Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have DECIDED!!!! I want to make myself look pretty when I go to work everyday so that I will feel happy!!!! Hahahaha. So after making changes by using BB cream instead of the useless 2-way that make me look so natural that I do not look like I put on makeup, with the influence of a few of my colleagues, they encouraged me to put on some eye makeup as well.

I went back home and dug out all my eyeshadows and eye liners and bought a new masacra last week and started putting them on and they said that I look more awake! Wow, I did not think that I look sleepy previously (even though I WAS literally sleepy, hahahah).

Since most of my eyeshadows were at least 2 - 3 years old and I have no idea should I still be using them still (even though I know deep down I STILL want to use them since it will be such a waste to dump them), I still went on to grab some good deals at Sephora during lunch time. Eyeshadow colour duo going at 30% at about $18+ after discount and goldish eyeliner at $9!!!! Yeah!!!!

My makeup haul!

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