Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

2006 is finally coming to an end........ Looking back, I do not seem to have achieved much except got myself a new religion, a new job (which I will be out of it soon!), renovated my house (reno still on-going) and planned for my wedding. I have never given myself any new year's resolution because knowing me, I might not be able to stick to it anyway...... But for this year, I seriously hope to lose weight, save more money and also truly truly treasure my family and true friends. Through all the incidents that happened this year, it really made me realise how important money is. Money can really make / break relationships.

I also lose some unworthy friends during the year but I think it's ok. It made me realise who are my true friends and who are not. Our time is precious and we should only spent it with people who are truly treating me as a friend.

It must be very crowded in town area today and after complaining that I am sian, I have still decided to stay at home and surf the net and blog and read. Perhaps I am getting older now, crowds just made me feel dizzy......

Saturday, December 30, 2006


After a whole year of planning, my good fren, Ros finally had her wedding yesterday. She was absolutely beaming on this special day and as 1 of her good fren, I'm so happy for her. She has definitely found herself a good husband. 1 who will take care of her and absolutely adore her. Good for you, Ros!

As 1 of her jie mei, I started the day at her place at 7am. Her hubby, Roy and his brothers came at approximately 720am and we started our gate-crashing sabo. Since Ros didn't want us to give him a 'hearty' breakfast, we had to make him sing songs, have Q&A (about how well he understand his wife) and also agree to a marriage contract that we drafted. Roy was quite 'shuang kuai' and gave us 2 red packets of reasonable amount and we decided to let him off the hook. Ros was very very pretty on this special day, no wonder the saying goes that no brides on earth is ugly. Of course, on any normal days, Ros is already very pretty but yesterday, she just look prettier than usual.

The wedding banquet at Swisstotel The Stamford was good. Good food and good crowd. I saw a lot of ex-colleagues there and of course I also saw people whom I do not want to see. I was comfortably seated with Vas, Jeffie and SL and we had a good time catching up. They are who I call true friends. Friends who do not put my plane, friends who remembered me and friends who are not hypocritical.

Monday, December 25, 2006

It Started With a Kiss Ep. 30

Interesting wedding....

It Started With a Kiss Ep. 30

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I got it!!!!!

After a few days after my interview and 'psycho-ing' myself that I might not get the job that I wanted, I finally got a call from their HR personnel informing me that they are offering me the position that I applied for!!!! I was happy beyond words that I could not even eat my lunch! I quickly called BC and tell him the good news and the remuneration package that they offered me and he told me to accept me quickly. V was with me the whole Friday afternoon and I'm sure that she can see that I am beaming with happiness, right? Hehe.

Informed a few of my close colleagues that I have got a job offer and will be tendering after going back to office after Christmas, they were all happy for me for leaving the shit hole. In fact, my resignation letter will be my Christmas present for my new boss after her relaxing and refreshing holidays in Europe. Hahahahaha, I am mean!!!! M asked me if I will stay longer than my 1 month's notice period and my answer is a definitely 'NO'. Because I always feel that even if I stay 1 more day longer than my notice period, no one is going to appreciate it, so why should I waste my time and effort? But I would hate to think what is going to happen to my 2 staffs after I resigned since I know work will become more shitty than ever!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hunt hunt hunt

After much thinking, I have decided that it's time for me to look for a new job. I need to get out of this shit hole. I need to find back my drive and motivation. I cannot go on forever 'nuah-ing' in this company, not only the limited experience is going to hinder my future advancement but if I were to stay here for too long, I'm also afraid that I will not be able to push myself out to a more 'not so free' environment. I need to get out to learn more things and increase my market value.

I do not need a stressfree environment. Long hours are fine with me, stress also also fine with me, but I need to place that I feel motivated to work in. In my current job, I have no drive to work at all. Everyday, I feel like I am dragging myself to work and all the time I am only looking forward to lunch time or knocking off. Even when there is work, I also don't feel like working. Gosh, if I stay here for too long, I think I will end up like any of the aunties in the company!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My birthday

Last year, I didn't manage to celebrate my birthday because BC started his 1st day of his work on my birthday. And this year, he almost can't celebrate for me as well, but LUCKILY, he manage to get his off this time and he had a mini celebration for me.

After having lunch (Japanese food!!! Yummy!!!) at Suntec City, I first headed to a job agency to submit my resume and also to speak with the HR personnel at the agency on what kind of job I am looking for. After which, we watched 'A Night At the Museum' by Ben Stiller. As usual, any shows with Ben Stiller in it is funny and we had a good laugh indeed. Then we finally ended the celebration with dinner at Cafe Cartel. The ribs are good!!!!

BC bought me a watch from City Chain as my birthday present, they were having 50% discount for selected items and I decided to get the following watch. Nice???
The flat view of the watch.............
My birthday present from BC!

BC's sister bought me a Precious Moment figurine as my birthday present, I think she knows that I like Precious Moments figurines. Hehe.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It is just another boring week...... not much motivation to work, sian with house renovation and wedding preps. Sometimes I feel I have nothing to look forward to. Everything is just so sian. I think I need a new job, a new job that I feel motivated to work in. Longer hours than what I am currently having now is fine but I must have the drive to work it. Just like in the previous posting, I mentioned that I am actually happier previously although I have to work longer hours and I am also under more stress. I really need to get out of this place before the 'nuah-ness' get the better of me and I just can't leave this place anymore.

My sweet little sister made this charm keychain for me for my birthday. I was surprised by this present has I have never thought that she would prepare a present for me.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Has been fantasizing and drooling over some Taiwan celebrity with V for the past few weeks and we were just thinking why the sweet bitter love story never happened in real life? For starters, this is a SHOW and all of the scenes of the love story are made up but sometimes I just hope that such sweet little things happen to me sometimes.

Life is boring enough and to make thing worse, we always have 1001 things that we are unhappy about.... Job...... Money..... Friends..... Family....... Perhaps this is the reason why entertainment line is always so lucrative. They provide an avenue for people who are bored with their life (like ME) to escape from reality and fantasize about what they want and what could have happen to them if they were the leads in the show.

This society is a more and more sick place to stay in. Just this morning, I was almost knocked down by a car. While I was crossing the road, I saw that this car (drove by a young man with a lady next to him) driving very slowly from a distance. Given the short distance of the road that I am crossing (only 2 lanes), I would definitely be able to reach across the road before the car reaches me. But this stupid, inconsiderate driver actually pick up speed even though he saw someone crossing the road!!!! WTF!!!! He has no common sense or what???? Shit man, Singaporean drivers are really getting more and more inconsiderate, especially the younger generation. So what if you have a car? Big deal huh? Please lor, unless u paid your car full in CASH, you are just like any Tom, Dick or Harry who has 1001 debts at your ass that requires you to pay the blood sucking banks every month!

Gosh, I think I need to get back to my VCDs and continue my fantasizing..... the real world is just so depressing......... JOE!!! HERE I COME!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is the picture of my common toilet in the kitchen!!! Hehe, I will be having the same design of basin but in clear glass form in my masterbedroom toilet.
More work has to be done for my renovation, mainly carpentry work...... so hopefully can see more satisfying pictures soon! Hehe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I have achieved much since Sat...... Finally went shopping for my lightings last Saturday and my my, it is really much cheaper to buy from other shops as compared to the shop that we first seen at Great World City...... Imagine I saved approximately $570 by buying it from another shop!!! This money could be put to better use man!!!

Flooring for my house has been done but I have yet to take any pictures of the house since I feel it would be better to take the pictures after more work has been done. Air con piping has also been settled yesterday and the units and compressors would be installed once the renovation is about 97% completed.

My worst fear, GOWN SELECTION has been completed today with the company of BC, V and May. It was a tedious 4 hours selection with MANY gowns that were heavy and I had to struggle with:-

1) Can-can (it is really difficult to change gowns with can can on)
2) Small gowns that obviously need alteration in order to fit me!!!! So far only about 3 gowns fit me JUST nicely when I suck in my breath! I wonder why am I the only fat bride around???? Damn!!!

I have decided to choose a bustier gown as my actual day wedding gown, a halter neck gown for my outdoor shoot, a dark turqoise evening gown, kwa and kimono for studio shoot......... I cannot imagine that I took 4 hours to choose only 3 gowns!!!! Gosh, it was tiring.... Even BC was tired waiting for me, I'm sure V is tired as well, rite?? Thanks gal for coming, really appreciate it!!!

Decided to head down to vivociy to see if there is any movies that we can catch and it was closed for the premiere of "The Curse of the Golden Flower"!!!! Apparently Chow Yun Fatt who acted in teh show is also in Singapore for this premeire....... Decided to have our dinner at Sushi Tei and had a drink at Pacific Coffee before heading back home to watch Phua Chu Kang for a good laugh........

More work tomorrow...... the lightings are coming and we need to settle certain details with our contractor.... House renovation is really ALOT of work!!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Do you know?

I just found out an interesting fact yesterday morning over the radio. The favourite Precious Moments figurines actually has names! The girl is called 'Debbie' and the boy is called 'Mikey'.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Here we go shopping again!

It's shopping for the house again........ We were supposed to buy lightings for our house last Sunday but the shop recommended by our contractor seems to be quoting quite high prices thus we have decided to source for our own lightings from Balestier or Geylang. We thus moved to 2 units away from the lighting shop at Great World City and ended up in White Collection, with the intention of buying dining table only...... BUT we ended up buying our bed, coffee table, side table as well as dressing table on top of the dining table!

My dining table set in black wood and 4 stools.

Side table (matching with dressing table)

My dressing table!

Monday, December 4, 2006

My house renovation

I haven't been blogging much about my house renovation since it started last month because the progress has not been much to any lay man like us. To us, we will only see the tiles been re-layed, change in the carpentry work and perhaps repainting but the work behind all these hacking and repiping and rewiring is huge. After a few weeks, finally I can see some tiles coming up!!!! But only in the toilets....... more pictures will come after my flooring for living, dining and bedrooms are up and perhaps with some carpentry work.

For my common toilet, the toilet bowl and the basin and shower area is 2 separate cubicle but the theme is the same, black and white. However, I have chose a gold tinted glass basin for the common toilet and my mirror has yellow and black pattern around the frame. Yellow has been chosen because my kitchen cabinet will be made up of yellow and silver colour.

For master bedroom toilet, in order to have a more warmth feel, we decide to go for something neutral like beige but still keeping the black floor tile. There will be a glass shower screen so that water will not splash out when I shower and my basin will be plain glass to match the glass shower screen.
My master bedroom toilet.... (same black floor tiles as the kitchen toilet but with beige wall tiles)
Common toilet in the kitchen (toilet bowl will be white, hehe)
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