Monday, March 19, 2012

Handle Bar

Last Fri, we ventured out with 2 friends to a place in Singapore which we had never been before. In fact, this place is totally inaccessible without your own vehicle as it is a neat, nice place tuck away from the main road in Sembawang This is the reason why Handle bar is such a nice place to be just to hang out with your friends over food and drinks.

Handle Bar as the name indicates is a bar restaurant which serves pub food and drinks. It's address is 57 Jalan Mempurong, where the nearest landmark is Sembawang Park. But you have to turn into some 'smaller' lane and when you see canoes and smell sea breeze, you know you are there. :)

We are actually just next to the bench thus it is pretty windy and breezy which makes it so nice and relaxing to just hang around there!

I understand from my friend that the name 'Handle bar' actually comes from the handle of a bike! So...... it is actually a bikers' bar! In fact, we see a lot of motorcyclists who ride in on their bikes and just sit down and enjoy drinks and food with their friends. Quite cool! The main dining area is actually outdoor which is very nice and we get to enjoy the sea breeze. No worries if it starts to rain because, they have super mega tents ready, which can be pushed over to the tables as shelter.

Handle bar has quite a few interesting deco in their indoor bar area and one of which is their billiard table in a form of a car.

Just like bikers who we see in the movies, they are mainly grease monkeys with tattoos and all, they also have pictures on the wall to depict so. :)

Their food is decent and typical of bar food like burgers, fries, pizzas and wings. Price is also reasonable at around $12 for a burger and $14 for their gigantic onion rings. Servings are huge, similar to American food serving so it makes it so much easier to share among your friends.
Onion rings (above) and cheese fries (below)

Roast chicken pizza (above) and cheese burger (below)

For you readers out there who want something different from the crowds and aircon of the crowded town area of Singapore, you can give this place a try (provided someone drives). The staffs are friendly, food is decent at reasonable price and the whole place is nice and breezy which is just soooo relaxing. :)


  1. Hey Miaka, thanks for the post,I'm always looking out for new places to visit with my DH on date nights so this is great. I'm drooling at the food.

  2. Hi Jacq,

    No problem at all. You might need the GPS the first time heading down but I do hope you guys like the place. :)


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