need 15 mins??? Hmmm.........

This meal is a so-so for me as I find the sausage too salty and meaty and the baked beans taste weird. Maybe I am just used to normal canned baked beans that I do not know how to appreciate theirs. Haha.

Honestly, if you ask me to make a choice between Wild Honey or Hatched, I would prefer Hatched, except the location really is not as convenient as Wild Honey.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Colour Palette in 076 and 078

I am a 200% cat lady. I love cats and I love my cats to bits. Cats are just full of character that makes me love them more and more. Sorry that I side-tracked but yes, because of my fetish for cats, I know I had to get the limited edition Paul & Joe Collection Sparkles release for spring 2012. Thanks to my favourite SA, Bee Lian at Takashimaya counter, she helped me reserve the Face & Eye palettes and the lipsticks, yeah! :)

There are 3 Face & Eye palettes but only 2 (076 - brown toned, 078 - green toned) palette caught my eyes. I gave the last palette which is a pink and purple toned palette a miss since it look kind of common and almost the same as all the purple palettes that I already had.

Face & Eye Palette 076 Siamese Please is a warm toned palette with shimmery bronze, dark brown taupe with slight subtle glitters and matte beige. Wonderful, wonderful neutral in a palette that is so user-friendly.
The texture is smooth and buttery and this palette is interesting more pigmented than 078. There are blogs that suggested using the bronze shade as bronzer and matte beige as highlighter, how cool is that? Imagine just bringing this palette out for travelling, you just settled your eye and face makeup.

Face & Eye Palette 078 Purr-Fect, on the other hand is a cool-toned green palette with shimmery light green, shimmery moss green and satin white.
The pigmentation of 078 is not as intense as 076 but my personal feel for a green palette is that you probably would not want to look like a Frankenstein with pigmented green lids? Hehe. I also can't think of any ideas how this palette can be used as a face palette so if anyone out there has any idea, do share with me. :)

If we think of these palettes from a practical aspect, the colours may not be that unique and impressive but I seriously feel there are collectable value on these palettes. I am still sad that P&J is pulling out from Singapore.... why why why????? *cry*

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes, Paul & Joe Cosmetics is leaving Singapore.... :(

If you heard the rumours, you heard it right. Paul & Joe Cosmetics is pulling out of Singapore and they will only be here till end of March. If there are any must-haves of P&J that you have got to stock up, do it before they are gone.

I am so going to miss their cute collections and I guess we have to get them online in future. :(

Bye bye kitties.......

Friday, March 2, 2012

MAC Chenman & Shop MAC and Cook MAC collections

I'm sure I'm not the only one who notice that MAC has been launching collections and collections faster than ever. I still recall the last collection that really caught my eyes was The Wonder Woman Collection but after which, the collections became more of a miss for me.

Through the surfing of beauty blogsphere, Shop MAC and Cook MAC collection and Chenman collection managed to get my interest and attention for that short while. In fact, I was sooooo sure that I am going to get Lipglass in Force of Love and Mineralised eyeshadow in Pink Union from Chenman collection and Shop & Drop eyeshadow quad from Shop Mac and Cook MAC collection. But when I saw and swatched the stuffs for myself at Tangs, I was quite disappointed and thus left empty handed.

Yes, you would have noticed that the eyeshadows were purple, I LOVE PURPLE!! In my opinion, these are lovely shades but the texture or finishing is really unimpressive.......

Let's start with Pink Union, the texture is smooth and buttery but the issue that I had was the finishing. The lighter shade in Pink Union is too frosty for my liking. Force of Love is a lovely shade of bright peach pink but it reminds me so much of Chanel’s Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Insolence (which I already have), which is a cooler pink. Even then, it was not enough for me to part with my cash.

Shop & Drop, Shop & Drop......... I had SOOOOOO high hope of this quad and it look lovely in the pan. When swatched, only Hypnotizing (2nd shade from the left under 'Shop & Drop') caught my attention in terms of texture and finish. The remaining three shades are too dry for my liking.

Nonetheless, these are just my feel and opinion about the collections and I'm sure you ladies out there might just find something that you would love. Do check them out at Tangs if you can and take a look and feel for yourself. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

MAC Beauty Workshop at Tangs

As a Tangs Lifestyle cardholder, on and off, I will receive emails notifications on upcoming sales and promotions. When I receive an email on the upcoming Feb's beauty workshops of major brands in Tangs, I got excited! Because not only will it be a good chance to learn about makeup techniques, trends but also to check out their new range of collections.

L and myself decided to register for the MAC Beauty Workshop at $150 each (which is redeemable against their products after the workshop) since MAC has been known for their wide range of makeup and colours. We were actually not sure if it would be a demonstration session or a hands on session so we really sign up and attend with NO EXPECTATIONS at all.

But boy, we were glad that it was a hands on session! Good thing was, it was a small group with just 3 attendees, 1 trainer and 1 assistant. We really got the attention we need to ask any questions on makeup techniques and even seek help on what we were 'drawing' on our face. :)

During the workshop, we were given the chance to try on their new collection, Vera, which has a floral theme with a lot of flashy and bright colours, reminding us of Spring. L really like the colours from Crushed Metallic Pigments after the trainer tried a teeny weeny bit on her eyelids. At the same time, we also got to try  their Mineralize Satinfish liquid foundation and concealer. For this foundation, I am sad to say I was not impressed with it because it oxidise badly on me. I was given NC20 to try by the assistant (and despite me saying that it's too light for me, she insisted it was my right shade and I know it was not!) and after 3 hours later when I am back home, it became like a NC30 or more. This oxidation was despite the fact that we had applied Prep + prime Skin as a makeup primer. :(

I like the fact that this workshop is targeted towards ladies who want basic makeup techniques. Despite MAC being a makeup brand known to have loud and bright colours, the focus during the workshop is on basics and thus focusing on neutrals (my love!!!). The trainer (whom I forgot the name) was very professional and attentive , will walk around and teach us individually how we can enhance our best features.

Even though the workshop is not cheap at $150, but given that we get personalised attention, hands on practice and a voucher of $150 which we get to redeem their products, I feel it was a very informative and good practicing session. We even got a door gift! The door gift was a travel size Fix + (which works similar to Avene Mist Spray) and a sample size glitter pigment. I got 'Reflects Bronze' but L got something which is green.

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