Thursday, March 1, 2012

MAC Beauty Workshop at Tangs

As a Tangs Lifestyle cardholder, on and off, I will receive emails notifications on upcoming sales and promotions. When I receive an email on the upcoming Feb's beauty workshops of major brands in Tangs, I got excited! Because not only will it be a good chance to learn about makeup techniques, trends but also to check out their new range of collections.

L and myself decided to register for the MAC Beauty Workshop at $150 each (which is redeemable against their products after the workshop) since MAC has been known for their wide range of makeup and colours. We were actually not sure if it would be a demonstration session or a hands on session so we really sign up and attend with NO EXPECTATIONS at all.

But boy, we were glad that it was a hands on session! Good thing was, it was a small group with just 3 attendees, 1 trainer and 1 assistant. We really got the attention we need to ask any questions on makeup techniques and even seek help on what we were 'drawing' on our face. :)

During the workshop, we were given the chance to try on their new collection, Vera, which has a floral theme with a lot of flashy and bright colours, reminding us of Spring. L really like the colours from Crushed Metallic Pigments after the trainer tried a teeny weeny bit on her eyelids. At the same time, we also got to try  their Mineralize Satinfish liquid foundation and concealer. For this foundation, I am sad to say I was not impressed with it because it oxidise badly on me. I was given NC20 to try by the assistant (and despite me saying that it's too light for me, she insisted it was my right shade and I know it was not!) and after 3 hours later when I am back home, it became like a NC30 or more. This oxidation was despite the fact that we had applied Prep + prime Skin as a makeup primer. :(

I like the fact that this workshop is targeted towards ladies who want basic makeup techniques. Despite MAC being a makeup brand known to have loud and bright colours, the focus during the workshop is on basics and thus focusing on neutrals (my love!!!). The trainer (whom I forgot the name) was very professional and attentive , will walk around and teach us individually how we can enhance our best features.

Even though the workshop is not cheap at $150, but given that we get personalised attention, hands on practice and a voucher of $150 which we get to redeem their products, I feel it was a very informative and good practicing session. We even got a door gift! The door gift was a travel size Fix + (which works similar to Avene Mist Spray) and a sample size glitter pigment. I got 'Reflects Bronze' but L got something which is green.

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