Thursday, May 6, 2010


Initially when I knew that I have to come to Manila, the thought just sucks...... People have been telling me how dangerous it is (especially when people get kidnapped) and I should not be walking around all by myself. Lucky for me, the hotel that I am staying in (New World Hotel) at Makati City is good and comfortable. Security everywhere (hotels, shopping centres, offices etc) are really tight. When we arrived at the hotel, the hotel staff have to get their dog to sniff our luggage to make sure we were not carrying dangerous items like b**b and they also inspect our hand carry bags to ensure safety. In addition, all cars that drive into driveway of buildings will be stopped by security whereby the driver is requested to open the boot for inspection as well.

Views from hotel, office, greenerys at GreenBelt shopping centre & STARBUCKS!!!

Our colleagues in the Philippines office are very hospitable and really feed us like pigs...... They bring us out for lunches and dinners and ALWAYS over order...... We always have unfinished food that they will 'ta bao' back. One thing about the taste palate here is salty and sweet. For people who are health conscious like my boss totally could not get used to the food. And interestingly, it is so difficult to find good chinese food here, as simple as soup noodles is sooooo hard to find. However, I personally do like this dish called 'Sisig', which is basically stir fried pork meat (the portion that is near the ears) and some pig's intestine. It's spicy, salty and sourish (since we squeeze some lime juice over it before eating) and it goes very very well with rice.


On my second day here, our colleagues brought us to this place called 'Greenhills'. It's basically an air-conditioned Chatuchak weekend market. A LOT of counterfeit goods were sold there..... bags, watches, jewelleries and bargaining is allowed! Accordingly to our colleagues, they also sell very nice pearls at cheaper prices than jewellery shops but I did not look at them since I have no intention to get them and I do not want to ask for the price for asking and end up not able to leave the stores as the shop owners will be dying to sell us something. However, I did buy a counterfeit Omega constellation watch (since I could not afford the real one) and fitflops. Cheap and good! Hahaha.

My hauls!

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