Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kaypoh Eden

Yes, Kaypoh Eden did it again......... When I say she did it again, I meant that something happen to her we had to bring her to the vet AGAIN!

I was keeping some stuffs in the storage area beneath our king size bed this afternoon and we did not realised that Eden managed to came into the room and was actually looking into our storage area. As me and BC bring down the board supporting our heavy mattress down to close the storage space, we heard a horrible scream from Eden! Her paw was in between the storage space and board!!!! We quickly lift up the board and inspect her paw to see if there is any cuts or bruises.

Lucky for her and us, there were no bruises but we were unsure if any bones were broken or sprained so we had to make a last minute trip down to the vet just before they are closed for the day to be sure. After inspection by her usual vet at Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic, the vet advised that she is fine and we need not worry. In fact, she was STRONG enough to cling on to her carrier when we wanted to bring her out and place her on the examination table and she was FAST enough to run to a corner and hide when the vet want to examine the way she walks and see if she is limping.

We felt so relieved to know that Eden is ok......... Dammit, this is what we call CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT. But Eden is alive! Heng ah!


  1. Oh dear that sounds very painful! But thankfully she's fine :)

  2. yah man.... lucky she was fine. scare the hell out of us


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