Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour

It could be my erratic sleeping hours, lack of water consumption or my heaty body constitution but my lips have never been in the best condition. I mean, they are ok, just dry with lines and peels that makes lipstick application a pain at times because the lipstick will feather or bleed. Yes, I could have applied lip balms but well.... I'm too lazy to be consistent with the application. Or the brand of lip balm will have some funky smell or irritating texture (I'm that weird to dislike balms that feels too oily, haha) which I hate. It certainly also doesn't help that I have this BAD BAD habit of peeling the dry skin off my lips which is VERY VERY BAD :(. After all these years of 'abuse', I ended up with lips with a lot of dry lines (as a result of dryness) and discolouration (due to the peeling that causes bleeding and scars at times).

I think my lips must be looking like disaster thus the SA at Chanel ION approach me asking if I would like to get their lip treatment even though I was just minding my own business and browsing the stuffs on my own. :( She recommended me Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour which will help to plump up the lines, allowing the lips to look supple and full. She also claim that it will help in discolouration....... That certainly caught my attention and I asked if I could give it a try on the texture.

Extracted from Chanel site:-

ULTRA CORRECTION LIFT goes beyond surface action and offers a firming approach based on a natural lifting effect at the heart of cells. CHANEL discovered the key role of a dermal protein in the skin-aging process. Its name: tensin.Tensin preserves the shape and vitality of cells, for a maximum level of skin density and suppleness. However, with age, its production diminishes.

Now CHANEL has created an exclusive active ingredient*, elemi PFA**, which is able to boost tensin production. Wrinkles and fine lines are softened, the depth of lip-contour lines is reduced. An active ingredient with intensive plumping action restores fullness to the lips, bringing back their power of seduction.
Upon application, the comforting balm texture transforms into a sheer silky film on the lips, preventing lipstick from feathering. 

* PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic active ingredients.
** elemi PFA: active ingredient developed using a patented process exclusive to CHANEL. Patent pending.

The lip treatment is housed in a pot that look pretty classy (typical of Chanel packaging) and has a plastic cap on the top that prevents the product from drying up or get in contact with air and bacteria. The texture does not feel oily and when massaged onto the lips, it got absorbed into my lips (unlike a balm which you can feel is sitting on the surface of the lips). It also gives a slight minty sensation which goes off within minutes. After which, lips just feel like nothing has been applied on it but I also do not feel the lines and dryness that I usually feel on my disastrous lips.

For the past few days, I have only been applying Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour on before bed (even though the SA told me to apply it day and night) but it certainly is good enough for me to like it. I wake up next morning with lips that are not as dry as before and when I apply makeup and lipstick in the morning, I do not see bits of dry skin and lines as much as before also.

Typically of Chanel products, Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour cost $90 for 15g of product, which is certainly very expensive in my opinion. I do not know what came into me to make this purchase as well but I guess the try at Chanel ION won me over in a way. Do you need this? I would say probably not unless you are as picky (about texture, smell and taste of lip products) and lazy as me. It is certainly a good investment for me but for you ladies out there who is fine with cheaper and just as effective lip treatment products in the market, you can save your $90. :)


  1. I just applied my lip balm which I forgot thanks to you. I'm okay with oily lip balms but after trying a few drustore brands such as Vaseline, Burt's Bees, Smiths I still am willing to spend on my Chanel Hydramax lip balm which I feel is far superior IMHO. Sometimes that amount of money you spend is worth it. This lip balm you reviewed will definitely be on my wish list, I'm crazy about Chanel products, their skin are range is expensive but good.

  2. Hi Jacq, this lip treatment / balm is certainly an expensive investment but at least it works for me and I can feel and see the difference within 1-2 applications. And given that we only need a half pea size of product for my lips, it will go a long way too. :)


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