Saturday, December 29, 2007

After much waiting, my bridal pictures are finally complete!!!! Check it out here.....

Once a while, I hear people on how their wedding is very complicated due to the customs that their parents or in laws want, I feel very lucky that I do not have to go through all these. My parents just want me to have a blissful and happy marriage and all these customs of requesting for this and that from in laws or giving us certain special things with special meanings basically meant nothing at all. I really thank and appreciate my parents for their understanding. Of my 28 years so far, it was during the past few days that I really appreciate them, is it because I am slowly planning to have my own family that I feel that I am 'leaving' them in a way? But whatever it is, I know that they will always be there for me and me for them. Nothing beats having a warm and harmonious family and I thank Lord for blessing me with them!

Monday, December 24, 2007


It's a half day today but if we were to take annual leave today, it's 1 FULL day deducted from our entitlement!!!! Crap right???? I have decided to skip the xmas lunch organise for our dept today for 2 reasons:-

1) I not 'gian' to eat this free meal from this company

2) I am meeting mum, aunt, sis and hubby at chinatown to have lunch at Yum Cha!!! Yummy!

After a hearty lunch of 虾饺, 烧卖, 皮蛋粥, 纸包鸡, 肠粉, 叉烧包 and more, we head to walk around chinatown as mum wanted to buy me and bc a pair of 床头灯 for our wedding. Cute???

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 3 'darlings'!!! (Pooh is a present from my mum!)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Passed by a petshop yesterday and this small Persian kitten was meowing at us since she saw us. So cute!!! FOr a moment, BC was really thinking of getting the kitten on an impulse since he finds that we and the kitten was like fated to meet. After checking out the price of the kitten and considering the stuffs we need to buy to keep the kitten, it is just not affordable at this time....... Maybe we can only consider after our wedding is over.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today is another family day for me. Meet my family for lunch (to celebrate dad's and mine birthday) at United Square. Even though the food wasn't that fantastic and comes with a not so worthy price tag, it was still good times spent. After which, we went to City Hall Robinson to get some stuffs, it was so so crowded!!!! Xmas sale mah, sure alot of people. Got my dad a polo tee shirt and mum bought us a brand new bedsheet for our wedding. BC did not want to have a red bedsheet set (usually the case for weddings) so we ended by buying a brown and navy blue one. Since mum and dad not 'pan dang' and feels it's fine, then it's ok.

Then we headed down to bridal shop to choose 2 bridesmaid dresses, dad's jacket and best man jacket. I told them that I want the 2 of them to wear at least the same colour and need not same design and thank goodness for their slim build, it wasn't difficult to find 2 same dresses for them in the same colour. And my wedding album is ready!!!! But the table top pic and 3 8R pics in 1 frame is still not ready, so they have yet to pass me my soft copies....... But me being the 'bo liao' one, has decided to take some pics from the album (using a camera and snap pics of the album!). Hahahahaha.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saiunkoku Monogatari AMV - With you, I'll keep on walking

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today we finally went to the printer to print our cards....... But the original Printer A whom we booked appointment with is a big time screw up! I called him for an appointment 2 days ago to inform him we will be coming down to see him today at 2pm and he said ok. When we arrive, he is not around, and his one and only staff who look super blur (only asking us to choose cards and did not advise us what to write in the cards) told us that he is not coming into office today. When I called his hp, it was an overseas ringing tone and he did not answered my call!!! WTH!!! I sms-ed him and told him that we had an appointment with him and he is not here and that we purposely took leave to come down and what we got is total unprofessionalism!

I quickly got Printer B contact no. from Ros and head now to their office. During the times when we were on the cab, Printer A called me and I ignored his call. He replied and say that his staff will help me and I told him that we are going to another printer so it's ok. Luckily we went to Printer B...... Even though he has lesser card designs as compared to Printer A, at least he advise us what to write in our card and how to write them. So we just confirmed him on the spot. Yeah, that is 1 item strike off from our To-Do List. Next will be to confirm the caterer, I have placed my order online and hve indicated them to give me a call as I am looking to change some items from the menu, once that is done, another item strike off!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Panic attack

Last night was the 2nd time that I dreamt that I screw up something on my wedding. The 1st nightmare came like few nights ago. I dreamt that I did not sent out the wedding invitations and I did not inform the priest and singer when is my wedding, thus I ended up in a church full of guests but no one to hold my wedding for me!

Last night I dreamt that I forgot my wedding date and I end up not knowingly which date to inform my guests to come for my wedding......... Gosh, it was horrible!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Notice what is cute about this chipmunk????? Hehe
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