Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yesterday, my boss asked me a question. She asked, "Ruby, how do you spell sy-no-lio (this is the way she pronounced)?"

In my mind, I was thinking 'SHIT', what word is that???? So I replied that I do not know how to spell this word. Then she asked my colleague, "CL, how do you spell sy-no-lio?". My colleague also went blank but went a step further and ask what word is that. My boss replied and said "It's used to describe different situations.". So I asked my boss "Do you mean to say 'scenario'?" (Please take note that I pronounce it correctly) and she said "oh yes, yes". -_-

Honestly, I am appalled by the standard of english that my boss has and this is not the first time that she pronounced words in funny ways. A few examples are:-

Jaslin, she pronounced as 'Ges-lin'
Ruby, she pronounced as 'Lu-by' (which is the way my late grandma calls me)
Friendly, she pronounced as 'frin-ly'
Split, she pronounced as 'spit'

The best part that I heard from my colleague was when she sent out the budget call letter last year, she literally typed 'spit' in the email when she meant 'split'!!! And it was consistent throughout the whole email whereby when she meant 'split', she typed as 'spit'. Gosh.............

I do not mean to be unsympathetic towards her since she is already in her mid-40s and I will come to that age of my life very soon and the younger generation will also find me obsolete and useless, but for her ass-holey way of treating her staffs, I do not feel any pity towards her at all. God help me by granting me a forgiving and big heart...........


  1. hohoho!!! so darn funny! is she angmoh or chinese?

  2. obviously chinese la. very weird to have ang-moh with bad pronounciation unless they are europeans. but then they will just sound weird and not 'wrong'. ;p

  3. she is a chinese!!!!! her 'powderful' english is making me speechless.......

  4. hahaha...well, good thing is that you get a good laugh over your moronic boss!:)

    lucky she not that crazy controlling kind. :)

  5. charmaine: she is a control freak, and i will be blogging that soon!!! I have so much to blog about her moronic, irrtating personality!

  6. hahaha this is making me literally laughing out loud!!


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