Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

As far as I can remember, I always have freckles on my cheek bones and hear-say has been that it is hereditary. But in the recent years, perhaps due to age, it seems that I am getting more and more of such freckles and pigmentation. I use sunblock consistently (SPF50 somemore!) and I still do not understand how am I getting more and more pigmentations. To add to my unhappiness, my acne scars are still around...... what the hell........

I have tried cheap whitening essence like Olay, mid range like Ettusais whitening serum but all just seems to be useless. Olay gives me breakouts and Ettusais doesn't seem to help as I do not see any difference. I battled with myself for the longest time and wonder it is true that we cannot save on skincare and the more expensive ones works better (this is what my sis tells me, 一分钱,一分货) and said to say, this is really the case for my skin. I always get breakouts, dull or rough skin when I used drugstore brands like Olay and Hada Labo. But my skin seems to brighten up when I used salon brands like Adonis, or higher range like Shiseido and SK II. Much as I love to save money on skincare, it just doesn't work for me. I have switched away from Shiseido products for about 3 months to try drugstore brand and my skin deteroriated with roughness and breakouts and it's time for me to splurge on skincare once again to save my skin!

Serious help is really needed for my dull skin and pigmentation and I decided to switch from the normal Skincare range to the White Lucent range. It's generally $10 - $15 more expensive per product but I only purchased the softener and whitening serum first. The intensive spot targetting serum is supposedly the star product and target freckles, age spots, acne scars, EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!!!

Shall give this a try and see whether I can see any results.............

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is not the 1st time I saw these videos and I am unsure and lazy to check if I have posted this video here before. Anyway, no harm looking at cute things more than once right? Haha.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Time to pamper my hair

Even since I permed my hair 2 months ago, my hair has been very dry at the ends. I used to have the habit of going to a hair salon to colour and give my hair the necessary treatment when I was younger but with the increase in cost of living and the amount of commitments each month, I have not gone for any hair treatment for years. The lucky thing was I also do not change my hair colour as often as before (when I was younger, I can change my hair colour once every 2 - 3 months!) and I usually do DIY hair colour to cover my greys (which has grown at a tremendous rate in the past 3 - 4 years).

It has been about 6 months since I last coloured my hair to cover my greys and this time round instead of colouring with the usual boring black, I decided to colour it slightly red this time especially since I permed my hair. Usually, I will just buy Garnier hair dye from CK because it is the cheapest at CK at only $9.90 but this time round, I decided to give Liese bubble hair dye a try (freaking ex at $19.90!!! I can buy 2 Garnier hair dye with the same price and still has 10 cent change!) because I do not want the boring dark colour and according to the advertisement, Liese bubble hair colour claim to be able to colour the hair evenly (which is quite a challenge for DIY hair colouring unless you have someone helping you).

Bought the darkest red available which is cassis berry since I want to make sure that my greys are covered. The whole process is like washing hair but TOUGHER. Because I need to make sure that the dyed hair does not stained my neck etc, I was afraid to put on more colour when dyeing. And it does not seem as simple as the advertisement whereby the ladies are enjoying and chatting because the initial stage to pump the foam, apply to hair, massage and then repeat it over and over again until the whole head is filled with foam is tiring.

The verdict: The colour was even and bright and nice but being a 1st timer with this foam hair dye, there are still some greys which were not covered!!!!!! Pissed!!!! I ended up plucking these greys away! (I think I pluck off like 4 - 5 strands which I can see). Nonetheless, I will purchase this brand again and hopefully, I will be more skillful the next time.

After washing off the hair dye, it is treatment time! I have to be more consistent with my hair treatment since my hair is getting drier and drier. Don't want split ends!!! Purchased Pantene Clinicare intensive treatment when I bought the conditioner from the same range previously but have yet to try it so now is the time! What I like about this range of conditioner and treatment is it really, really moisturised my dry hair. Using the conditioner daily makes my hair softer and the texture at the ends are not as rough as before. Smells great too! I am a sucker for nice-smelling conditioner, hehe.

Now, I am loving my hair!!! Hahaha, new colour and softer! Need to keep up with the treatment!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

J was telling me a case which she experienced with my boss a few months ago which just confirm how terrible her communication skills were.

Few months ago, while verifying the expense of 1 of our overseas distributor, she noticed that the company is paying for the cost of an eye operation for 1 of the staff there. J highlighted this to my boss and asked if this is in line with the company policy and if proper approval has been obtained (since she did not see documentations of approval). Guess the answer my boss gave her..............


'Yah, the guy has to go for the operation otherwise he will be blind'

That's it!!!! That's all the answer she gave her! She did not reply that approval has been obtained or whether it is in line with the company policy or the overseas employment law. Just this 1 liner answer which is CRAP. The best part is she wasn't even answering J's question. No one asked WHY this guy went for an eye op, the question was if this expense is allowable!!!

When I heard this from J, I was just laughing because this really shows me what kind of idiot my boss is. Haha.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I was just telling V that there are a lot of Balenciaga bags on the street, it's like it's the Balenciaga trend instead of the previous LV or Gucci trend. But both of us have the same question in mind which is how many of these Balenciaga bags we see on the street are actually the real thing? There has been many bags which are counterfeits or inspired ones which look almost like the real thing. The key word here is 'LOOK', because material wise will definitely be different and quality will also not be top notch.

The difference between getting a inspired bag versus a counterfeit bag is that inspired bag do not claim to look exactly the same as the real thing but the main idea is there (I think) and it will look slightly different in some parts of the bag (notice from the Hermes inspired bag below, it does not look exactly the same as the real 10k+ bag).

I shared with V on my paranoiac in protectiveness over my leather bag when it comes to scratches and stains thus resulting in me not using them as often, especially in the recent wet weather. I think this behaviour is quite justifiable because imagine spending a few thousand on a bag and getting water stain or worse laksa stain!!!! OMG......... I cannot imagine! Sending for bag cleaning is also not cheap, and what if they say they cannot remove the stain even though you are willing to pay a fortune for their service? Ok, this is getting a bit extreme but you get the idea.

Being a day of no government in office (boss went for 'brat' making class, hahaha, it's actually BREAD!!! And yes, she could not pronounce it properly AGAIN!), I surfed the Internet for 'inspired bags' and there are really a lot of them and of course the price tag is much more friendlier. In fact, I am tempted to get the red Balenciaga inspired bag below at $52!!!!

I totally love this bag in red, shall I get it??

Hermes inspired bag

Chanel inspired bag
All these bags that I googled above were between the price of $20 - $60 which I think is pretty affordable, ya? Definitely does not make me feel guilty even if I were to get it! Haha.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What the.......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A cute way to save

My colleague, CL know about my love for cats and told me about this cute piggybank (or should I say 'kitty' bank) that has a kitty figurine in it. How it works is that you place a coin at the white button, which is supposedly the plate of the cat, and the cat will slowly come out of the box and pull the coin in using its paw! Darn cute!!!!

Oh oh, did I happen to mention it meows also? Yes, it meows like a real cat!

Looking just like an ordinary box measuring 11.5cm x 10cm

And.... the cute kitty comes out after the coin is placed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yummy home made ba zhang and cocktail jelly for lunch, courtesy of my beloved mother!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I seriously wonder if this auntie washed her feet. Totally no sense of consideration for future passengers at all!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What my baby did for me to cheer me up

After the saga yesterday, I think I really scared BC with my crying and sobbing and he gave me a surprise by cheering me up with Magnum Gold! I always complain to him that Magnum ice cream taste fantastic but the price tag is ridiculous!

BTW, the ice cream is really gold!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Another MAC blusher!!! And this time is a pinkish, plum one, hehe. Bought this over eBay and paid S$26 (inclusive of shipping from UK to Singapore) last week and now it's here!!! Yeah!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some shiok shiok traditional titbits........ got to control because I can feel my throat starting to ache.

Spicy tapioca chips! Yums!!!
In the month of June, we will always be complaining and complaining about the atrociously hot and humid weather in Singapore. For some queer reason (global warming???), we experienced quite a number of rains during the month. To me, I will prefer cloudy or rainy day to a hot day anytime (as long as I am indoors), but yesterday was quite a disaster for some shops along Orchard Road.

I did not know the magnitude of the flooding in certain parts of Singapore and when the underpass from Ngee Ann City to Lucky Plaza was blocked during lunch hour, we did not think much except that there is a possibility of a minor flood there. When I came back from lunch, I received emails and messages from friends attached pictures from CNA asking me if the massive flood at Orchard Road was true and I was SHOCKED!!! The first thing that came to my mind was...... luckily I arrived in office before the flood happens as the bus that I took every morning will always pass by Liat Towers and Lucky Plaza.

It's interesting that water was not able to flow away faster than the speed of downpour and I do not recall having such problems before all the new buildings start coming up along Orchard Road. There has got to be something wrong going on after these constructions!!!! Hmmm......

My heart really goes to Wendy's.... Just 3 days after opening their outlet at Liat Tower and this happens???? How unlucky can they be??? Not to mention the 5 digits price tagged bags in Hermes..... Gosh, I wonder how much losses was suffered???

The water is knee-deep???? Holy crap!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am facing too much shit and negativity from the evil witch at work so I need to change the outlook of my blog to lift up my mood.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yesterday, my boss asked me a question. She asked, "Ruby, how do you spell sy-no-lio (this is the way she pronounced)?"

In my mind, I was thinking 'SHIT', what word is that???? So I replied that I do not know how to spell this word. Then she asked my colleague, "CL, how do you spell sy-no-lio?". My colleague also went blank but went a step further and ask what word is that. My boss replied and said "It's used to describe different situations.". So I asked my boss "Do you mean to say 'scenario'?" (Please take note that I pronounce it correctly) and she said "oh yes, yes". -_-

Honestly, I am appalled by the standard of english that my boss has and this is not the first time that she pronounced words in funny ways. A few examples are:-

Jaslin, she pronounced as 'Ges-lin'
Ruby, she pronounced as 'Lu-by' (which is the way my late grandma calls me)
Friendly, she pronounced as 'frin-ly'
Split, she pronounced as 'spit'

The best part that I heard from my colleague was when she sent out the budget call letter last year, she literally typed 'spit' in the email when she meant 'split'!!! And it was consistent throughout the whole email whereby when she meant 'split', she typed as 'spit'. Gosh.............

I do not mean to be unsympathetic towards her since she is already in her mid-40s and I will come to that age of my life very soon and the younger generation will also find me obsolete and useless, but for her ass-holey way of treating her staffs, I do not feel any pity towards her at all. God help me by granting me a forgiving and big heart...........

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have always find the behaviour of some people very queer. This evening as I am alighting from the bus, this auntie before me was trying to tap her EZ link card by placing her BAG at the scanner. For 1 reason or another, apparently the EZ link card shifted and it was not at the part of the bag that was being scanned thus she has to shift and move her bag around so that the scanner can detect her card and deduct the fare accordingly. Due to this behaviour of hers, the queue formed while waiting for her.

To be fair to her, she did not take very long to scan her bag for the EZ link card (the most 10 seconds), but what I could not understand was why can't she just pull out the EZ link card from the bag and tap it at the scanner???? It is just a CARD, not cardboard or file!!!! This is not the first incident that I encountered because I have also seen passenger SLAMMING their bag at the gantry at the MRT station to scan their EZ link card so that they can get through. Gosh......... when I heard the 'THUMP' at the gantry, I was thinking it will be much easier to take out the card and scan than lifting the whole bag on the scanner isn't it???? I only have a statement as conclusion: HUMANS ARE INTERESTING CREATURES.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MAC..... I want more MAC!!!

Years ago when I had my first makeup item, it was MAC studio fix powder foundation that my mum got her cousin's wife (who was a stewardess with JAL) purchased for me. That was the first time I actually have something on my face and since then I have started exploring MAC products. The love and hate relationship that I had with MAC until today is the variety of colours that are available but also the wide variety of colours that made it so dramatic. To date, I have tried their studio fixed powder, blot powder (excellent when I was in uni and needed something to mattify my face and not give a thick coverage like I am wearing makeup), Select Sheer Powder, Lipglass, Tinted Lip conditioner, Powder Blush, Eye shadow and Powerpoint eye pencil.
Although, I have been using products from other brands on and off for a while but on and off, I will steer back to using some of MAC products. I have stopped using MAC stuffs for about 3 years or more but recently I have steer up to using their eye liner and blush and my MAC craze is coming back, I want more, more, more MAC! I started with a MAC blusher after the recent pan out of my Shu's blusher..........
MAC blusher in Springsheen
The next items that I would love to get is a new lipglass and maybe another blusher since springsteen is a peachy, coral colour (I can get a pinky one this time, haha) and of course more eyeshadows!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My new lappie!!

Finally got my new laptop after upgrading our Starhub broadband for a 2 years contract. My last Compaq laptop lasted me a good 4 years plus and since this is a free laptop (strictly speaking, a $600+ laptop since we have to pay additional $20+ per month for the upgraded broadband to get this for free), then why not?

Quite a light and slim laptop but it doesn't comes with any ROM drive (pardon the rubbish next to laptop...)

Shiny, silver case

Even the touch pad is shiny!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

People who knows me will know that I am a very lazy person when it comes to cooking. The hassle of preparation before cooking and not to mention the cleaning up after that is just a pain in the ass. I remember watching cooking show and to cook chicken rice, you have boil the chicken to get the chicken broth to cook to fragant rice with the help of some herbs (which I have no idea what they are). SO TROUBLESOME LAH!!!!!

But in today's fast-paced society, things should be fast fast fast!!! And guess what, there are actually instant chicken rice now!!! Bought it on offer at NTUC at 2 for $4.95 after trying out those tester at those mini stand at NTUC. It taste exactly like the chicken rice sold at hawker centre, yummy!

Yamie instant chicken rice

All that need to be done is placed the rice in the cooker (no need to wash them) and add a bag of water and that's it! How simple can it be??? We threw in our chicken to cook together with the rice and added some peas (our vegetable for the meal) and it turns out quite well except that it's abit moist with too much water. (shall take note to reduce the amount of the water the next round)

Voila!!! Yummy instant chicken rice

Oh, Yamie has other flavours of instant rice as well!!! We bought the chicken claypot rice and has yet to try.

Other flavours of instant rice

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bake bake bake

I cannot recall how long ago did we buy this packet of Betty Crocker's cookie mix and I have been procastinating about when I should bake them. My excuse was always we only have a microwave oven and not conventional oven thus it will always not taste as good. Today, in fact at around 1030pm then did I decide that perhaps I should just bake it before it expires and even as I am blogging now, I am still baking these cookies (should be the final batch). BC test tried and at this time have already finished the 1st batch of cookies that I have baked and it taste quite good for a instant cookie mix (just adding softened butter and egg). It's just that I have to play around with the timing of the baking and temperature better so that the 2nd and final batch will taste better than the 1st.

The instant cookie mix that we bought ages ago (no worries, has yet to expire)

The batter

Shaped and placed in tray

Cooked! Yeah!

Closed up of the cookies

Friday, June 4, 2010

Paul & Joe eyegloss

I am so in a blogging mood this week BECAUSE my boss is on leave!!!! Yeah!!!! She is such a pain that I am thoroughly enjoying the peace in office doing my work, nuahing and blogging! Woohooo!!!

Anyway, I have never comprehended why some people can be bothered to take pictures of their face everyday and posting on forums or even their blogs. But interestingly, this morning, I actually thought of taking a pic of how my eyes looks like after applying Paul & Joe eyegloss that I bought 2 days ago. And this is it!!!! Quite fun actually, but I am not going to to this again because:-

1) My makeup skills are damn lousy
2) My complexion is damn lousy (notice I crop off my face as my acne scars and freckles are horrible!!!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am so on a ban

More hauls today....... Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in Bone and P&J eyeshadow

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More makeup hauls!

Damn....... I seriously think I am spending too much money on makeup and skincare this month but I honestly think I need it........ In any case, I bought them online which is approximately 30% cheaper, so the spending is still justifiable right? *grins*

I am sooo excited to try innisfree mineral BB cream as I saw review on Kimoko's blog ( stating it to have good coverage and oil control, just what I wanted! Furthermore, all the hypes about how mineral makeup is better for our skin, this really interests me as well. After receiving my mail, my colleague quickly asked me to try the texture on my hand for their viewing benefit. The flowery smell is really good, I like it, so relaxing!!! Even though the shade looks very fair initially, after padding into my skin, it turned to my natural skin colour and the touch is non-sticky and oily. Super can't wait to try it tomorrow already!!!

Also purchased Etude House Dr Oil Solution Shine Free Pact for touch up..... I seriously think $43.90 (inclusive of registered mail) for these 2 items is really really a steal. *a pat on the back for the savings*

More korean products hauls!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have DECIDED!!!! I want to make myself look pretty when I go to work everyday so that I will feel happy!!!! Hahahaha. So after making changes by using BB cream instead of the useless 2-way that make me look so natural that I do not look like I put on makeup, with the influence of a few of my colleagues, they encouraged me to put on some eye makeup as well.

I went back home and dug out all my eyeshadows and eye liners and bought a new masacra last week and started putting them on and they said that I look more awake! Wow, I did not think that I look sleepy previously (even though I WAS literally sleepy, hahahah).

Since most of my eyeshadows were at least 2 - 3 years old and I have no idea should I still be using them still (even though I know deep down I STILL want to use them since it will be such a waste to dump them), I still went on to grab some good deals at Sephora during lunch time. Eyeshadow colour duo going at 30% at about $18+ after discount and goldish eyeliner at $9!!!! Yeah!!!!

My makeup haul!
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