Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I have just started with the new company for a week and I'm having a flu again!!!! Damn! My cough is still coming on and off and now I have sore throat and flu, what the hell....... It must be the late nights and also BBQ which I attended last Saturday since I did not drink much water during the BBQ as all of the drinks are cold. I should start taking my vitamin C again.......

Staying at my own place so far has been great (except for the housework, haha) since I have my own space to relax etc. For these few days, BC has also been very helpful with the laundries except that I find there still are areas for him to improve on especially when it comes to cleaning after eating. I told some of the colleagues about my 'standard' of cleanliness and they all agreed it's a women's thing. Women in general are more paranoid about dust and dirt. For me, I will have to add in ants as well since I always feel that without proper cleaning, there will be ants and once there are ants, it will be very difficult to exterminate them. BC always say that I am very paranoid, but to me, I feel that he is just been untidy.

Staying with someone else with different living habits is very very different. People can argue over how to put the utensils on the dish tray to how to clean the floor......... It's really an art....... Or for some, they just choose to ignore.

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