Friday, June 25, 2010

I was just telling V that there are a lot of Balenciaga bags on the street, it's like it's the Balenciaga trend instead of the previous LV or Gucci trend. But both of us have the same question in mind which is how many of these Balenciaga bags we see on the street are actually the real thing? There has been many bags which are counterfeits or inspired ones which look almost like the real thing. The key word here is 'LOOK', because material wise will definitely be different and quality will also not be top notch.

The difference between getting a inspired bag versus a counterfeit bag is that inspired bag do not claim to look exactly the same as the real thing but the main idea is there (I think) and it will look slightly different in some parts of the bag (notice from the Hermes inspired bag below, it does not look exactly the same as the real 10k+ bag).

I shared with V on my paranoiac in protectiveness over my leather bag when it comes to scratches and stains thus resulting in me not using them as often, especially in the recent wet weather. I think this behaviour is quite justifiable because imagine spending a few thousand on a bag and getting water stain or worse laksa stain!!!! OMG......... I cannot imagine! Sending for bag cleaning is also not cheap, and what if they say they cannot remove the stain even though you are willing to pay a fortune for their service? Ok, this is getting a bit extreme but you get the idea.

Being a day of no government in office (boss went for 'brat' making class, hahaha, it's actually BREAD!!! And yes, she could not pronounce it properly AGAIN!), I surfed the Internet for 'inspired bags' and there are really a lot of them and of course the price tag is much more friendlier. In fact, I am tempted to get the red Balenciaga inspired bag below at $52!!!!

I totally love this bag in red, shall I get it??

Hermes inspired bag

Chanel inspired bag
All these bags that I googled above were between the price of $20 - $60 which I think is pretty affordable, ya? Definitely does not make me feel guilty even if I were to get it! Haha.


  1. but it's a very fine line between 'inspired-by' and outright counterfeits these days i think. for example, as long as the tag says VL instead of LV does it mean then that it's an inspired bag and not counterfeit? haha.

    anyways, my colleague told me that her husband told her of a woman who (was stupid enough to) walk into LV Singapore with a fake LV bag. apparently, the store manager asked her aside, and then subsequently the police was called in and that woman got slapped with a fine of S$3,000!! i never knew this was done in Singapore too!

  2. this also happen in singapore???? I thought only happen overseas leh. gosh, S$3000 can be used to buy a real LV bag lor!

  3. precisely! when i heard the story i was like wtf?! if buy a normal speedy, can buy 2 and i think maybe still got change!


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