Monday, February 19, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The year of the Golden Pig is here!!!! Wow....... time flies. I still remembered that as a young kid, I always love CNY. Because I get new pyjames, new bedroom slippers, lots of goodies to eat and most importantly ANG BAOS!!!!! Hahahahaha..... However, this year my mum insist that since I have ROMed, I should not only be not receiving ang baos, I should also be giving them!!!! Gosh.... it's a double wammy of loss of income!!! Well...... to stop her nagging, perhaps it will be a good idea for us to just give them then.

This year, for the 1st time, I had 2 reunion meals. A lunch at my parents' and a dinner with BC's mum and sis. It certainly feels different since I have never had reunion dinner outside of my parents' and not to mention that given the peranakan tradition of BC's family, they do not have steamboat dinner. His mum whipped up a few peranakan dishes and we had them as reunion dinner. The visitings were the same as before, we visited his mum (since we are staying on our own already), then his grand-aunt at Bishan, followed by my grandma, my grandpa and finally his grandma....... This year was exceptionally more tiring then before since the weather is hotter than usual, cabs is lesser on the road then before and the traffic jams are also getting worse! Dammit, the drop in COE is certainly increasing the traffic jams problems!

On the 2nd day, BC decided to have an impromptu house-warming at our place for his frens and relatives and damn, IT WAS TIRING!!!! We bought some food stuffs and snacks on the evening of the 1st day and the 2nd morning by 9am, we were up cleaning the place and preparing the food, drinks and desserts for our guests. Initially, we had the intention of ordering pizzas for dinner in fear that our food may not be enough, but it ended up that our sandwiches, chicken wings, sausages, desserts and snacks were more than enough to fill up our guests' stomachs. But the cleaning sucks!!!! V who is here also claims that I have some 'cleaning disorders' since I can be standing at the sink for 1 hours and cleaning the same places over and over again! Hahaha....... Perhaps because I really wanted to make sure the place is clean and neat so I wanted to clean once to remove the grease and clean again to make sure the grease is gone......... Most of the relatives who were here said that we got our house at the good price and the renovation is also quite nicely done, not to mention that it is also spacious since most of them are lving in 4 rooms or condos with smaller kitchens and smaller rooms...... But the question is always "Why do you guys need 1 study room individually???" Hahahaha..... well, we didn't want a guest room so this is a good excuse!!!!

It's certainly tiring to entertain guests at home but it can also be quite enjoyable to sit around with them and chit chat........ Luckily V was here, otherwise I think I will be quite bored too!

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