Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Rite

Even before I started watching this show on Blu-Ray, I was already scared shitless by the poster (as you can see below). I cannot watch movie with gore but scary shows like this is fine with me, lol. I will just hide behind my cushion lor, what's so difficult? Haha.

There has been a lot of disbelief on exorcism and demonic possession by a lot of people. Just like the case of Emily Rose, there were sayings that Emily Rose is actually not possessed but was suffering from depression.

For your information, catholic churches does not perform exorcism as and when they THINK a person is possessed. Actions are taken to ensure that it is not a psychological issue but is also unexplainable by science before a priest can perform exorcism. Most importantly, not all priests are able to perform exorcism and has to be specially trained, just like in the movie.

In the movie, the deacon (yet to be ordained as a priest) had his faith tested after the passing of his mother. This is what happen in life, people blame everyone else about things that they were unhappy about and eventually they blame God for not being there. I am guilty of this at times as well as I will whined about how life is unfair to me. Sometimes I thought to myself WTF am I doing here......... Anyway, sorry for the digress, I do not wish to go there. So everyone, please have faith in everything you do, you are not alone! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I am Number Four

Honestly, when me and BC saw this trailer in the theatre previously, we were laughing about the title because it sound so corny and obviously lack some creativity. In addition, we had no idea what is the story about (except it is about some aliens) with not so popular casts in the show, thus it has never crossed our minds to watch this show at all.

But 2 days ago, we decided to rent this Blu-Ray to get our DVD fix and I had to say, we like this show!

It has a pretty exciting storyline which obviously will leave you hanging for more and obviously you have to wait patiently for the sequel. The male lead of this movie, Alex Pettyfer is none other than NUMBER FOUR, who is quite a looker and in my opinion a more tough looking version of Justin Timberlake.

Needless to say, just like Twilight, with a handsome lead in it, there will be romance element in it and Dianna Agron (the pregnant cheerleader from Glee) plays his love interest and I like her better here than the bitchy cheerleader who gets high on dreaming and scheming on becoming prom queen in Glee.

I am not sure how the sequel of this show will become but I hope it does not becomes a Twilight saga where the only thing that matters was the romance, we need some ACTION and storyline man!

Friday, June 24, 2011

There is no quick and fast rule in makeup

I used to think applying makeup is a scientific process; step 1 followed by 2 and so on and so forth. I remembered the friendly SA at Paul & Joe was telling me that usually we apply foundation primer followed foundation but she tried doing the reverse and it helps in giving her a nice glow on her face. I was actually quite surprised by her way of application and she smiled at me and said 'We can be creative with makeup one!'.

Through my on and off hauls of makeup, there were pleasant purchases which became my holy grail and also purchases which were not so impressive and has taken a back seat in my makeup drawers. But lately I really cannot think of what to do with some of these unimpressive purchases that I made which I find it abit wasteful to throw away (wanted to give my sisters but they were not interested) and tried some ways to use it in a different way so that it is still useful. One of the products which I found another way to apply is BB cream.

My foundation shade is darker than NC25 and I would say a NC30 or 35 (around there) and most BB creams unfortunately are a 1 shade fits all. Although BB creams claim to be able to blend into our natural shade, I find it to be utter rubbish as I remember I always look too fair after using BB cream. Coupled with my usual loose powder, I really look fair and pale.

Lately, I decided to give the BB cream a try again (because I really want the sunblock and coverage in a BB cream so that I can skip applying sunblock followed by liquid foundation). But this time, instead of dusting my loose powder, I dust Chanel Lumiere Extreme powder foundation over it using a brush instead of puff. This way, I get the decent coverage and matte look without the cakey effect. I ended up looking natural especially when my Chanel powder foundation is darker than my loose powder. Best effect ever, love love it!

For you ladies out there, I strongly urge you to be more adventurous and creative in your makeup application, you might just find a way that no one uses which suits you perfectly. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you The Beauty Look Book

If you are a vivid reader of the beauty blogsphere, you would notice there has been much raves and hype about Chanel Fall 2011 Collection. Honestly, I was one of those readers who is 'salivating' (!!!) over this collection as well and I got pretty worried that it will break my bank account. But after reading the reviews on The Beauty Look Book, I seriously have to thank Sabrina (blogger and owner of The Beauty Look Book). Her reviews were excellent, pictures were clear and I even found dupes of the Illusion d'Ombres which I thought I just have to get them, before I saw her post.

For readers who was so bend on getting Illusion d'Ombres initially, I strongly encourage you to read this post which Sabrina posted, comparing Illusion d'Ombres of the Fall Collection with Ombres Perleés de Chanel of the Spring Collection. It is so excellent that I have decided save my money on Illusion d'Ombres since I already have Ombres Perleés de Chanel of the Spring Collection which look pretty similar in shade but with a less metallic look (which is what I prefer). However, if you do not Ombres Perleés de Chanel of the Spring Collection, it will be nice you can check out the colours and texture once it is out at the Chanel counter in Singapore as the colours really look amazing.

One thing for sure I am getting Chanel nail polish in Quartz and Graphite. I love the brown taupe of Quartz and the silvery glittery shade of Graphite. Peridot is a no-go for me as the unique gold, greenish, brownish whatever colour it is just not appealing to me........ You can see more details on this post.

I am still torn about the blusher in Rose Écrin although it look damn pretty in the pan. Might need to check it out in person at the counter before I make the decision. Of course, all these is assuming I make it in time to town to check it out before it is all gone since my office is no longer in town.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Israeli court orders stoning of dog to death

When I saw this article on Yahoo!, I was thinking WTF! These people are idiot or what? You should really see what happen per the article:

Tel Aviv, June 19 (ANI): A Jewish court has reportedly pronounced a death sentence by stoning for a dog because they believed it was the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who they had cursed for insulting jews.

The rabbinical court reportedly passed the sentence after the large dog wandered into a court in Mea Shearim neighbourhood of Jerusalem and frightened the judges.

When the dog refused to leave, one of the judges allegedly declared the lawyer's spirit must have moved into the dog as punishment, and sentenced it to death by stoning - at the hands of local children, The Daily Mail reports.

'It was ordered... as an appropriate way to "get back at" the spirit which entered the poor dog.' A court manager told the Israeli daily Yediot Aharanot.

The dog managed to escape, but an animal rights organisation, Let Animals Live, lodged a police complaint against the head of the court. (ANI)

Credit: Yahoo! News

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Irony of Life

One of BC's aunt is pretty well to do and we got news that she is shifting to a new place. But in the meantime she is staying in a unit at The Sail @ Marina Bay for 2 months with her son and daughter-in-law, courtesy of her close friend who offered to loan her this unit.

Needless to say, the view is fantastic. I took the pic above from the unit that she is currently staying in on level 40 of The Sail. As she drove us to her place, we saw fleet and fleet of expensive cars in the carpark (lots reserved for residents). According to the aunt, the smallest unit on that level is approximately $2.5M and the unit that her friend loan is the biggest on the floor which is about double of the smallest unit, so might easily be $5M?

BC's cousin who went along with us mentioned that she is not surprised that most of the owners here might be out of town for business since they are busy working their butt off thus having the ability to afford a unit here.

This is seriously an irony, don't you think? You work so hard to accumulate your wealth and yet ending up not having the time to enjoy it. Just like some people who has all the riches in the world but they do not have the health to do the simplest thing in life to be happy. Perhaps this is God's way to remind us to be 知足 (contented). We will never be able to get all that we want but we have to make the fullest of what we have to live a fulfilling life?

Friday, June 17, 2011

LUSH Dream Cream

I hope I am not boring all of you with another LUSH review. These are just limited products from LUSH that I have and is using and hope it is useful to you guys in considering to try out LUSH products.

This post is dedicated to LUSH Dream Cream, which is a body cream. The texture is light as a body lotion and very easily absorbed by the skin. My personal preference for a body lotion is very simple:-

1) Light texture that is easily absorbed which will not make me feel sticky and greasy
2) Nice fragrance!

Needless to say, LUSH Dream Cream has met these 2 criteria with flying colours! Yeah! Not only is it able to moisturise my dry skin (especially my arms and thighs), I also do not have the uncomfortable sticky greasy feeling (which can be very unbearable in Singapore's humid weather). With the fragrance of chamomile, lavender and rose water in the Dream Cream, it is no wonder that I fell in love with this cream.

The only complaint I have about this product is the packaging. It felt less hygienic to scoop out the cream from a tub as we will be passing germs into the tub as we are scooping. It would definitely be better to be in a bottle with a pump.

I keep LUSH Dream Cream in the fridge and when I use it on my body, it felt cool and comfortable. SHIOK!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


What is purpose of Facebook? Is it just a networking tool? I think what is soooo successful about Facebook is that it is not just a site to connect with your friends. It is also a site that one can play games, share pictures and your life on.

Honestly with the advanced in technology whereby anyone can get connected with FB, everyone is posting about their life on the go. I am sometimes a victim of this as I will be surfing FB via the app on my iPhone and it's interesting to see the amount of stuffs some people post. To what they eat, do, see etc etc, u name it, they post it!

I find it interesting and scary at the same time. Interesting to know what my friends are doing but scary that people will know your every moves. I still remember an episode of 'Criminal Minds' whereby a psychopath was able to find and select his victims via their Facebook or MySpace. He knew their lifestyles, where they worked, where they stayed and even what they had for lunch. Can't imagine someone being killed because her life is literally on the web.....

So my friends, just be careful of what you post on FB because you never know who will be using the information posted. At the same time, for some people, it is also totally unnecessary to post your every single moves on FB too..... It can be quite irritating, if you get what I mean.

LUSH Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

This is another review of a LUSH product, Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, which I received as a sample from the store selling LUSH products at Holland Village. After trying it out for a few days (completing the sample), here are my thoughts about it.

As you can see from above, this cleanser has entirely failed in terms of appearance, lol. As LUSH cleansers are mainly made from fresh ingredients, they do not really score in the area of appearance. Their selling point is their high quality ingredients. So anyway, Angel on Bare Skin is made of kaolin clay with ground almonds with rose and lavender added which  is especially suitable for combination skin.

My first thought about this cleanser is the packaging. It comes in a dough form (like pic above) and is packaged in a small tub. You will break a small piece of the dough for cleansing. Unlike any other cleanser that comes in a bottle or tube and you only pump or squeeze out what is required without any contact with the rest of the product (for hygience purpose), it doesn't really work in this case. Thus, hygience might be an issue. But I guess if you are the only one using and you only break off the piece of the dough with your clean, dry hands before cleansing, it should not be an issue.

The way to use this cleanser is after breaking a small piece (around 5 cent coin size) with your clean, dry hands, wet your face. Press and massage the cleanser in your palm and spread it to your face. IT DOES NOT LATHER UP AT ALL, which leaves me wondering if it is effective at all in removing the oil, dirt and stuffs from my face. However, what I like about this cleanser is that, due to the fresh ingredients used, while massaging onto my face, there is a slight 'grainy' texture which acts like a mild scrub. After a good 1 -2 mins massage and rinsing off, I do not get the squeaky clean feeling on my face, which leaves me wondering if my face is clean at all. This works in the same way as Niks Camphor Cleansing lotion which was prescribed to me by a skin doctor years ago, leaving a layer of something after wash even though it claimed to have thoroughly cleanse my face.

The verdict on whether my face is cleansed properly or not comes after applying my toner and moisturiser. My face does feel smoother and do not have the redness which I will have on and off after cleansing (could be due to harsh cleansing). And most importantly is after using it for about 3 - 4 days, I do not experience any breakouts which further prove the point that it does cleanse thoroughly and properly.

I have mixed feelings about whether I will get the full size of Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and the factors deterring me is the packaging (in a tub with the rest of the product exposed and in contact with our hands when we break a piece of it for cleansing) and that it does not foam up. But what I like about this cleanser is the mild scrubbing feel from the ingredients and the after effect my skin experience (smoothness and no redness and breakouts). I am seriously torn...... Perhaps someone who has used this cleanser before can give me an insight from your perspective......

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LUSH Sea Vegetable soap

Just last week, I started trying out another soap from LUSH and it's the Sea Vegetable soap. I bought it sometime ago after reading from forums that there is a shop in Holland V that sells LUSH products (at much higher price, of course!!). I do not know what was the weight of this soap that I bought but it cost S$13.20 when UK site is selling 100g for GBP2.89. Wow!!!

It has a layer of sea salt on 1 side of the soap which double up as a body scrub while showering and it has a fresh sea fragrance. However, the intensity of the fragrance of this soap is very very subtle which do not leave any smell on my skin after shower.

Can you see the layer of sea salt?

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with this soap as the sea salt does not scrub very well. In addition, it does not seems to foam up too, and my personal preference is soap or shower gels that lathers well with lots of foam. The fresh fragrance of the soap is a nice change from the sweet fragrance of 'Honey I Washed The Kids' and reminds me of the pool but it would be a plus to have this fragrance lingers on my skin after leaving the shower and not just ending it there and then.

This is a soap that I will most likely not get again but some of the soaps that I would love to try soon are:-

1) Porridge soap (seen so much good reviews on the gentle exfoliation of this soap)
2) Noubar soap (similar to porridge soap but with walnuts, peanuts and almonds)
3) Bohemian (had a sniff of this soap at the shop at Holland V and love the smell of lemon)

Oh, the lady boss of this Holland V shop was trying to convince me to get LUSH skincare too which I stubbornly decline and she had no choice but to give me sample of Fresh Farmacy cleanser (looks sufficient for approximately 3 - 4 days washes). It is suitable for sensitive and troubled skin. I have yet to try this out and will post my reviews about this cleanser soon. Stay tuned! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Miaka Spree Paradise

I am quite an online shopping addict (especially with beauty products!), GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!! Especially for products that are not available in Singapore, the ways to get our hands on them can only be via sprees, eBay or if you or friends are travelling.

I have been joining sprees on and off with the advantage of getting the products I want and sharing shipping cost (which can be quite costly for some sites). So instead of waiting for the sprees I want to be organized, I have decided to set up a spree site myself!!! Needless to say, it will be mainly on beauty products. :)

Do check out my spree site and do help to share this site around!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids

Not sure how many of you still remember LUSH many years ago when it was available in Singapore, specifically on basement 1 of Isetan Wisma (where the current Agnes B is at now). That time, I really hate the smell of LUSH when I walk past, because it smells TOO SWEET for my liking which I think I was going to puke. However, last year when Tracy shared with me her love for LUSH and helping me get 'Honey I Washed The Kids' soap during one of her business trip overseas and I absolutely love it!! This soap is a hot seller and it smells heavenly with honey (needless to say) as one of the ingredients. It does smell sweet when you are smelling it directly from the bar, but during and after shower, the honey smell that lingers on the skin really is quite relaxing and soothing especially after a hard day at work or an intensive workout. It especially worked this afternoon in soothing and freshening me up after a session of housekeeping with the hot and humid weather here.

After shower, it not only leaves my skin soft and smelling great, I actually felt clean. Not squeaking clean like using a harsh bar soap but clean enough that I feel fresh! I absolutely love this soap. For newbies to LUSH, I would strongly encourage you to try this soap out! Oh, if you would like to stock up on LUSH products, it would be advisable to keep the LUSH products that you are stocking up in zip lock bag placed in the fridge. Given Singapore's hot weather, their products might not last very well.

Guess what, it's time to do some online shopping soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is the kind of video that makes me laugh when I am soooo tired at work. Love this cat! The way he slides into the box is just hilarious.

PS: Turn on your speaker, it is cuter with the music at the background :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Mother's Love

It's touching to see a mother's love for their child regardless of race or species.......

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On and off, I do feed the stray cats around my block. I really feel for these poor cats sometimes, out in the open without proper shelter and food. Some of them look injured and sick at times too which I find so pitiful. My 3 kitties at home are so lucky (because they have nice owners like me and BC! lol).

In the few experiences I had about feeding strays, I always noticed:-

1) When you get closer to them, they will run away. But the moment, they see you taking out food, they will come closer and eventually eat the food you place on the ground for them.
2) Some cats tend to be more 'careful' and will not eat if you are near the food. Thus I have to move a distance away to get them to eat and after they are done, for me to clear the plates which I place the food on.
3) Cats tend to move around the estate but within the vicinity. Sometimes I have to walk around to look the 'usual suspects' to feed them.

Sometimes I do think what does these cats go through everyday that makes them behave this way. I can imagine they must be escaping from people who tried to disturb them that they tend to be cautious around people.

I think I sound weird saying this but I actually felt at peace when I am feeding these cats because I will be alone or with BC in the evening and I will be away from the stress and buzz of our daily, routine busy stuffs. I am just not thinking about anything, this is peace isn't it? Not to mention that it warms my heart to see these kitties having a meal, I just feel glad that I am helping these animals.

It did cross my mind to be a volunteer with Cat Welfare Society but I am unsure if I can commit the time needed since I can be very lazy at times thus the only way I could do is to feed these stray cats responsibly (clear the food and plates after their meal so that we do not litter the place). There was once we saw another lady feeding them too and we started chatting. She was telling me and BC how stressed she was at work previously and when she quit her job and started feeding these cats around her mum's place, she felt so peaceful and happy. I can totally relate to her because that's how I feel when I see my few favourite stray cats gobble down the food I brought and walking away after they are done. It feel good to help those in need. :)

For readers out there, please do not find these stray cats a nuisance. Given that they have no proper food and shelter, what they want is just to survive. Even if you are not a cat lover, please do exercise some tolerance towards these small animals who can do no harm to you and just ignore them. I have seen people swinging things at them or kicking their feet to chase them away which I find is unnecessary. Cats will move away when they know they cannot get what they want. They are just small animals.... :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian

After seeing Prima Taste Laksa La Mian advertisement on TV (with singer Olivia Ong in it), I was telling BC that I want to try it! Instant laksa, how convenient and yummy is that???

While doing our weekly grocery shopping, we saw it on sale and it was 2 packets for $4.85 and so we grabbed 2 packets to try it out. The verdict: The soup taste just like laksa but less oily (yummy!!!) but I am not a fan of the la mian, think i prefer normal instant noodles or bee hoon in it.

Each packet comes with air fried la mian (which is supposedly healthier than normal instant noodles), 1 packet of laksa premix (white powder which I think is either coconut milk powder or milk powder) and 1 packet of laksa paste. The instruction is to boil water with the laksa paste and premix first and upon boiling, add in the la mian and ingredients and let it boil for 7 minutes before it is ready for consumption. I added some meatballs and fried beancurds as additional ingredients.

From my experience, the la mian really takes very long to be cooked and be soft. Unlike instant noodles whereby you can lightly boil the noodles and serve to maintain the firmness of the noodles, you cannot do the same way for this. The la mian has to be boiled until it is soft otherwise it will be too hard.

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian is definitely a good convenient subsitute to the conventional laksa sold in shops. The laksa taste is there but not as strong, which is fine with me. For you guys who prefer authentic laksa, can consider giving this a try, it's really not too bad. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rob Thomas - Little Wonders (Meet the Robinsons)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kaypoh Eden

Yes, Kaypoh Eden did it again......... When I say she did it again, I meant that something happen to her we had to bring her to the vet AGAIN!

I was keeping some stuffs in the storage area beneath our king size bed this afternoon and we did not realised that Eden managed to came into the room and was actually looking into our storage area. As me and BC bring down the board supporting our heavy mattress down to close the storage space, we heard a horrible scream from Eden! Her paw was in between the storage space and board!!!! We quickly lift up the board and inspect her paw to see if there is any cuts or bruises.

Lucky for her and us, there were no bruises but we were unsure if any bones were broken or sprained so we had to make a last minute trip down to the vet just before they are closed for the day to be sure. After inspection by her usual vet at Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic, the vet advised that she is fine and we need not worry. In fact, she was STRONG enough to cling on to her carrier when we wanted to bring her out and place her on the examination table and she was FAST enough to run to a corner and hide when the vet want to examine the way she walks and see if she is limping.

We felt so relieved to know that Eden is ok......... Dammit, this is what we call CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT. But Eden is alive! Heng ah!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

X-Men First Class

You guys should know by now that I am a fan of super hero films, and I am especially especially a fan of X-Men. Just to let you in in a small fact of yours truly.... I was actually a collector of X-Men comics in my secondary school days. I still remember I will save my pocket money to get the X-Men comics from this comics shop in Bras Basah Complex (I am not sure if this shop is still around) and I love my comics to bits then. They will always be in plastic wrap with a cardboard backing to maintain it in optimal condition. But I sold them away during my uni days when we shifted to a smaller place and I still remember it was quite a hard decision for me then.

Sorry for digressing and back to the main topic of this posting which is the movie, X-Men First Class. Both me and BC agreed that this is an EXCELLENT movie. It showed how Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) became friends and eventually enemies and how Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs. You can expect excellent graphics and guest appearances from some of our familiar X-Men characters so be WOW by it!!! Go catch it, this is definitely money well-spent!

On a side note, movie tickets in Singapore is getting ridiculous!!! Weekend tickets at GV cost $11 each!!!! Good thing they had tie up with various banks whereby you get to get the tickets at a discounted price (we paid $8.50 per ticket by using POSB card to make the payment), and the disadvantage is that if we book our tickets online, we will not be able to enjoy this discount. The only way to enjoy tickets at discounted rate and still have the advantage of pre booking the tickets is when you purchase the HSBC movie card with a HSBC credit card. With the HSBC movie card, not only can you book tickets online at GV website, the price per ticket is only $7.50!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot hot weather

Singapore's weather is starting to get hot and humid lately that I can do nothing at home and still sweat while sitting down. Seriously, due to global warming, I can already feel the differences in weather comparing now against just 5 years ago. It's scary to think what is going to happen to us 10, 20, 30 years down the road.......... Are we going to be totally burnt?

The weather has been so hot that I even noticed that my kitties at home can be a bit grouchy at times. Titus is perpetually sleeping and I wonder if it is due to the heat, Simba only turns alert when it's meal time and Eden...... oh.... this lady is having some serious mood swings! Lol. And she is always finding any chance to sneak into our room if our air con is switched on, smart gal huh.

Given the hot weather, you should check out how the following cats keep their cool! (Source)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thomas Sabo

I have like charm bracelets for a while and have always been looking at nice charm bracelets from Agatha, Thomas Sabo and others. However, the tricky thing about charm bracelets are:-

1) The charms are usually not cheap (in the range of $30+ - $100+ per charm)
2) You will not stop at ONE charm, SCARY!!!!

So anyway, I never dare to step intp Thomas Sabo although I know they have a huge variety of nice charms because 1 of my friend who like charm bracelet told me their charms are not cheap and she will get it only if she goes HK because it is cheaper there. I hate the feeling of going into a shop to check out the prices and leaving without buying as I always feel the salegirl will be throwing dagger looks at me as I am leaving the place because I am a cheapo and not buy anything.

My best pal in office, L is also a lover and collector of Thomas Sabo and she offered to accompany me to check out the charms at Thomas Sabo @ ION Orchard after our dinner. Always feel safer with company to check out stuffs....... hehe. So I was so spoilt for choices there!!!! There were 3 full display cases of charms that I literally went crossed-eyes! Luckily, there was a catalogue available in the store showing all their charms and PRICES..... I like it...... I can check out the charms and prices at my own time and target.

So after slowing browsing through the catalogue at the comfort of my home, I have shortlisted the following 8 charms (need to get the bracelet as well)

1) Alphabet 'R' charm for my name
2) Small red heart charm
3) Black bag charm (since I like bags)
4) Pink crystal flower charm (because I like the pink)
5) Lucky charm ( I need this)
6) Lipstick charm (because I am a makeup junkie)
7) Cross charm (to remind me of my faith, lol)
8) Cat charm (I HAVE TO GET THIS!)

And guess how much everything will cost if I get it all????

Guess lah.............

Still not guessing?????

Ok lah, I tell you! The 8 charms will cost $550 in total !!!! *collapse on the floor from heart attack*. And this is not taking into account the bracelet I need to get for the first time at $59!

This is an expensive obsession......... Gosh......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paradise Dynasty @ ION Orchard

Thanks to L who purchased and shared her Groupon coupons, we got to eat yummy xiao long baos and 8 coloured mix flavours xiao long baos at Paradise Dynasty at discounted price which is a very good deal. One thing about Paradise Dynasty is that they do not accept table reservations thus we have to be prepared to queue for a table. To avoid the dinner crowd, I reached Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard before 630pm in order to get a queue number to get a table. Lucky for me, I only waited for 5 mins and I got a table for 3. Yeah!

Since there are 3 of us (L, BC and myself), we can afford to order more stuffs and share in order to sample more varieties. We ordered 10 xiao long baos and 8 coloured mix flavours (by using the Groupon coupons), 生煎包, dumplings in chilli oil, la mian in pork broth and sliced pork and 上海炒年糕.

The 8 coloured dumplings are really unique and the flavours are original, garlic, ginseng, foie gras, cheese, black truffle, sze chuan and crab roe. As we were sharing, there are some flavours which we do not get to try. I only had original and foie gras and I find the foie gras flavour not too obvious. BC tried ginseng and did not like it as he find the ginseng taste really strong.

I quite like the 生煎包 although I felt the size could be slightly bigger. The skin is not too thick, filling is juicy and the bottom is nicely pan fried with the slight crispiness. La mian in pork broth is nice as the noodles is just nicely done (not too soft and just firm) in a tasty broth which it obviously cooked for many hours as the essence of the meat is so in it.......

Last but not least, we have got to have dessert!!! But it was from 'Once Upon a Milk Shake'! I have heard so much about their milk shake that I just have to try it. BC and myself shared a cookies and cream milk shake and man, it was thick! We had to let it melt a bit before drinking it since it is pretty thick and challenging to suck up the straw.

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