Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the month of June, we will always be complaining and complaining about the atrociously hot and humid weather in Singapore. For some queer reason (global warming???), we experienced quite a number of rains during the month. To me, I will prefer cloudy or rainy day to a hot day anytime (as long as I am indoors), but yesterday was quite a disaster for some shops along Orchard Road.

I did not know the magnitude of the flooding in certain parts of Singapore and when the underpass from Ngee Ann City to Lucky Plaza was blocked during lunch hour, we did not think much except that there is a possibility of a minor flood there. When I came back from lunch, I received emails and messages from friends attached pictures from CNA asking me if the massive flood at Orchard Road was true and I was SHOCKED!!! The first thing that came to my mind was...... luckily I arrived in office before the flood happens as the bus that I took every morning will always pass by Liat Towers and Lucky Plaza.

It's interesting that water was not able to flow away faster than the speed of downpour and I do not recall having such problems before all the new buildings start coming up along Orchard Road. There has got to be something wrong going on after these constructions!!!! Hmmm......

My heart really goes to Wendy's.... Just 3 days after opening their outlet at Liat Tower and this happens???? How unlucky can they be??? Not to mention the 5 digits price tagged bags in Hermes..... Gosh, I wonder how much losses was suffered???

The water is knee-deep???? Holy crap!

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