Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cooking healthy lunch in office with electic lunch box

Ever since I shifted out from my parents' place, it's common for me to eat my meals outside in coffee shops, food courts and restaurant because of the time constraint I have to cook my own meals after work. As for weekends, I also find it a chore to cook and wash up (basically, I am just lazy, haha). When I saw some of my colleagues buying electric lunch box and cooking simple lunches in office, I was seriously intrigued by how simple it is to cook a meal that is healthy and delicious so here I am jumping on the bandwagon to cooking with electric lunchbox!

I opt for the bigger capacity with the option of single or double tier. It's always a good idea to have the flexibility of expansion :)

So here you can see that it basically comes with 2 bowls. 1 slightly bigger suitable to cook soups, porridge, stews etc and a smaller bowl that u can use to steam smaller items or even rice for a single portion.

The concept behind the electric lunch box is basically steaming. All you need to do is pour water (I usually use hot water) at the lowest compartment of the lunch box and it will create steam to cook the raw food ingredients. Yes, your ingredients can be raw and the steam will cook it till it's fully cooked! In general, I noticed that 20 - 30 mins is all it takes to fully cook the ingredients. For soups (especially if I want it to be more flavourful, I will cook up to an hour. As long as there is water in the lower compartment, it will continue to steam and cook. So during the times when I am cooking a dish for longer period of time, I either add more water at the beginning of the process or add water after a while to keep the electric lunch box cooking.

Here are some of the dishes I have tried in office. They are all simple, one dish items.

Quinoa with salmon, carrots and edamame beans

Quinoa with steamed salmon, golden mushrooms and tomato

Corn, carrot and pork ribs soup with rice

Claypot chicken rice! Yums!

Pork porridge with cabbage, carrot and century egg

You can see from the dishes I tried above that it's simple to use this electric lunch box. Just need to exercise some creativity on what you want to cook for the day.

I ordered my electric lunch box from Qoo10 previously at around $20+ and it is a product made in China. You can use a travel adaptor for this lunch box as the original plug will be China plug. I have been using the cooking regularly for close to a year and is still working well.

For readers out there who find cooking to be a chore, this is something that you can consider to start simple healthy cooking. :)


  1. Looks damn good!! I'm also very lazy when it comes to cooking. I think i can 'replicate' this at home with my rice cooker but it's the prep and washing that i am lazy about hahahaha. especially when it also means if i want quinoa i have to pre-prepare it in advance and stand there, stirring till it's cooked! -_-

  2. How do you cook quinoa in the electric lunch box?

    1. I just throw in the raw quinoa and add water (ratio of quinoa to water in this case is 1:1) and switch on the electric lunch box to steam it.

    2. great :) thank you for your help! and you do so for 30mins?

  3. No problem, just sharing what I know :)

    For this quinoa, abt 30 mins is fine. I usually start by cooking the quinoa and carrots together first. After 10mins, I will add the salmon so that it won't be too hard from over steaming.

  4. sounds good :) Thanks for responding!

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  6. Hi, may I know how do you handle the raw ingredients in the office? Like the raw fish, do you keep in the fridge in the office till lunch time?


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