Saturday, February 24, 2007

This week has been a short week for most of us since Monday and Tuesday were public holidays. Most of the colleagues in the office were on leave for the entire week and the office seems emptier than usus. I'm starting to get busy with work since KE needs me to help clean up some issues before the auditors are due to come in for audit in April. Honestly, I still do not entirely what I need to do except for helping the in-country staffs at our regional offices with any issues or problems that they have.

Recently I have fetish for cute pyjamas and by recommendation of R, I have bought the following pyjamas online!!!! Cute???

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The year of the Golden Pig is here!!!! Wow....... time flies. I still remembered that as a young kid, I always love CNY. Because I get new pyjames, new bedroom slippers, lots of goodies to eat and most importantly ANG BAOS!!!!! Hahahahaha..... However, this year my mum insist that since I have ROMed, I should not only be not receiving ang baos, I should also be giving them!!!! Gosh.... it's a double wammy of loss of income!!! Well...... to stop her nagging, perhaps it will be a good idea for us to just give them then.

This year, for the 1st time, I had 2 reunion meals. A lunch at my parents' and a dinner with BC's mum and sis. It certainly feels different since I have never had reunion dinner outside of my parents' and not to mention that given the peranakan tradition of BC's family, they do not have steamboat dinner. His mum whipped up a few peranakan dishes and we had them as reunion dinner. The visitings were the same as before, we visited his mum (since we are staying on our own already), then his grand-aunt at Bishan, followed by my grandma, my grandpa and finally his grandma....... This year was exceptionally more tiring then before since the weather is hotter than usual, cabs is lesser on the road then before and the traffic jams are also getting worse! Dammit, the drop in COE is certainly increasing the traffic jams problems!

On the 2nd day, BC decided to have an impromptu house-warming at our place for his frens and relatives and damn, IT WAS TIRING!!!! We bought some food stuffs and snacks on the evening of the 1st day and the 2nd morning by 9am, we were up cleaning the place and preparing the food, drinks and desserts for our guests. Initially, we had the intention of ordering pizzas for dinner in fear that our food may not be enough, but it ended up that our sandwiches, chicken wings, sausages, desserts and snacks were more than enough to fill up our guests' stomachs. But the cleaning sucks!!!! V who is here also claims that I have some 'cleaning disorders' since I can be standing at the sink for 1 hours and cleaning the same places over and over again! Hahaha....... Perhaps because I really wanted to make sure the place is clean and neat so I wanted to clean once to remove the grease and clean again to make sure the grease is gone......... Most of the relatives who were here said that we got our house at the good price and the renovation is also quite nicely done, not to mention that it is also spacious since most of them are lving in 4 rooms or condos with smaller kitchens and smaller rooms...... But the question is always "Why do you guys need 1 study room individually???" Hahahaha..... well, we didn't want a guest room so this is a good excuse!!!!

It's certainly tiring to entertain guests at home but it can also be quite enjoyable to sit around with them and chit chat........ Luckily V was here, otherwise I think I will be quite bored too!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

It's the once a year Valentine's Day today and on the streets are flooded with couples exchanging gifts and flowers. Not for me....... I'm heading back home for dinner. Both me and BC agreed that eating out on V day is going to be quite ex so he has decided to whip up some food for our dinner at home instead. When I got home, he already got the steak, mashed potato and egg ready on the plate and he even got me flowers!!! So the flowers is the surprise that he is talking about........... Haha, it was really a surprise for me since he has always complained that flowers are extremely expensive on V day and he would rather be the one selling them instead of buying them. It was only a small bouquet but I still thought it was rather sweet and thoughtful of him........

Well, after the tasty dinner, reality sinks in........ I have to clean the kitchen and dishes...............
The surprise flower from BC

Lemming lemming lemming!!!!

Should I get this?
Or this?
Or this???
Like I have been telling V, I have been having super lemmings on LV bags!!!! Gosh, what is wrong with me???? I am like dying to get one of these!!!!! Which one should I get??

Friday, February 9, 2007


It's finally Friday! After 2 weeks of 'mong mong cha cha' in office, I'm still blur about the work here and I'm starting to wonder if the problem is me, that's why I still don't seem to understand what is going on in my work, but my colleagues told me that this is normal..........

Counting down, I have about 5 more months to my wedding and I have still yet to do anything about the guest list, details of the service for my church wedding etc etc..... I'm feeling so lazy about all these preparations. Sometimes I hope that only ROM and then I can get all these over and done with........ Spent so much time for that just 1 day, I find it such a waste of effort.....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I have just started with the new company for a week and I'm having a flu again!!!! Damn! My cough is still coming on and off and now I have sore throat and flu, what the hell....... It must be the late nights and also BBQ which I attended last Saturday since I did not drink much water during the BBQ as all of the drinks are cold. I should start taking my vitamin C again.......

Staying at my own place so far has been great (except for the housework, haha) since I have my own space to relax etc. For these few days, BC has also been very helpful with the laundries except that I find there still are areas for him to improve on especially when it comes to cleaning after eating. I told some of the colleagues about my 'standard' of cleanliness and they all agreed it's a women's thing. Women in general are more paranoid about dust and dirt. For me, I will have to add in ants as well since I always feel that without proper cleaning, there will be ants and once there are ants, it will be very difficult to exterminate them. BC always say that I am very paranoid, but to me, I feel that he is just been untidy.

Staying with someone else with different living habits is very very different. People can argue over how to put the utensils on the dish tray to how to clean the floor......... It's really an art....... Or for some, they just choose to ignore.

Monday, February 5, 2007

It has been a long time since I last had a BBQ and on Saturday, I met up with some of the wonderful ladies whom I knew on Singapore Brides forum and organised a BBQ on one of the ladies condo and her place was fantastic! I felt like I am stepping into a safari with all the fake animals around. Her husband and herself were excellent host and they did not even want anyone of us to help to buy food or bbq the food! Gosh, we were so paiseh, sitting down at the table and enjoying their food. The group was just great and we had a wonderful time together.

When Sunday came, it was housework day...... BC and myself cleaned the house and put the laundries into the washing machine. Headed to Ikea and bought all the nitty gritty like chopping board, plates and bowls, cups, rugs, toilet brush, frying pan, coasters etc etc and we spent a whooping $160 there!!!! Gosh! Having your own house really costs money! But the sense of satisfaction at the end of the day was just great when I get to enjoy myself in our space and house. Oh yes, cable TV and internet is up as well! Yippie!

Thursday, February 1, 2007


I am currently in my 4th day of work and after some briefings etc, I am still seeing stars. I think due to the dynamic nature of the operations here, I am still unsure about how certain things are been done here and thus I am also unsure what I should look out for and be careful on. My peers told me not worry because I am still new and I will definitely take some time to physically do the work and also understand the things better. But somehow, I am still stressed. Am I just impatient??
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