Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates on this miserable blog...... I haven't been hauling much (hallelujah!!! lol) and I am still using some of the stuffs which I previously bought so do bear with me to use them for a while longer to give a better review. :)

On a separate note, remember the kitten we rescued last month? We have decided to named him Astro. He is growing well. Getting very active and love to play with Eden, Titus and Simba. His appetite is also monstrous, I can foresee that he will be a second Simba who will be damn greedy, haha. However, despite him growing well, he has a problem, he can't seem to shit regularly, which is bad.

Just like humans, cats have to poo everyday. However, for Astro, he poo only once every 2 days or so, which is pretty bad for a 6 weeks old kitten. This is especially considering that we have not fed him on a full proper diet with dry or wet food (now he is on 80% milk diet). The foster mum told us that she hope this is going to be a passing phase and eventually his system will be clear but from her look of it, she don't seem optimistic. This is especially after feeding him lactose (to make him poo / diarrhoae out all his shit) and all we get is just bits and pieces of poo here and there. She emphasized that if Astro grows up to be suffering from chronic constipation, it will badly affect his quality of life (needs to go to the clinic to 'pump' out his poo, surgery etc) and he will always be feeling bloated and uncomfortable since he cannot pass out the poo. This means, the last resort would be to put him down :(

We can only take 1 step at a time for him and see if his condition improves.......... But it's sad to see such a healthy growing kitten who has no issue with anything suffering from this problem.

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