Friday, June 4, 2010

Paul & Joe eyegloss

I am so in a blogging mood this week BECAUSE my boss is on leave!!!! Yeah!!!! She is such a pain that I am thoroughly enjoying the peace in office doing my work, nuahing and blogging! Woohooo!!!

Anyway, I have never comprehended why some people can be bothered to take pictures of their face everyday and posting on forums or even their blogs. But interestingly, this morning, I actually thought of taking a pic of how my eyes looks like after applying Paul & Joe eyegloss that I bought 2 days ago. And this is it!!!! Quite fun actually, but I am not going to to this again because:-

1) My makeup skills are damn lousy
2) My complexion is damn lousy (notice I crop off my face as my acne scars and freckles are horrible!!!)

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