Friday, June 24, 2011

There is no quick and fast rule in makeup

I used to think applying makeup is a scientific process; step 1 followed by 2 and so on and so forth. I remembered the friendly SA at Paul & Joe was telling me that usually we apply foundation primer followed foundation but she tried doing the reverse and it helps in giving her a nice glow on her face. I was actually quite surprised by her way of application and she smiled at me and said 'We can be creative with makeup one!'.

Through my on and off hauls of makeup, there were pleasant purchases which became my holy grail and also purchases which were not so impressive and has taken a back seat in my makeup drawers. But lately I really cannot think of what to do with some of these unimpressive purchases that I made which I find it abit wasteful to throw away (wanted to give my sisters but they were not interested) and tried some ways to use it in a different way so that it is still useful. One of the products which I found another way to apply is BB cream.

My foundation shade is darker than NC25 and I would say a NC30 or 35 (around there) and most BB creams unfortunately are a 1 shade fits all. Although BB creams claim to be able to blend into our natural shade, I find it to be utter rubbish as I remember I always look too fair after using BB cream. Coupled with my usual loose powder, I really look fair and pale.

Lately, I decided to give the BB cream a try again (because I really want the sunblock and coverage in a BB cream so that I can skip applying sunblock followed by liquid foundation). But this time, instead of dusting my loose powder, I dust Chanel Lumiere Extreme powder foundation over it using a brush instead of puff. This way, I get the decent coverage and matte look without the cakey effect. I ended up looking natural especially when my Chanel powder foundation is darker than my loose powder. Best effect ever, love love it!

For you ladies out there, I strongly urge you to be more adventurous and creative in your makeup application, you might just find a way that no one uses which suits you perfectly. :)

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