Sunday, June 6, 2010

People who knows me will know that I am a very lazy person when it comes to cooking. The hassle of preparation before cooking and not to mention the cleaning up after that is just a pain in the ass. I remember watching cooking show and to cook chicken rice, you have boil the chicken to get the chicken broth to cook to fragant rice with the help of some herbs (which I have no idea what they are). SO TROUBLESOME LAH!!!!!

But in today's fast-paced society, things should be fast fast fast!!! And guess what, there are actually instant chicken rice now!!! Bought it on offer at NTUC at 2 for $4.95 after trying out those tester at those mini stand at NTUC. It taste exactly like the chicken rice sold at hawker centre, yummy!

Yamie instant chicken rice

All that need to be done is placed the rice in the cooker (no need to wash them) and add a bag of water and that's it! How simple can it be??? We threw in our chicken to cook together with the rice and added some peas (our vegetable for the meal) and it turns out quite well except that it's abit moist with too much water. (shall take note to reduce the amount of the water the next round)

Voila!!! Yummy instant chicken rice

Oh, Yamie has other flavours of instant rice as well!!! We bought the chicken claypot rice and has yet to try.

Other flavours of instant rice

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