Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LUSH Sea Vegetable soap

Just last week, I started trying out another soap from LUSH and it's the Sea Vegetable soap. I bought it sometime ago after reading from forums that there is a shop in Holland V that sells LUSH products (at much higher price, of course!!). I do not know what was the weight of this soap that I bought but it cost S$13.20 when UK site is selling 100g for GBP2.89. Wow!!!

It has a layer of sea salt on 1 side of the soap which double up as a body scrub while showering and it has a fresh sea fragrance. However, the intensity of the fragrance of this soap is very very subtle which do not leave any smell on my skin after shower.

Can you see the layer of sea salt?

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with this soap as the sea salt does not scrub very well. In addition, it does not seems to foam up too, and my personal preference is soap or shower gels that lathers well with lots of foam. The fresh fragrance of the soap is a nice change from the sweet fragrance of 'Honey I Washed The Kids' and reminds me of the pool but it would be a plus to have this fragrance lingers on my skin after leaving the shower and not just ending it there and then.

This is a soap that I will most likely not get again but some of the soaps that I would love to try soon are:-

1) Porridge soap (seen so much good reviews on the gentle exfoliation of this soap)
2) Noubar soap (similar to porridge soap but with walnuts, peanuts and almonds)
3) Bohemian (had a sniff of this soap at the shop at Holland V and love the smell of lemon)

Oh, the lady boss of this Holland V shop was trying to convince me to get LUSH skincare too which I stubbornly decline and she had no choice but to give me sample of Fresh Farmacy cleanser (looks sufficient for approximately 3 - 4 days washes). It is suitable for sensitive and troubled skin. I have yet to try this out and will post my reviews about this cleanser soon. Stay tuned! :)

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