Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Misunderstood One

Since young, I have always find stray cats very pitiful, especially the cats who have been injured or abused in a way. And cats have really been a misunderstood animals by people. People always say cats are dirty or it's a Malay's animals (because Muslims can't touch dogs) but they are also a life just like a handsome Siberian Husky or a cute chihuahua. Seeing how thin they are, looking abit dirty and tired really makes me want to do more for them. However, I am unsure if I am able to commit the time and effort to be a volunteer with SPCA or Cat Welfare Society thus..... I can only see and pity them from a distance.

Just last week on a rainy day, me and BC saw a beautiful multi-coat female cat at our block and we have never seen her before (I more or less know knows the strays around my estate) and she was meowing at us so loudly as if saying "Help me! I am really hungry!". We brought her to the staircase at our unit and gave her some dry food and water. Ever since that day, we have been looking out for her everyday and now, we even make a special trip down after dinner to look for her and feed her. I named her Betty, after Ugly Betty from the USA TV series because her coat may make her look messy but she really is quite a beautiful cat.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As quoted from Robert De Niro in the show: "Are you ready to be the God-Focker?"

Haha, what the hell is he talking about????? But this show is funny, comparable to the last 2 prequels. Good for people who just wanna sit in a theatre and laugh themselves silly.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posting has I have been really busy and down at work....... I was busy as I am doing more and more of what I am supposed to do and down because the ah neh is not exactly an easy person to work with. Boss had a talk with me before the holiday and she motivated me and told me to be strong and not let the ah neh knows my vulnerability. From the conversation, I can tell that she is not exactly a supporter of the ah neh and hopes that I can pick things up soon without her help. I really hope I can do this......

Xmas has been tiring because as usual, BC invited his family and relatives only. I also invited my immediate family over and even though it was fun, it was TIRING. Tiring because I had to clean the house before the guests come and even more tiring that MORE cleaning needs to be done after they left. It doesn't make things easier when there are kids on our guest list and they are not the 1st group of people who will eat properly or exercise proper hygience. This is ON TOP OF terrorising my 3 cats, who are scare shitless hiding in my bedroom. It's really not easy to play host to a party. We have to make sure our house is comfortable and clean and we have to make sure we have enough food and refreshment. Gosh..... just thinking of this and I have this urge to tell BC to stop organising another Xmas party next year (I know even if I told him so, he will STILL wanna organise it...... -_-).

And the highlight of this Xmas....... our DVD player died on us........ Time to spend money again, thanks to Eden..... Damn.........

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I recalled last year when BC told me that after working for about 10 years or so, it's common to feel sian or jaded about work. It's like we don't feel motivated about what we are doing and Monday is always blue. I think I have reached that stage because I am not looking forward to going to work at all and it's just frustrating to deal with people and work.

I always have no issue with work because if it's just work, I will just bite the bullet and do it (coupled with some complaining). But I hate dealing with people, especially when they are people we need to work closely with and they are not cooperative. How come they just cannot be team players????? Hiaz......
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