Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Just last week when I was walking passed Clementi BHG, I noticed posters stating 20% off regular price over at some counters. For a while, I had heard raves about Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation and was thinking if there is a 20% discount making the price to be around $20+, it's worth considering to buy and try it out.

Alas alas..... When I reached Bourjois booth, the new foundation called Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation caught my eyes instead.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation comes in a plastic bottle and is dispensed through the pump applicator which is extremely hygiene. The selling point of this foundation is that it contains 3 pigments which helps in correcting common complexion woes. It has yellow pigments which has anti dark circle properties, mauve pigments which promotes radiance and green pigments which prevent redness.

After dispensing it from the bottle, I noticed it has a thick consistency and is in fact thicker than my current Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation. As you can see below, the dollop of Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation on the left looks much 'firmer' and thicker than a dollop of Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation on the right.
From left to right: Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation and Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation

Given the thick consistency of Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation, blending with finger and even my trusted Shiseido Perfect foundation brush was messy. I ended up using Bobbi Brown travel-sized paddled foundation brush and it certainly helped to make it look more even. A pump of liquid foundation is sufficient to cover my whole face and provide medium coverage.

I do not find this foundation any different from other liquid foundations that I have tried and I certainly do not find it helpful to prevent the redness from my acne scars or existing pimples or making me look more radiant. I purchased shade 54 and it look a little darker than my usual NC30 skin, so I slapped myself for not choosing shade 53 when the SA advised me so, my bad. Even though this foundation claim to provide 16hours of perfect coverage, we all know that is impossible. However, I have to say that the staying power this foundation is impressive and lasted me a good 10 hours on days that I was out without much 'melting' and oxidation (I applied P&J moisturising primer before foundation). I typically blotted my face with tissue paper once every 4 - 5 hours, as per usual.

For a foundation at $34 (normal price) and now $27.20 (after 20% discount), I would say it is a decent product that provide good coverage at an affordable price. For ladies out there who are keen to give this a try, do grab hold of the 20% discount to purchase it. :)


  1. I have been meaning to try the Bourjois Healthy foundation, have you tried it before?

  2. Jacq,

    I haven't tried Bourjois Healthy mix foundation and in fact I wanted to try it initially. The SA recommended this 123 Perfect foundation instead claiming that the oil control is better.

  3. Great review! Is this foundation for slightly dry skin?

  4. Hi Mila,

    Thanks for dropping by and I love your blog. Chanel May is absolute gorgeous! I'm so tempted to get it. :)

    I would say bourjois 123 prefect foundation is more suitable for combination skin. It lasted pretty well on my combination skin and even though the texture is slightly thick, it is not creamy.


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