Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream

I do not know about you but I am quite a lazy person who can spend alot of time snoozing in bed every morning and end up rushing for work. As such, there are times whereby the extra steps of slapping on sunblock, makeup primer and foundation for work can be quite a hassle for me. I tried to use 2-way foundation so that I can skip liquid foundation and powder but it was still not fast enough. For the longest time, I really really wanted to get a BB cream that replaces sunblock, primer and foundation but most BB creams in the market are too light / grey for me. I end up looking horrible and thus I'm really left with no choice...... But but, I finally found the BB cream of my dream!!! Sufficient sunblock and excellent excellent shade for my NC30 skin and this is none other than Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream. :)

Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream is part of the Dior Snow range of products that focus on achieve skin transparency and this BB cream is all about protection. Although it only comes in 1 shade, it is a perfect match to my NC30 skin.

Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream comes in a tube form with a pump applicator. Given the high SPF protection at SPF50 PA+++, the texture of the BB cream is not runny. However, it is not thick enough to make it hard to blend too. I used my fingers during applications at all times and it works perfectly fine to provide medium coverage. I like it how this BB cream is able to cover the redness on my face as well as my acne scars and not look cakey. I have worn this BB cream with my P&J pressed powder for more than 12 hours on most occasion and the lasting power is impressive. No oxidization as well! The only peeve I have about this BB cream is only the scent. I can't really tell what is the scent, to be honest. It smells synthetic and mildly flowery at the same time. Good thing is, the scent is really really light and goes off after I slap on some powder to set the BB cream in.

Given this is a DIOR product, it does not come cheap at $79 for 30ml of product but it is the BEST BB cream that I have tried so far. Helped me to skipped 3 steps of my skin prepping and yet matches my skin tone perfectly, what more can I ask for? This is the baby to go to in the upcoming killer weather in Singapore. Other than my sunglasses, this is definitely the other item I will grab. :)


  1. I have this too!!! :) If you want a sheerer coverage you can mix with a serum too. I like to mix mine with a Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair.

  2. Jacq, this BB cream is good right??? I really love it. Thanks for sharing this tip. :)

  3. Hi Ruby, do u think this product will suit oily combination skin?

    1. Hi there! Yes, it definitely works for oily combination skin. I have combination skin which is easily prone to oiliness and it lasts pretty well on me.


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