Monday, June 28, 2010

Time to pamper my hair

Even since I permed my hair 2 months ago, my hair has been very dry at the ends. I used to have the habit of going to a hair salon to colour and give my hair the necessary treatment when I was younger but with the increase in cost of living and the amount of commitments each month, I have not gone for any hair treatment for years. The lucky thing was I also do not change my hair colour as often as before (when I was younger, I can change my hair colour once every 2 - 3 months!) and I usually do DIY hair colour to cover my greys (which has grown at a tremendous rate in the past 3 - 4 years).

It has been about 6 months since I last coloured my hair to cover my greys and this time round instead of colouring with the usual boring black, I decided to colour it slightly red this time especially since I permed my hair. Usually, I will just buy Garnier hair dye from CK because it is the cheapest at CK at only $9.90 but this time round, I decided to give Liese bubble hair dye a try (freaking ex at $19.90!!! I can buy 2 Garnier hair dye with the same price and still has 10 cent change!) because I do not want the boring dark colour and according to the advertisement, Liese bubble hair colour claim to be able to colour the hair evenly (which is quite a challenge for DIY hair colouring unless you have someone helping you).

Bought the darkest red available which is cassis berry since I want to make sure that my greys are covered. The whole process is like washing hair but TOUGHER. Because I need to make sure that the dyed hair does not stained my neck etc, I was afraid to put on more colour when dyeing. And it does not seem as simple as the advertisement whereby the ladies are enjoying and chatting because the initial stage to pump the foam, apply to hair, massage and then repeat it over and over again until the whole head is filled with foam is tiring.

The verdict: The colour was even and bright and nice but being a 1st timer with this foam hair dye, there are still some greys which were not covered!!!!!! Pissed!!!! I ended up plucking these greys away! (I think I pluck off like 4 - 5 strands which I can see). Nonetheless, I will purchase this brand again and hopefully, I will be more skillful the next time.

After washing off the hair dye, it is treatment time! I have to be more consistent with my hair treatment since my hair is getting drier and drier. Don't want split ends!!! Purchased Pantene Clinicare intensive treatment when I bought the conditioner from the same range previously but have yet to try it so now is the time! What I like about this range of conditioner and treatment is it really, really moisturised my dry hair. Using the conditioner daily makes my hair softer and the texture at the ends are not as rough as before. Smells great too! I am a sucker for nice-smelling conditioner, hehe.

Now, I am loving my hair!!! Hahaha, new colour and softer! Need to keep up with the treatment!


  1. Hey, next time you try the Essentials hair mask. There are 2 types, the pink and the yellow, and i think the yellow range should be suitable for us. It smells amazing! I did an intensive 5-day treatment (when i was in hkg) on my hair ends after i did some chemical treatment to my hair, then i think my ends really got better!

    Now, i try to use it at least once a week, and besides leaving my hair smelling so sweet and nice, i think it works as well! :D

  2. The intensive treatment is the one in tube or tub? Then I go buy, hehe

  3. It comes in the tub. I think the tube one is a leave-in serum kind of thing that just started retailing in stores (according to XX's blog la anyway). I'm gonna buy the shampoo+conditioner AND the serum to have a whole Essentials pampering experience when my current Dove supplies run out! hehe.

  4. i have to stick to my ba wang shampoo cos of my oily scalp, soo chee na...... hahahaha. but i will try this mask that u mentioned, just bought it at watson! haha.


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