Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saw this scene on the bus last week and I find it quite amusing. The small boy is literally 'sharing' the papers with this stranger. This uncle also very nice, when he saw that the boy's head came closer to read the papers, he actually brought down his paper lower and towards his left so that the boy can read also!

Monday, January 28, 2008


It's finally over! It really a busy day for our families. For my family, the day started at 430am when my parents woke up and prepare our breakfast since the makeup artist for my sisters and mum will come around 530am and mine at 6am. Alot of people ask me if I managed to sleep the day before and the answer is YES! Hahaha. By 12 midnight I am yawning liao. Hehe. Had my precious 5 hours sleep and I have to wake up and prepare.

By 8am, the tug of war betweem the jie meis and the xiong dis begin. In my room, I can hear the negotiation between the 2 groups of people and all the funny comments from BC's xiong dis. After the 酸甜苦辣 they started asking BC questions about me which he is supposed to remember like the 1st movie we watched and all and the penalty is that the pegs pegged on his xiong di's ears will be pulled out suddenly! Ouch! Creative Angie then also prepared a long and mushy chinese poem for BC to recite. Haha, it was really funny since his mandarin is super cannot make it and his bros all have to help him. I was laughing in the room when he was reciting it cos it really sound so comical! When he finally came in, he went to my usual room and only a chipmunk is waiting for him, since I was in my parent's room. Hehe.

Then the usual tea ceremony at his mum's place went pass and after a short break, we finally headed to the church. This church is lousy. It's their rule that they will only open the main church 30mins before the wedding starts! Pls man..... there are guests who will come early and they actually have to wait outside the church. What the hell.........

Before the ceremony starts, Fr Richards came to the car and bring me to the main church. He first asked me if I am changing my mind and then he veiled me and told me not to worry and only concentrate on the liturgy. He really have a soothing effect on people, so glad that he is my parish priest and not the lousy terrible people in this church that I have booked. Finally it's time to walk down the aisle, i actually stepped on my gown a few times cos it was too long! So paiseh, but luckily my auntie came and helped me pull. Hehe.

So far most of my guests came and told us that the caterer food is nice. That's good........ It's really God's blessings that everything went well..... Really appreciate all the well wishes and presence of my family and friends! Thank you all!

Friday, January 25, 2008

After months of preparation, it has finally arrived! Tomorrow is my BIG day!!!! So excited! Many people have been asking me how I feel, excited or not? Honestly I am! Hehe. I asked BC if he is excited and he told me not to ask him that otherwise he will feel gan cheong.

Thinking back, it's really God's blessings that we need to postpone our wedding by another 6 months to be on 26 Jan 08. If we were to get married 6 months ago, we would not be able to have a mass wedding since BC is not a Catholic then. In addition, finances wise, it was less streneous on us since we have more time to save and plan. Not forgetting all my good friends and family who never hesitated at all when I needed help, they are such wonderful people! This is a gift from my 2nd sis. Not only is it hand sewn by her, the framing cost a freaking $85! So ex!

Tidied up all the loose ends (called to confirm caterer, time and address for bridal car to pick up BC, DIY my mass booklet etc). It finally time to go for my mani and pedi! Nice??

Friday, January 11, 2008

The beginning of 2008 certainly has not started very well for me in a way. Annual budgetting exercise and the preparation of my wedding at the same time is really killer! Luckily I have kept my wedding as simple as possible, otherwise I think I would have DIE-ED before the day!

Alot of people started asking me if I am excited about my wedding, definitely yes. But I am also 'gan cheong' as to whether I have thought of all the things that I need to prepare. Luckily for my jie meis, they kept telling to leave the worrying to them and just relax on that day.

BC and myself met out with our xiong dis and jie meis respectively yesterday to strategize for the TUG OF WAR at the beginning of the day. It's really funny what people can think of to sabo the others. As usual, BC always threaten me that if the jie meis don't open the door, they will use tools to remove the whole gate! Well well, please seek approval from your father in law then. Haha.

So so, what else do I need to prepare for wedding???????
- Facial (Done)
- Colouring of hair (pending)
- Meeting with jie meis and xiong dis for instructions on actual day (Done)
- Invitation cards sent (except for a few)
- Rehearsal at church (next week)
- Solist cum organist (booked)
- Caterer (booked)
- Photographer (booked)
- Powerpoint (to be done)
- Church floral deco (booked)

Should be fine bah...... anything else???
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