Monday, April 19, 2010

Sibei kaypoh........

I was watching Star Awards yesterday and was wondering what was Teo Ser Luck doing on the show...... so being a ignorant and kaypoh Singaporean, I decided to do a google on him to find out what is he actually doing in the Parliamant (Sorry lah, I am an ignorant Singaporean who is totally not interested in the politics here) and I found this piece of news:-

Teo Ser Luck apologises for causing worrySENIOR Parliamentary Secretary (Community Development, Youth and Sports) Mr Teo Ser Luck wrote in to The Straits Times to apologise for worrying a reader who expressed concern when she read that he had ran in the recent Standard Chartered marathon despite having flu recently.
This is what reader Ms Yeo Chiat Wei wrote:
"I am dismayed to read that Senior Parliamentary Secretary Teo Ser Luck plodded on at Sunday's 42km marathon even though he had flu recently and was still on antibiotics.

"Haven't we all been advised by doctors never to do strenuous exercise when we are unwell or on medication? This is not a sign of good sportsmanship."


The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this news is what the hell is the problem with this Ms Yeo? This guy wanna run while having flu, so be it!!! What is her problem????? In what way does it not shows good sportsmanship? I think the most bo liao part is she is actually so free to write in to show her 'DISMAY'......... gosh.......

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