Monday, September 27, 2010


Courtesy of a friend of my mum, we got to catch Donnie Yen's 'Legend of The Fist: Return of Chen Zhen' for free at Shaw at Choa Chu Kang. It is a good show with loads of actions packed within the 2 hours however what we felt was lacking was the depth which should be built on Chen Zhen's character. All we know is that he is a fighter who want to oppose Japanese and that's about it. I was telling BC that perhaps the durector of the movie is working on the assumption that the viewers have watched Bruce Lee's 'Jing Wu Men' years ago thus no elaboration needed.

Now...... back to my mum's friend. What I understand from my mum is that her friend runs a security firm with a few partners and thus she always get free tickets to concerts whereby her firm's services were engaged. Because of this, my parents have had FREE concert tickets to 蔡琴,刘三姐 etc, and the latest free concert that they went was of Elvis Hsiao. When I heard that my parents went to this concert, I just find it so funny because this is so not their era. Best part, my mum was saying that my dad only listened to one song '爱的主打歌' and the rest of the concert, HE FELL ASLEEP.............. -_- I think that is like the best joke of the day as we were just laughing at my dad for a few minutes. Haha.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


When I was younger, I could not comprehend why shows always depict Mid-Autumn Festival as a day that family comes together to have mooncakes and children have fun playing with lanterns. It's just another day on the calendar right? This year, somehow I was hoping that I can spend this festival with my parents and sisters and given that I have never gone back to my parents' place on a weekday (given the distance), I'm glad I did.

The joy of sitting around the dining table eating mooncakes and pomelos, while at the same time catching up with each others' lives is truly heart warming. I realized how much I have distanced myself from them after shifting out and staying on my own and I also realized I have not really been visiting my parents much. Today, I could see the happiness on my parents' faces, especially my dad because he kept smiling (you know how old fashioned men always keep their feelings to themselves? My dad is a typical example) and I felt guilty as I feel that I have neglected them so much.

I always prayed to God that my parents will be able to stay healthy so that they can enjoy what they like to do and also have a more relaxed lifestyle after slogging so much for us but I have overlooked that what they also need is also our presence. Our presence to tell them that we have grown up and they need not worry about us and that we are grateful for all they had sacrificed and done for us. Although I have not visited them often, my parents have never blamed me because they said they understand we stay far away and we don't drive. But when I do come back, they never fail to cook my favorite dishes.....

I thank you, God for the wonderful family that You have given me.....

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am suffering from pre-monday blues again and I hate this feeling. I am not sure if I am feeling this way because my running nose of close to 1 month is super bothering me, or the weather is too hot and stuffy, or because tomorrow at work is going to be another boring day with nothing to do.

I feel that I have lost directions in my life........ I think I am just emo but somehow, I feel directionless....... Dammit, I really hate this feeling.

On a separate note, we brought Simba to the vet this morning for his annual vaccination jab and we had a very brief conversation with this couple sitting next to us while we were waiting to make our payment. They asked why is Simba here and we said he is just here for his vaccinnation and we asked the same question back. They said they are here to see their 10 year old dog who is suffering from organ failure. Their dog has been placed on drip for the past 1 week and there seems to be no improvement and might have to be put to sleep later. When I heard that, something just strike me at my chest. I do not want to think of that time when I will be in the same position as them, I might just be crying my eyes out because they are just like my babies now and I seriously do not want to lose anyone of them.........

Dammit, why am I feeling super emo???? I hope this is just the drowsiness effect of the fly medicine that I took.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

While checking my email this morning, I saw from Yahoo! that Jimmy Lin is now officially a married man with a 1 year old son. I was surprised as I forgot how much I used to like him and he was like my childhood fantasy when I was in my secondary school days. I used to save my pocket money so that I can buy 偶像卡, and I always hope that my money will be fully utilised by hoping that I will get the cards with his face rather than other singers. I even dreamt of going Taiwan hoping I can see him, extreme right? Haha.

Time has flies and now he is already 36, but he still look good! WTH, how the hell these people maintain their look and youth. Is this the saying that money works wonders? I think so.

Gosh, look at the boyish look that attracted me to buy his cards, posters and cassette tapes.......

From this picture below, can see that he has age but I still think he looks damn good!
By the way, what happen to Nicky Wu Qi Long huh?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today is the 3rd day with the new company......... basically nothing much to do in office, haha. This is what we call as the honeymoon period, which usually doesn't last long. My boss is on leave and will not be back until end of next week so briefing is basically done by a fellow colleague who has been covering the work.

People-wise, I think they seems ok. But this has to be subjected to further observations, I guess as a newbie, we just have to open our eyes a bit bigger and be more careful.

Administrative-wise........ I would say I had an amazing 3 days. 1st, I do not have my login ID and password as these were sent to my boss who is on leave, thus unable to give me the information. I had to call the IT helpdesk (based in India) and after holding on to the line for more than 1 hour, I eventually received the login ID and password. This is not the end......... laptop has to be reformatted because I keep getting some irritating error messages. Yes, it has to be reformatted by yours truly. As a staff in an IT company, it seems that we are expected to built up our IT technical know how because I had to reformat the laptop!!!! WTH........ this took me another 2.5 days......

Gosh, I have to say all these IT issues are really frustrating but boy I'm glad that all these are resolved! Now I shall just wait for my colleague to be more free to brief me on what I need to do......... hopefully soon so that I can have time to read up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy clearing my work with my now ex company and boy, I'm glad I am officially out of that company!!

Best part is..... my EX boss was not around for my last 4 days because her mum passed away. I honestly sympathize with her as someone who lost her mum but I do not pity her as a person. A part of me really thinks even her mum is trying to help me so that I can have my last days in peace to clear what I need to clear.

The GM had an exit interview with me and I honestly told him that I do not like my job scope and I am taking a few steps back in terms of career advancement. I also hinted that leadership in the finance dept is very weak and we are more of a back office processing claims then a dept which works closely with other teams in the company and be more involved in the business. It doesn't matter whether the GM takes in what I said because I am leaving and luckily J is also leaving thus she will not need to tolerate more of such shit for long.

I am not taking a long break before I start with the new company (starting work next Mon) but I kept reminding myself to go in without any expectations so that I will not be grossly disappointed like how I felt in this company, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lately, BC and I have been back to our weekly movie treats. To him, it is a form of relaxation because your mind is focused on the show for the full duration and you are in complete darkness in the big, cool theatre.

So last week, we caught 'Grown Ups' by Adam Sandler and some of the funny characters that we will always see in his shows like the Deuce Bigalow guy. It was hilarious........ and we really had a good laugh at MOST of the scenes in the show. What I like about the show is the plot behind all the funny scenes. The plot that depicts how the main characters tried to 'relive' their childhood games and activities together and also 'educate' their children on what is a normal childhood. Children nowadays (as shown in the movie as well) are always on PSP, Wii or PC games and unlike my time (hmmm, I sound pretty old here huh?), we are playing zero point and five stones, it was really enjoyable.

Anyway, after watching the movie, it really brought back nice, memorable memory of my younger (MUCH YOUNGER) days whereby I will meet my friends in school earlier to play zero point and five stones.........

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paul & Joe

I have been following Rouge Deluxe (a makeup blog) for a while and what attracted me about this blog is the extensive coverage on upcoming collections of major cosmetics brands and give us an idea what is coming up and perhaps to save or not to save money for the collections? This blog covers alot on asian cosmetics brand which I really like because the saying is always japanese / korean cosmetics are more suitable for us because we are asians. Hmmm..... I don't exactly has any brand loyalty because I am always itching to try new things but I do get attracted to cute stuffs!

Look at the 2010 Fall Collection of Paul & Joe and you will love why I fell in love with it!
Credit: FAnet

Cute right!!!!! I showed this pic to BC and he only smile and say cute. Bloody bugger did not get the hint at all!!!! Anyway, I might just go and check it out at Takashimaya later (on the way back home anyway, hahahaha).Saw it???? Not yet????? See below........


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