Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brush Guard

Even since I start using and experimenting more with makeup, I realised the importance of having good makeup tools and protecting them. From web surfing, I stumbled upon this wonderful item called 'Brush Guard' that can help to keep and protect your brushes, at the same time maintaining their shape and protecting the bristles.

It is available online at their site and they ship internationally for USD3.00 (up to 5 packs), which is pretty ok, given the low USD now.

I purchased the Variety Pack which comes with guards for 1 shadow / liner brush, 2 blush brush, 2 foundation brush and 1 kabuki / powder brush. The guards look pretty small when I took it out from the pack but it is stretchable and not too soft so that it is able to protect the bristles and maintain its shape. I placed it over my brushes and they look like this now!
I seriously think Brush Guard is a very good cheap investment to get to protect your brushes (especially if you are one who invest in GOOD brushes from MAC and Shu Uemura). Before I stumbled upon Brush Guard, I do notice that some of my brushes (from BareMinerals and Sephora) and opening up more, perhaps because there isn't something that can hold the bristles when I am not using them and they are sitting in a cup brush holder.

Do give this a try if you are looking for something to protect your brushes! :)


  1. good recommendation! I'm so getting it!

  2. Yeah, worth it to protect your brushes.


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