Friday, June 17, 2011

LUSH Dream Cream

I hope I am not boring all of you with another LUSH review. These are just limited products from LUSH that I have and is using and hope it is useful to you guys in considering to try out LUSH products.

This post is dedicated to LUSH Dream Cream, which is a body cream. The texture is light as a body lotion and very easily absorbed by the skin. My personal preference for a body lotion is very simple:-

1) Light texture that is easily absorbed which will not make me feel sticky and greasy
2) Nice fragrance!

Needless to say, LUSH Dream Cream has met these 2 criteria with flying colours! Yeah! Not only is it able to moisturise my dry skin (especially my arms and thighs), I also do not have the uncomfortable sticky greasy feeling (which can be very unbearable in Singapore's humid weather). With the fragrance of chamomile, lavender and rose water in the Dream Cream, it is no wonder that I fell in love with this cream.

The only complaint I have about this product is the packaging. It felt less hygienic to scoop out the cream from a tub as we will be passing germs into the tub as we are scooping. It would definitely be better to be in a bottle with a pump.

I keep LUSH Dream Cream in the fridge and when I use it on my body, it felt cool and comfortable. SHIOK!!!


  1. do you have any LUSH shower gel to recommend? i'm really not that much into using soaps and when i walk into a LUSH shop (in taipei now) i'm simply overwhelmed and end up not buying anything although i thot of trying! either i can join ur spree (if it's still open) or the next time i travel i'll look out for it.. :p

  2. Dream Wash shower smoothie and happy hippy shower gel are highly raved. Dream wash is moisturizing and happy happy hippy shower gel is refreshing cos if grapefruit ingredient. Do give it a try. My spree will only be closed end of this month so let me know if you want to join. :)

  3. ok i think i want to get 2 shower gels to try! haha the smoothie i think a bit harder to use cos cannot just squeeze bottle to get it out. lol. is 100ml very small? i can't really gauge.. :p

  4. I think 100ml too little, more like travel size. Mayb 250ml sounds better. Hehe


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