Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More makeup hauls!

Damn....... I seriously think I am spending too much money on makeup and skincare this month but I honestly think I need it........ In any case, I bought them online which is approximately 30% cheaper, so the spending is still justifiable right? *grins*

I am sooo excited to try innisfree mineral BB cream as I saw review on Kimoko's blog ( stating it to have good coverage and oil control, just what I wanted! Furthermore, all the hypes about how mineral makeup is better for our skin, this really interests me as well. After receiving my mail, my colleague quickly asked me to try the texture on my hand for their viewing benefit. The flowery smell is really good, I like it, so relaxing!!! Even though the shade looks very fair initially, after padding into my skin, it turned to my natural skin colour and the touch is non-sticky and oily. Super can't wait to try it tomorrow already!!!

Also purchased Etude House Dr Oil Solution Shine Free Pact for touch up..... I seriously think $43.90 (inclusive of registered mail) for these 2 items is really really a steal. *a pat on the back for the savings*

More korean products hauls!


  1. that's good - dolling up does make one happier!

    aaahhh...and i haven't checked out the bb cream yet....lazy bug...

  2. Yes, I do feel abit happier after dolling up!!!

    Quick quick and go check out the bb cream!

  3. so is the bb cream good? i bought 1 from etude house a while back but the coverage was so-so only. and i'm kinda worried it will clog up my pores! :p


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