Monday, May 31, 2010

My late night snack.......

I have been having craving for feta cheese lately, I am not sure why......... BUT cheeses (even Kraft singles cheese slices) are really expensive in Singapore!!!! Why?????? Initially I almost gave BC a heart attack when I told him that I wanna buy a BLOCK of feta cheese and slowly cut it bit by bit to eat with bread, plain biscuits or salads and the first question he posted to me was "Do you have any idea how much a BLOCK of feta cheese would cost?". Anyway, I got my answer when we went Cold Storage for our grocery shopping and damn..... it was expensive at around $11 for a small block. Just as I thought I can never satisfy my craving of feta cheese, we saw a small plastic container of marinated feta cheese cubes in olive oil and herbs selling at around $4 and I immediately grabbed it!!!

Around 10pm the same night, I was getting a bit hungry and decided to do some experiment with the feta cheese for some late night snacks. I toasted some stale bread (after spreading some butter and parsley on them) and them spread the toasted bread sticks with feta cheese! Yummy!!!!! Even BC who was not exactly a big fan of cheese was keen to try!

Toasted bread sticks with marinated feta cheese in olive oil and herbs

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