Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Super mini Inglot haul from KL

Thanks to my sis who went KL over the long weekend cum holiday, she managed to snag some Inglot Freedom system for me! Honestly, it is such a puny haul as my shopping list to her was a bit longer but she told me she was running out of cash, thus can only settle for this mini list.

Freedom System 3 eyeshadow palette with matte 351, shine 06, pearl 402

The pro and con about Inglot freedom system is the SUPER VAST variety of colours and finishes of eyeshadows and blushes. It would be be great to check it out in person but I had to rely on online swatches to make my decisions, which is quite challenging. So I turn to my favourite beauty bloggers, makeup blogette and joey's space to look at the swatches they had before making up my mind. You would be able to see the swatches of these 3 shadows in their blog links. As usual, the boring me went for neutrals again with the exception of shine 06 which is a dirty gold colour.

And I only just realised that it is more worth it to purchase the shine finish which comes in 3.5g when the pearl finish comes in only 2.7g, haha. But honestly, how much difference can 0.8g makes? -_-

The 3 eyeshadow palette cost RM22 and each eyeshadow cost RM28! Freaking expensive when online is only selling for USD4.50 if you are purchasing above 10 colours (of course, we have to factor in shipping cost though). But I guess unless you are flying to the States, KL Inglot at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall will be a good place to check out their stuffs in person.

My KL trip in December is more or less confirmed, pending the fixing of the dates. I soooooo CAN'T WAIT to check out Inglot then! Well, I shall end this post with a pic of my Inglot stash :)

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